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Editorial and Interview with Victoria's Chief Commissioner of Police about progress in The AWU Scandal

Intrepid and fearless Bill Thompson always gets his man!

Today Bill was at the Long Tan Memorial service at The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.

He took the opportunity for this on the record chat with Victoria's Chief Commissioner of Police Graham Ashton AM APM about The AWU Scandal.

Tell me please that the Chief Commissioner didn't say "I don't know".

A  task force of detectives in "Operation Tendement" that kicked off more than 3.5 years ago involving a search warrant executed on a sitting Prime Minister's former office, allegations of serious and continuing fraud involving senior trade union officials and politicians, front page newspaper stories for months and the Chief Commissioner doesn't know where it's at?

That leave only two conclusions regarding the Chief Commissioner.

I'm sure I misheard.  I'm sure he meant he wanted to check this afternoon to make sure his recollection included the latest information.

If the Chief of Police doesn't know where this investigation is at we are in trouble.

The only worse position for a trusted official like the chief of police would be if he'd lied to our reporter about "not knowing".

And a chief of police who tells lies doesn't bear thinking about.  I'm sure Commissioner Ashton wouldn't do that.

Perhaps when Bill rings back today or tomorrow to clear matters up, the Chief might have a more complete answer for him.

UPDATE 3.50PM - my editorial