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A disgusting, horrifying insult from the ABC on the 50th anniversary of The Battle of Long Tan


I'll send a copy if this note to the managing director of the ABC and the Minister.

John Dyson said:
I am a Vietnam Vet. I was not at Long Tan but one of my great friends is Harry Smith, The company commander of D Coy 6RAR at Long Tan. I was at Coral and Balmoral some 18 months later, both huge actions so I know what life and death is about. I also came home in the middle of the night into Sydney and enrolled in the Qld University in 1969... The place was full of protesters and ill informed people. I also know of many that dodged the call up by going overseas. For the ABC to do this is another slap in the face for the honest Australians who served their country to protect the way of life we now have. . How can they [ The ABC }sleep straight in bed at night. John Dyson. C Sqn Ist Armoured Regiment . Vietnam 1968.


It's 50 years since one of Australia's greatest feats of arms.

Long Tan Day has become Vietnam Veterans Day - and this year it's the 50th anniversary.

I can't believe I have to write this.

Of all the shocking, offensive and insensitive stunts the ABC could pull - they want to hear from the red pain throwers, not the heroes.

What a bunch of low-life scumbags.

The ABC should be defunded.


Vietnam War protests: We want to hear your stories

Updated about 3 hours ago

On August 18, the nation will mark the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

At the time, it was the longest single military engagement Australia had undertaken — but it was conflict that galvanised hundreds of thousands of people to oppose the war and the conscription of the country's young men.

At rallies across Australia nearly half a million people came out for moratorium marches in 1970 — and by 1972, a new Whitlam government ordered all remaining troops home from Vietnam.

Were you involved in Australia's anti-war movement? Did you attend the marches? Have you got photos from the time? Are you in any of these photos, or video?

If so, ABC News wants to talk to you! Get in touch using this form.