A brief judicial summary on The Clintons and their global racketeering corrupt organisation
Part Two of PNG, Bill and Hillary, missing $$$millions and the hospital that never was

All Clinton Foundation O/S deals required US State Department Ethics Dept approval while Hillary was Secretary

You only need to glance at the notes from her team planning day in January 2010 to see the potential conflicts of interest between Hillary Clinton's responsibilities as US Secretary of State and the aggressive global solicitation of money by the Clinton Foundation.

In 2007/8 Clinton battled with Barack Obama for nomination as the Democrats presidential candidate.

As part of a murky agreement with the Obama camp, Clinton withdrew and was made US Secretary of State - with some strict conditions.

So allow the lady herself to explain the situation.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.23.00 pm Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.23.10 pm Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.23.18 pm

The United States Government is regulated by the "Committee for the Federal Register".  It holds in writing a list of United States Code sections, Statutes at Large, Public Laws, and Presidential Documents, which provide rulemaking authority applying to government officials and their powers/responsibilities.

The is the Section that applied to Bill Clinton during Hillary's time as Secretary of State.

(a) Consideration of appearances by the employee.

Where an employee knows that a particular matter involving specific parties is likely to have a direct and predictable effect on the financial interest of a member of his household, or knows that a person with whom he has a covered relationship is or represents a party to such matter, and where the employee determines that the circumstances would cause a reasonableperson with knowledge of the relevant facts to question his impartiality in the matter, the employee should not participate in the matter unless he has informed the agency designee of the appearance problem and received authorization from the agency designee in accordance withparagraph (d) of this section.

(1) In considering whether a relationship would cause a reasonable person to question his impartiality, an employee may seek the assistance of his supervisor, an agency ethics official or the agency designee.

(2) An employee who is concerned that circumstances other than those specifically described in this section would raise a question regarding his impartiality should use the process described in this section to determine whether he should or should not participate in a particular matter.


On 12 December 2008 the Clinton Foundation and President-elect Obama's "office" signed a memorandum of understanding - we discussed the document and in particular the ramifications for Rudd here.

The MOU obliged the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton to do a number of things:

  • Publish the names and amounts given by donors
  • Separately incorporate and spin off the Clinton Global Initiative - with Bill Clinton excluded from holding an officer or director role or any fiduciary connection with the new entity
  • Bill Clinton not to solicit funds for the Foundation
  • CGI not to accept funds from foreign governments
  • Prior to any arm of the Foundation entering any paid contract with an entity from any foreign country, the details of the proposed transaction are to be given to the State Department Ethics Office for independent review. The State Department Ethics office will then send the matter for review to the White House Ethics Counsel.  Both Clinton and the Clinton Foundation agree to be bound by the Ethics Office decisions.

That means that every single speech, every contract, every Sir Michael Somare hair-brained scheme had to be sent to the Ethicists for prior approval.

I have read every document supplied to Judicial Watch by the US State Department in compliance with a US Court order.

Sadly most of them are heavily redacted - most of the 3 pages in this "Saudi Entities" request for approval are whited out, redacted for the allowable reason B5 under the US FOI provisions:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.15.41 am

For almost all of the requests the best case information is something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.09.31 am Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.09.43 am

After spending so much time with these documents I'm getting some feel for the way the process flowed.

As an example on 14 June, 2010 Hillary Clinton made a major policy announcement as US Secretary of State about sub-Saharan Africa.

Clinton's Remarks on Sub-Saharan Africa, June 2010

Speaker: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Published June 14, 2010

Secretary of State Clinton gave these remarks and press conference on June 14, 2010 in Washington, DC.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good afternoon, everyone. Well, thank you all very much and welcome again. I know you’ve been welcomed over and over again, but it’s a delight to have you here in the State Department for this briefing on Sub-Saharan Africa and the issues that affect the countries in that region and our relationship with them.......

.......We’ve also made a major commitment to improving health in Africa. In addition to continuing the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, and polio, the Obama Administration has pledged $63 billion over five years for all of our health programs. And we are paying particular attention to Africa and especially to the health of women and children.


