Australian Federal Police hand Muslims $.5M cash to help them not to blow things up and kill people
Facebook refuses to remove graphic Islamic State style beheading threat against police - WARNING GRUESOME CONTENT

Turnbull Government publishes The Mufti's mission statement on how to stop radicalism


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That's it?

That's the word from our top partner?

The Government of Turnbull pretends we face threats from a vast array of "violent ideologies" fuelled by radicalism.

But Islam is the one we worry about.

And Islam gets the bulk of the government's money.

How did that heap of gobbledygook get through the bureaucrats, the bosses, the Attorney George Brandis and the Cabinet?

Didn't anyone say it doesn't make sense?

George Brandis as attorney general is responsible for grants totalling $307M last year.

Much of that goes on traditional justice and safety work in the community.

But working with Muslims gets special attention.

Start here

Just follow the extensive links to get to the "work" that we're paying for.  

The Lebanese Muslim Association gets us to pay for it to teach these kids what it wants.

Sharing Humanity

The Lebanese Moslem Association (Building Community Resilience), Lakemba, Canterbury and Greater Sydney Region

The project will seek to develop young Muslim leaders (10 males and 10 females) through developing their skills and confidence to influence members of their peer group and the community at large. 

The project will work to build understanding and equip Muslims with the theological fundamentals that counter extremist ideologies, dispel misconceptions and develop their role as citizens, leaders and positive role models so that they can become “leaders” for mainstream Islam and assert their Australian identity.

For more information see the Lebanese Moslem Association website.

The guy who sets the tone for what they'll learn is the Mufti.

Why are we paying one cent when he can't - or won't - put a coherent idea on paper?

Its the Turnbull Government that positions this bloke.

Government agencies across Australia provide knowledge and expertise that help us understand radicalisation processes and the factors that may make a person engage in these processes.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed talks about the need to stop radicalisation commenting that “we must collectively pool are efforts and resources to build a more resilient community”. See the full statement from his eminence the Grand Mufti: 

We are working with communities that can directly influence the vulnerability of at-risk individuals at a grassroots level, through the Youth Mentoring and Building Community Resilience grants programs as well as community engagement activities. These programs help to ensure communities have tools and information to challenge extremist ideologies and provide alternative ideologies for people in their communities who are at risk.



Sorry Your Eminence but I can't follow what you said?

I don't think anyone could.

And that's a very big worry.

A deadly worry.