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Like mother like daughter, Labor Party members pay for Chloe Shorten's good clothes


If you donated money to Labor's campaign, reckon you got value for money from the fashion show?

Living the Labor values, Bill and Chloe firmly committed to the goal of other people paying to fund their lifestyle.


Australian Labor Party pays for Chloe Shorten’s election campaign wardrobe

LABOR leader Bill Shorten’s secret weapon in the election campaign was armed with a new wardrobe paid for by the ALP.

Party chiefs have confirmed the ALP paid for designer outfits for Mr Shorten’s wife Chloe to wear to official functions including campaign launches but have declined to reveal the cost which is estimated to run to thousands of dollars.

Bill and Chloe Shorten, who wore designer outfits during the election campaign, with their family. Picture: Kym Smith

Public relations consultant Simone Gandur was also brought in on a lucrative contract to co-ordinate Mrs Shorten’s public events and interviews — also paid for by the ALP, not taxpayers.

“As is appropriate, the party helped with the purchase of some clothes for ­official events such as launches,’’ ALP secretary George Wright confirmed.

It’s not the first time Labor has dipped into party funds to help political leaders keep up appearances. Former PM Julia Gillard is believed to have had some of her power suits paid for by the ALP as have previous Labor leaders.

Here are some happy snaps of the Shortens living the dream - paid for with other people's money.



I hope they kept the dockets.

Julia Gillard found it a struggle to pay for her own clothes too.   Surely she could run a frock up on the Singer after working with clothing union members all those years.


That ensemble was brought to you by Heuga, the carpet tile people, move them around to share the wear.


Global warming's not a worry when you can turn on the icy-ness like that.

Fancy poor working people, Labor Party members slaving their insides out so the upper class has nice clothes.

Maybe Julia's asking Bill if the AWU still has that account with Town Mode Fashion.


Whatever the occasion she has the look to match it.

Here's trophy wife.


Protective clothing.


Dress ups for the ACTU Panto as Pinocchio


Or off to dinner with colourful Sydney industrial identities with cash to splash and demands to be met.


Dressed up for people who count, or daggin' around in a tracky top to say up-yours on Anzac Day - she makes it look effortless.


If Gillard and Bill Shorten's wife are so hard-up the slush fund's gotta pay for their going out clothes, you'd reckon Julia would have offered to hand-knit a few little outfits.

She's retired now and there's plenty of wool left over from the royal kangaroo McTiernan and she put together.