And where was the Clinton Foundation?

Bill Clinton was in South Africa for the World Cup which started 11 June 2010.  As his tour progressed something caused more than a ripple of concern for the US State Department's ethics people.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.46.18 am


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.46.24 am Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.46.51 am Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.46.57 am

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.47.10 am

Many proud men and women have made wonderful contributions to the world through years of service as diplomats and other officers in the US State Department's embassies, missions and aid agencies.

I'm sure the good and sensible amongst their number would have been keen to avoid optics like this - compare and contrast the US Secretary of State's official arrival at Bogota Colombia representing the US Government with the grainy photo alongside Bill later that night.



Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.32.51 am

In our next instalment we come back to PNG's Michael Somare and the illusory Port Moresby super-hospital.

Be warned - the grubbiness will leave you wanting a long hot shower.


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St. George

Michael - Judicial Watch and others are not looking in the correct place for Clinton Foundation evidence. They should be supoena Doug Band (Clinton Foundation) and Humana Abedean (Clinton's personal Assistant at state and also an employee of the Clinton Foundation).

The reason is that both Bill and Hillary didn't run their scam by email directly, they did it verbally through Doug Band and Humana.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) G҉A҉Y҉ M҉A҉L҉ &҉ B҉I҉L҉L҉

Same-sex marriage: Church and ethnic groups unite to support ‘no case’ in a plebiscite

EXCLUSIVE Simon Benson, National Political Editor, The Daily Telegraph
August 30, 2016

AN unprecedented alliance of church, family and ethnic groups will unite under a single banner to campaign against same-sex marriage.

The Daily Telegraph has learned leading representatives of all the major church denominations have met over the past several weeks to finalise a formal cross-faith and cross-denominational coalition to support the “no case” in a plebiscite.

It is understood at least 40 religious denominations, ethnic groups, charities and family-based organisations have signed up to a memorandum of understanding under an organisation to be called Australians for Marriage.

The faith-based coalition, which is expected to number more than 100 groups when finalised, would claim to represent a congregation and membership of between four and six million Australians.

The new alliance against gay marriage is unprecedented.
So far it is believed that Catholic, Anglican, Maronite, Eastern Orthodox, Baptists, Pentecostal, Assemblies of God and other Christian ­denominations have signed, as have prominent family and ethnic associations.

The coalition, however, is expected to end up being much broader with likely representatives of other major faiths, including both Islam and Judaism.

The alliance will argue that it is not a question of the church versus “everyone else” but a coalition reflecting a broad section of the Australian community.

It will pit the alliance against an already powerful lobby pressing the case in favour of same-sex marriage.

Sources involved in the establishment of the group said the memorandum of understanding was a charter to co-ordinate a national campaign against changing the Marriage Act to remove gender.

“There appears to be an ever-growing groundswell of concern in the community about this major social change and its consequences,” an alliance source said.

“All voices should be heard on this issue and the guiding mission of this group will be to ensure the voice of mainstream of Australia is heard.”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) G҉A҉Y҉ M҉A҉L҉ &҉ B҉I҉L҉L҉

At Canberra this morning our evil 'heavy lifting' politicians were all in church piously praying, Our fearless leaders Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten were asking their 'allah' to help them make gay marriage law in Australia and to help with their abortion of baby "persons" and to bring in more muslims, build more mosques and islamic schools,,,Allahu Akbar https://youtu.be/FFGVbkJRJV4

Michelle two

Good morning xx All overseas deals had to go through the US Ethic department for approval so as long as they had partnerships with the WHO, World Bank and other UN entities all was okay not that being partners with these entities and the Clinton Foundation was seen as a consultancy operation joining governments with NGO and Philanthrophy and not for profit groups all was kosher but they had inside connections within the bureaucracy anyway. The US government were working with the same entities anyway with the UN framework and conventions they signed up to in all the forums and shindigs they were involved in under the MDG plans as well. The UN is based in the USA so all is the centre of power and the one that connects each nation under the one banner all in the name of the illusion of peace such lies and manipulation.

