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Rudd's "friend" and his indiscreet and unnecessary display of his own and his "friend"'s character

What a spectacle.

What an unnecessary show.

When I was a boy the TV show Perfect Match was all the rage.  The host Greg Evans could do a very effective line in piss-taking when one of the panel of 3 men vying for a debutante's affections was manifestly not "up to the job".

One day my dad came home from work and his mate Pat dropped around for a beer.  I had the privilege of eaves-dropping as they discussed a young bloke at dad's work, let's call him Darryl.

Darryl was a bit slow and apparently unacquainted with shampoo and toothpaste.  The other cool young blokes at work had the forms for Perfect Match all filled out for Darryl describing him as a surfy from Cronulla who was thinking about going pro - they had the envelope addressed and stamped and were pissing themselves at morning tea ready to send it when dad walked in.

I'll never forget the way dad spoke about that young bloke's dignity.  He told Pat the other blokes wanted to egg Darryl on to watch him "make a gig of himself".

Dad still had the forms and envelope screwed up safely in his pocket when he got home after giving the piss takers a piece of his mind.

Mates don't treat mates badly, particularly in public.

Malcolm says he is Rudd's friend.

How did it ever get to this?

Rudd hasn't changed between his first display of UN ambition.  How did his friend not tell him - privately - he would not get the nod?

How in God's name did it ever come before Cabinet?  How did we know the date and the hour such a personally sensitive public show would come before Cabinet?  How did we get to know of the weakness and inability of the Cabinet to make a call? How on earth did we get wind - so publicly - of Turnbull's leadership failure on this issue?

And how could a friend so publicly do this to his friend, when a simple early statement "The Australian Government will not be presenting a candidate" would have done the job perfectly?



Rudd's response from the news.


Even when Turnbull talks about his "friend" on a matter that is so personally sensitive for his friend - and Australia - Turnbull makes it about himself.

It all had to boil down to "look at me".

Another moment of decisive Turnbull in the spotlight.

Putting aside personal considerations, sacrificing for the national interest - no matter how painful and what ever personal cost.........

I think we've seen enough now Malcolm.  Far too much.

Go and start using your wealth to do some bloody good will you.

I know plenty of people around where I am whose lives you could transform if you came and lived among them.

And Australia would be eternally grateful to you.



And now because of Turnbull's ineptitude, the cracks within his Cabinet have been uncovered.

Bunnings won't be able to keep up the supply of crowbars.


UPDATE - here's StevenJ's take on it.

Steve J said:
I'm not pushing Rudds barrow. I think he couldn't lead thirsty cattle to water. However there appears to be a few questions flowing from this spectacle.
1.Turnbulls assessment of 2010 doesn't seem to have prevented his numerous expressions of support for Rudds application.
2.That support according to Rudd extended over a period when Turnbull was communications minister ie before he rolled Abbott.
3. Turnbull is supposed to have told Rudd that putting the matter before cabinet was simply for window dressing purposes to avoid the endorsement being labelled a captain pick.
If Abbott had remained PM what assurance does Rudd receive from Turnbulls apparent backing? Why even talk to Turnbull about it unless he thought he might soon be in a position to follow through on it. To me the reference to the formality of cabinet approval shows his attitude clearly. The only thing preventing this approach was the election result.
If he ever gets in a position where he has a comfortable majority we will see Mal the magnificent in all his glory.
Finally if Turbull's spin about the decision having been made in May is correct why go through the farce of putting it before cabinet again last week? To me the situation looks fairly clear. Turnbull and Bishop were telling Rudd that they had him covered well before deposing Abbott. Right up to the Election Turnbull still held that position and intended to ram it through once he had been comfortably returned. There has been an assertion of power by cabinet. He's been rolled. They can't be open about that so the plebs have been told that the decision has been left to him as a face saver for the exalted one.