Turnbull's most exciting time, 5 PMs in 5 years - Australian electors pick a conman a mile off
Whatever else he does, @TurnbullMalcolm will be remembered as the Prime Minister who broke his Party's heart

"Leave!" campaign against Turnbull gathering supporters

Wallace Greenslade in the Morning Mail adds to the "Leave" campaign on Turnbull - here's some of his column, you can read it all at the Morning Mail here.

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Resign, you pompous jackass


Wallace Greenslade


You went to the election with all the things that Tony Abbott achieved, especially stopping the boats and didn’t have anything to show for yourself.

Instead you gave the public a series of vaporous incomplete thoughts about superannuation, and tax ‘reforms’ of various kinds, and an increase in the GST, then, like the weather-vane you are, you took them off the table, so that in the end nobody knew what you stood for.

Don’t start bleating about Labor’s lie about Medibank. It was accepted by some BECAUSE they knew you were capable of it after all your in-and-out running over finance and the budget.

The bible summed up your shilly shallying for the voters –

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. **

You barnstormed in Parliament about the power of the unions and even called a double dissolution on it. Then didn’t breathe a word in the campaign. You left the Dyson report sitting on the table, a report that described the outright criminality and blackmail of the unions. Do you think that Tony Abbott would have done that? You blithering nincompoop.

In fact it was the unions that saved your bacon. By their arrogant overreach in Victoria, to claim the right to rule Victoria’s volunteer firies, they poisoned Labor’s political wells down south.

While claiming the credit for stopping the boats, you stood by and watched the war Memorial being treated sacrilegiously with a ridiculous dinner for Muslims. To make sure everyone got the point you had a Ramadan dinner yourself – not only with a Muslim preacher, but one who wants gays gone. And gays are your pets, aren’t they? What in the name of God were you thinking, you galah? Does the military vote mean nothing to you?

You were supposed to be the great orator, the fine debater, but you chickened out of a debate with Bill Shorten in Queensland but went on TV with Leigh Sales and committed hare-kari.

You promised a golden age of innovation then took the money away from the universities where the innovations would be coming from.

You chose disloyalty. You will get disloyalty. In fact, you now deserve disloyalty.