St. George


That MOU or undertaking that Hillary gave prior to becoming Secretary of State is absolutely laughable. Looks something like you get from your accountant at Tax time. All care no responsibility.

The last para says it all

"Finally, I will recuse myself from participation on a case by case basis in any particular matter in which, in my judgement, I determine that a reasonable person with....."

also in same para "I ask that you also brin to my attention any matters that in your judgement could give rise to a conflict of interest.....

So in effect, She decides whether something is in conflict and it is their responsibility to find anything that could possibily be in conflict, but ultimately the decision is hers..... Amazing self issued get out of jail card!!!


Its tremendous how that jogging Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce clinched the live beef cattle deal with islamic countries, selling our beef dirt cheap and then making beef unaffordable, in short supply here in Australia, hey why not sell Australia to communist china,,,what a fantastic deal Barnaby, well done!

St. George

Michael - On reading that MOU again, it also offers another get out of jail card to Bill and herself, by stating that neither Bill nor her has any "financial benefit nor any fidicuary role in the Clinton Foundation"... So no care or responsibility for the Clintons. That may get them out of jail in the USA - but does it then matter that Bill actually 'signs on behalf of the Clinton Foundation' here in Australia? - or let me put it another way, is our government willing to chase and charge Bill Clinton for illegally signing an MOU for delivery aid to PNG??? I think not.

The Clintons are absolute master crimials. Lets hope that they just got to greedy and made some mistakes along the way.


If the US polls are to be trusted, then Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president (although I have placed my money on Trump to demolish her on November 8). The establishment wants her in the White House, including the Republican establishment.

Anyway, if the polls are a fair reflection of the majority of Americans' thinking, it says that these people are quite happy to elect a president who is engulfed in a history of wrongdoing, scandal, controversy, corruption and crime. And no matter how many red flags pop up exposing Hillary over what ultimately could end up being a scandal that dwarfs "Watergate", it seems that too many, including the media, are quite happy to turn a blind eye and, instead, concentrate on trying to portray Trump as the 'Evil Racist Monster' who will destroy America.

Despite this, Hillary Clinton knows 2016 is a change election. Add to this, American Professor Helmut Northrop has revealed to the world that based on the "Primary Model", Trump is 87% certain to be the next president.

The "Primary Model" has correctly predicted every presidential election result since 1912 when the primaries first started, except 1960 when Kennedy only just beat Nixon thanks to voting manipulations by the Chicago mob. The "Primary Model" has been so accurate because it relies on the actual voting data from the primaries, and on certain electoral cycle factors.

Another factor favouring Trump is that Gallup polls have consistently shown 70% to 74% of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, and 67% of the large white American male population support Trump.

Greg White

It's dangerous to question Hillary Clinton


Christian white people built Australia and they have the right to keep the hardwork for themselves. Australia should deport all problematic non-whites and have a strict immigration policy just like Japan does and we will have a budget surplus and be happy again.


Dear oh dear, why is Sydney radio 2GB jock Alan Jones pushing hard for gay marriage without a peoples' plebiscite to decide? Alan has no children and never married a woman and is now pushing gay marriage/equality so two men can marry each other? Is Alan gay or what?

AIDS 35,000,000 dead and its being celebrated with gay marriage. Thousands of gays have died from AIDS in Ireland. New AIDS cases have reached their highest point in five years — with a record number of infections among gay men. Do you think glorifying "marriage equality" homosexuality-sodomy increases AIDS?

St. George

Michae - MSNews bloggers should go to youtube and search for Kelly File 8/29/16. Good report there that Hillary may have contravened a couple of Federal Laws with her pay for play efforts.

