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Katter/CFMEU/Turnbull Coalition Government 'If there is any hint of union bashing, all bets are off"


Turnbull flew to North Queensland today for an audience with Bob Katter.

I've published part of Bob Katter's Australian Party's electoral disclosure return for 2013-14 below - other years are similar.

As you'll see, the CFMEU is a major Katter funder.

Katter today confirmed he would support Turnbull in forming government but told him,  “If there is the slightest hint of union bashing, I can assure you all bets are off."

Turnbull's prime-ministership depends on Katter's support.

The CFMEU funds Katter and can rely on Katter to act in the union's interests.  

Welcome to the Turnbull/CFMEU coalition running the show in Canberra for the next 3 years.


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Looks like a good investment for the CFMEU.

From The Australian today.

Katter agrees to support Turnbull

Queensland independent MP Bob Katter has declared he will support a Turnbull Coalition government, after discussion with the Prime Minister.

Bob Katter. Pictures: Jack Tran

“We do not want to go back to the polls, that should not be imposed upon the Australian people,” Mr Katter said. “So today we are announcing our support by supply and confidence for a Turnbull government.”

Mr Katter said he had made his decision “with no great enthusiasm”, stressing that his “very close” relationships with Labor figures such as Anthony Albanese and Wayne Swan had yielded “great benefits for Australia”.

“I do not intend to damage those friendships and I maintain my right to move at any point in time in another direction,” Mr Katter said.

He pointed out that he had supported Tony Abbott during the 2010 hung parliament, on the basis that Abbott got “more ticks” on Katter’s 20 most important issues.

“Later on, I gave my support, both for supply and confidence, to Kevin Rudd, because we were in a deep hole in the cattle industry and it necessitated me changing and I will maintain my right to change at any point of time in the future,” Mr Katter said.

He also indicated that an agreement on funding for the Hell’s Gate dam in his electorate was key to his agreement with Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Katter said he had also reached an agreement with Mr Turnbull on native title rights for indigenous Australians.

But he indicated he will pose a serious obstacle to the Coalition’s ABCC legislation, warning that he intends to maintain his very close affiliations with the trade union movement.

“If there is the slightest hint of union bashing, I can assure you all bets are off,” Mr Katter said.

We are here today to protect the right of people to collectively bargain, the employees of Australia and we will maintain our support for those trade unions as we have in the past.”


And here is the no principles best-chancer with his take on the exciting times he has just created.

‘Still exciting times’

Malcolm Turnbull has thanked Bob Katter for his support, making a brief statement in Brisbane following what he says was a “very good and constructive” meeting with the Queensland Independent MP.

“His values and objectives are in many respects very similar to those of the LNP, the Liberal Party, the National Party, and we have a very common commitment to strong development, particularly in northern Australia and particularly with respect to water infrastructure,” Mr Turnbull said.

He said the Coalition’s numbers would not be clear until counting of votes had concluded, positive trends in a number of seats gave him confidence.

Mr Turnbull also mentioned Standard & Poor’s “negative watch” warning on Australia’s AAA credit rating, saying it was a reminder of the importance of the government’s commitment to budget repair, reducing the deficit and managing public finances responsibly during the transition from the mining and construction boom.

“These very exciting times which remain exciting,” Mr Turnbull said. “Perhaps exciting in different ways, but they are exciting. They are at times of opportunity, of great challenge, and S&P has reminded us that budget repair and responsibility for the public finances are critical.”

Mr Turnbull departed without taking questions.

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