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Bill Thompson Outside Insiders with the very courteous, helpful and generous @samdastyari

Credit where credit is due - it's great to see a taxpayer funded Senator who is prepared to talk to a taxpayer!   Good on you Senator Dastyari for your respectful chat with Bill.

Good on you too Bill, these segments are great!


That's the positive stuff out of the way.

Here is the fork in the road where Sam and I go our separate ways.

Sam is tribal Labor.   That means The Cause comes first - and Labor must be defended even when its conduct has been indefensible.

In that context listen to the passion and intensity of Dastyari's disdain for the culture of our big banks and the treatment of banking system whistleblowers - now search "banks" and replace with "unions/Labor"



Wouldn't you love to see an insider like Dastyari say about unions what he said about the banks?  Apparently only superannuated Labor insiders who are no longer dependent on the patronage system for favours or protection can do that.

Like Marn Fern.  

It's a bloody disgrace that the $60M Trade Union Royal Commission was wasted.  Imagine an oil refinery boss who let $60M worth of fuel go down drain, an army commander who lost $60M worth of ammunition or an IT manager who took $60M worth of new computers to the tip because he didn't like the brand?