Interresting - The Clinton Foundation Scandal is starting to hurt her, with a new poll showing that 54% of American voters believing she is now guilty as with the Clinton Foundation mess. ALso appears to be gaining some momentum in mainstream media as well.

seeker of truth

Issue equates to problem. Hillary Clinton and staff knew she had a problem for her as State Secretary with Bill Clinton spruiking for the Clinton Foundation so they had to run it past legal counsel.

I wonder what was the advice of the counsel for the ethics agency. It would be helpful if it could be located.

This link addresses emails and ethics concerns re Bill's speeches -


This link points out the most ethically challenged Hillary emails -


Why were State Dept staff engaged to seek advice on Clinton Foundation/President Clinton ethics problem when it came to his speeches in foreign lands? Couldn't the Foundation get its own legal advice? Seems a big conflict of interest for Hilary.


Thank God! Please where do I sign up and pay my money to support Australians for Marriage.

Edward James

The question St George. Is, were governments duped or complicit? Edward James from the Dolls House

Edward James

Well turnbulshits. The way we are governed is always up to us. So far not enough people give a stuff! Thats why a minority among us, the political allsorts. Runs rings around us all day long! taking turns to be in power. It's why I call them the two parties not much preferred. What a shame Independents didn't replace Labor in the NT on Saturday. Edward James from the Dolls house

Edward James

Your wrong Monica. Changing the wording of the Marriage Act is not only just about two men getting married! Edward James from the Dolls House

Edward James

It certainly is gaining some coverage. It wont be long and we will know if the Clintons are really powerful enough to use the US Constitution as a door mat. Edward James from the Dolls House

Edward James

For years now Ive been aware local councils use legal advice as an excuse for doing the wrong thing. When and if they are exposed their excuse is we sought legal advice and acted on it. Its not our fault if the advice was no dam god. In the mean time the council sails along beyond the reach of the law. Edward James from the Dolls House

Edward James

As taxpayers. If you take any form of mis-governance into a court of law. You should be willing to pay for both sides of the legal fight. That is why I believe our money is better spent changing the political face of those responsible for the political sins. A law court is no place for a political argument. Edward James from the Dolls House

St. George

EJ - Knowing the past deeds of the prime actors in this case (Bill and Hillary, Julia and Kevin all of the left, you are probably thinking like me - guilty as. How do they benefit (The Clintons - power, greed and money, Gillard - pure greed, Rudd - power mostly and big noting himself) - All exhibit typical progressive leftist tendancies of taking us all for fools.

We need to be realistic in our expectations, even if the Scandal does break wide open. I expect the Clintons will escape any real sanctions. I think the most we can expect is for them to be disgraced out of the poltical limelight - The Clintons will bargain a 'retirement' option against dumping all they know about the rest of the corrupt system in Washington. Just imagine a thorough Audit of the Clinton Foundation books and what that would reveal. The USA government elite couldn't cope with that.

Over here, the most we will get is a Senate Enquiry. Labor and Liberal will close ranks because both sides are complicit (whether you consider them criminally negilent or just plain stupid).

The next 70 odd days are going to very interresting. Anything can happen in the US. A lot of people must be shaking in their boots. Trump seems to be making inroads into Hillary's lead. The political establishment are not in control of the election. Very dangerous for them and Trump and the Clintons. I think Humana Abedin and CEO of the Clinton Foundation will take the fall for the Clintons if push comes to shove (remember Iran Contra). There is also a chance that someone may fall under a bus!!

Interresting times.

St. George

EJ - Yes very interresting. I find myself watching the FOX USA channel all bloody day now. The most recent push is for a special prosecutor to be appointed. That really needs to grow some legs though. If the leaks keep coming out, the DNC may not have a choice but to support it (After the election of course).

Michael Farrage has been doing some good work in the US over the last couple of weeks. Good intellect, and knowledge of the European situation. We could do with a visit here to talk some sense to our bloody idiots in Canberra.

The heat is rising in the US campaign. I can't help but think that something dramatic will happen, particularly if Trump gets in front in the polls. I hope he is wearing a good vest!!!!

