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Julie Bishop - "Kevin Rudd compromising Australia's principles to get UN Security Council Seat". 9 March 2009

One of the first things Rudd set out to do as PM was to secure a role for Australia (read himself) on the UN Security Council.

Australia was never going to be big enough for Rudd.  


I interviewed Julie Bishop about Rudd's outrageous strategy on 9 March 2009. Ms Bishop said of Rudd's plan:

  • It's highly politically contentious
  • Rudd is horsetrading to curry favour with UN member states, particularly the many Muslim states (bugger Israel, they've only got one vote)
  • We should not pursue the seat "at any cost"
    • either financially 
    • nor by compromising our principles.



You might recall Rudd was trading away free speech in favour of a statutory crime of defaming Islam.   He was also shovelling money into African states as quickly as they could deliver bags.  No wonder he had a howl when his Party turfed him, The Rudd had it all laid out ahead of him.

Something truly awful happens to some people when they dip a finger into the UN/celebrity/big money gravy train.

I really believed Julie and her profession of faith in the pre-eminence of Australia's principles.

She struck me as honest and uncompromising.

But that was then.   This is now.

Here's Julie witnessing our country signing a dodgy deal with the criminal Clinton's "charity" foundation.  The agreement on the table was to cover up for the first fraudulent Clinton HIV Aids entity that was deregistered by authorities in the US (if I was in the newspaper business I would add as exclusively revealed here).


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.02.36 am

The Clinton Foundation will come back to bite anyone who has had any involvement in it very soon.  The bites will be very, very big and painful.

Here's Julie not compromising Australia's principles by taking money from the House of Saud to promote the fundamental Waleed Aly Sunni version of Islam.   The one that funds terrorism.   The same fundamental Islam that Islamic State follows.  Saudi Arabia is a pariah, a rogue state - but not to New Julie.


Oh and the Security Council seat Rudd thought would be his - became hers.  Here's Madam President.