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The Clinton Foundation corrupted our polity and people. They stole our money. This is our problem.

Catching up with Ralph Blewitt tomorrow - working on the Clinton Foundation tonight

I had a good chat with Ralph Blewitt on the phone today.
I've not seen Ralph in person for a few months and I'm very pleased that we've plans to get together face to face tomorrow.  There's still a hell of a long way to go with the AWU Scandal which is yet to result in even the most preliminary of police interviews with the offenders.
I want you to know that my personal commitment to seeing through what I started in the investigation and prosecution of The AWU Scandal crimes and crooks hasn't altered one bit.
While we were chatting today Ralph hesitated a little before introducing the...."mate I hope you don't mind me saying this, but lots of people I know are mentioning how they're sick of the Clinton stuff....." etc etc
The immediate response Ralph elicited from me surprised me a bit and I thought I'd share it with you.
I told Ralph that I was acutely aware that there's not that much interest in the arcane Clinton Foundation minutiae.  I said that I knew that my numbers were going down and I was diluting support for the site as a result of the time, effort and coverage I've given the Clinton Foundation inquiry.  The Clinton matter is complex and each incremental step is so time consuming - I've not encountered anything like it before.
If I was publishing this blog with the goal of having as many readers as possible I would not pursue the Clinton inquiry.   But I have to follow my convictions and sense of what's right - and at the moment the greatest and most outrageous direct threat to us and our traditions is the quiet acceptance of terrible crimes and special protections associated with chosen members of The Left .
The Clintons are at the top of that pyramid.   They stole our money.   They were helped by Rudd and Gillard.  Rudd and Gillard personally benefitted too.  
I said to Ralph and asked that he pass it on to his friends, "How could any decent person who believes what I believe about the Clinton Frauds simply do nothing about it?"
I am not aware of anyone else doing what I'm doing.  If not me, who?  If not now, when?  
I truly fear for the consequences of the unstopped march of this Clinton/Gillard etc movement.  Look at the subversion of the US Justice system to write Hillary out of obvious and very serious criminal offences.  When the populace gets wind that she got away with things others are in gaol for we will suffer terrible consequences.
My God I hope I'm doing the right thing in pursuing this inquiry.   At the very least, I know I'm doing it for the right reasons.
The evidence in The AWU Scandal isn't going away, but nor is time standing still.  In a few weeks Hillary Clinton could be elected President of the United States.  
I want to use those weeks wisely.