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Times, dates and places for Commemorative Services to mark 50 years since the Battle of Long Tan

Honouring Corporal Wally Buckland and his mates for their service 50 years ago in South Vietnam

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While the ABC is trying to ferret out stories to "celebrate" the people who tried to undermine our troops in the Vietnam war - here's a man with a story we should all know about.

God bless you Wally Buckland - and thank you for your service.

I'll leave it to Wally's mates from the Royal Australian Regiment Association to tell you about Corporal Walter 'Wally' Raymond Buckland.

At the going down of the sun,

And in the morning,

We will remember them.

Lest we Forget.

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A personal plea to help honour Corporal Walter 'Wally' Raymond Buckland who fought in the Battle of Long Tan in 12 Platoon, Delta Company, 6RAR and who did two tours of Vietnam.

Wally was born in Goulburn, NSW on 11 February 1939. He began his regular Australian Army career with 1RAR on 12 March 1966. He was then transferred to 6RAR on 5 June 1996 along with the first intake of Australian National Servicemen for his first tour of Vietnam through to 22 March 1967. Wally was then transferred to 3RAR on 15 February 1971 for his second tour of Vietnam through to 16 October 1971. 

Sadly the years have taken a toll on Wally who has been diagnosed with dementia. He has had to surrender his driver's licence, something which he is having difficulty coming to terms with.

He still lives at home in Goulburn with the help of Baptist Homecare Services and he has two caring friends Howard Bye and Les, a retired nurse, who visits Wally three times per week. Les is a wonderful friend to Wally, especially accompanying him to medical appointments. Wally also has some caring neighbours that call on him with food gifts.

Wally is an only child and has no close next of kin. This is very sad and he gets lonely in his old age. Wally is not well enough to go to any of the 50th Anniversary Long Tan commemoration services and events in Canberra or Brisbane.

However, there will be a ceremony in Goulburn on 13 August and Howard and Les are preparing Wally to attend the local Goulburn service. They have made contact with the local RSL and Wally will be laying a wreath in memory of his mates who fought and died beside him in the Battle of Long Tan and in memory of all those who served and died in Vietnam.

Wally is looking forward to attending the commemoration service in Goulburn and it would be awesome to get a large turnout for Wally next Saturday!

11.00am, Saturday 13 August 2016 - Honor Roll, Belmore Park, 210 Auburn St, Goulburn, NSW.

I will be driving from Sydney to attend, say thank you to Wally, and get some photos and video to share with everyone. And I will print off all of your messages of support to give to him so we can let him know we all care about him and thank him for his service and sacrifice.

Lest We Forget.

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