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Kevin Rudd's policy on restoring trust and integrity to government

I've spent far too much of the past week or so getting what's now a large brief together in the matter of Rudd's decision to donate $10M of Australian Taxpayer money to the Clintons personal slush fund.

The battered laptop is coping beyond my expectations with more than 100 tabs open in Chrome and Safari and about the same number of recent downloaded documents.  The story they tell is a shocking tale of deception, hubris and selfishness on Rudd's part - and insatiable greed on the part of the Clintons.

I've made many fascinating discoveries on the way and I thought I'd share one with you now.

While you read this document, think of Gillard, Craig Thomson and the Labor Party's ultimate capo-di-tutti-capi Bill Ludwig, father of then shadow Attorney General Joe Ludwig who was responsible for this policy.

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