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Clinton backdoored us - and in the process was party to a major fraud in Papua New Guinea

Charles Ortel - Clinton Foundation - reckless endangerment in PNG and major frauds on the Australian taxpayer

Here's an extract from the hour long piece below - there's much, much more including Charles's explanation of the reckless endangerment of so many lives because of this man and his wife's greed and lust for power.



Thanks to reader Seeker of Truth who provided much of the core information for this segment now going global from a leading US radio network (starts at around 15 minutes in).


Leid Stories—Twisted Philanthropy: How the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation Made Billions Mining the World’s Misery Index—08.18.16

Whistleblower Charles Ortel’s investigations into the operations of The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and its global network of affiliated “philanthropic” organizations have led him to a startling conclusion: The foundation has engaged in, and continues to engage in, massive fraud and illegal conduct.

Since May, Ortel has been spelling out in great detail how a project chartered initially to build a presidential library and research facility in Arkansas, President Clinton’s home state, illegally was morphed into a global pseudo-philanthropic conglomerate that raked in billions of dollars, ostensibly to support the foundation’s “charity” work. But Ortel says the evidence clearly shows the foundation was operating almost all of its projects illegally, and many major “donations” it received were from foreign governments and well-placed corporations seeking political favors from the Clintons.

The “developing world” has been, and still is, a billion-dollar bonanza for the Clintons’ coffers, says Ortel. Often besieged by humanitarian crises, the international community responds generously to countries in dire need. The Clintons, who keep watchful eyes on countries’ misery index, find ingenious ways to corral sizable portions of available humanitarian cash.


And when the Clinton Foundation wanted an entity in New Guinea to backdoor Australia, raise more money directly for itself and evade regulators, what corporate structure passing itself off as a part of the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Incorporated did it choose?

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