St. George

EJ - Depends, I think on the individual actors and their individual proclavities. Pure greed, money hungry, narcacism, stupidity etc - all with other peoples money though. Take your pick - perhaps a bit of both.

I find it very interresting though.

St. George

EJ - I just finished watchin Trumps rally speach from Everett Washington State. It was a truely spine tingling event. If he carries this momented for the rest of the lead up to the elecion he must win. He worke the crowd like a magician. Not a single race card used Here is the link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvNHwP-1fkU.

The polls can't be right - surely.

Edward James

Trump appears to be gaining momentum. While I am watching to see if the Clintons are powerful enough to work around USA laws. Edward James from the Dolls House

Edward James

There is a growing number of people who are think the only answer is anarchy. I hope no lead flies during the next seventy days St George. There are more than enough countries governed by the fear of the gun around the world now. Edward James from the Dolls House


Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs, said parents should not have the right to opt their kids out of the SSCP, because if the kid is struggling with his/her sexuality, stopping them attending would permanently harm them. Surely that is a basic human right - the right of a parent to know what their kids are being taught and remove the kids if they object to what’s being taught. They have this right regarding CRE lessons, so why not Marxist lessons too? Triggs should resign or be sacked for those totalitarian remarks.

Shorten has also said he would trust school teacher’s discretion more than he would trust that of the objecting MPs. Well of course, most teachers these days are schooled in Marxism as the Left has taken over our education systems, and media. I wonder how many of those uni student vandals are studying to become teachers?

As it is, most people don’t know that Roz Ward, the co-writer of the SSCP has boasted that the program is “about supporting gender and sexual diversity. NOT ABOUT STOPPING BULLYING. about same-sex attractiveness, being trans-gender, inter-sex. not just ‘be nice to everybody.’” There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth!

The Marxists have wanted to use the homosexuals to get to our precious kids to achieve both their aims. the homosexuals cannot reproduce (well they can but refuse to do so) the normal way, so they have to recruit to grow their numbers. They serve as the Marxist’s useful idiots .
And if they get their way,what will be next?Lower the age of "Consent"to 9 years of age?Beastiality?
And the Pied Piper from Vaucluse, beaming and tootling his flute in so many ways, is leading us all over The Gap. He has gutted the Liberal Party.
Labor are worse, they never had any guts, and grovel at the feet of their Union masters. Their Front Bench Walleys could not run a pie-shop.

Look what bad and leaderless Governments have done for Europe.
The place has been invaded by barbarians without a shot being fired.
It will end in civil mayhem and religious genocide. Women are in peril.

Our political system is failing us. Frauds, tricksters, humbugs are getting elected and playing silly buggers. Economics, Tax, Defence all a massive pass-the-parcel shambles. Handouts buy votes, using OPM. Spend Spend!


They would never have allowed these people to have a voice in the political process, much less advance an agenda to sodomize Australia by perverting the definition of marriage.

Justice Moore then gave wise counsel to sodomites who claim that they can engage in sodomy and be dignified in marriage.

"Historically, consummation of a marriage always involved an act of sexual intimacy that was dignified in the eyes of the law. An act of sexual intimacy between two men or two women, by contrast, was considered 'an infamous crime against nature' and a 'disgrace to human nature.' Homosexuals who seek the dignity of marriage must first forsake the sexual habits that disqualify them from admission to that hallowed institution. Surely more dignity attaches to participation in a fundamental institution on the terms it prescribes than to an attempt to wrest its definition to serve inordinate lusts that demean its historic dignity."

That is what the five lawyers did on the U.S. Supreme Court in the marriage opinion. They ignored the Constitution, the Court's precedents, and millennia of human history. Their opinion calls into question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. When we the people lose trust in the Justices, the authority of the Supreme Court is undermined. If the people accept this 5-4 opinion, then we have transitioned to a despotic form of government. The people must now decide if we are governed by the rule of law or the whim of unelected judges."

So,your Ok with someone sticking their penis up your bum?That is what we are talking about.And you think that is "Natural"?

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