Editorial - the lying conman behind the Clinton Foundation frauds on the Australian taxpayer
The Global Philanthropist's stepping stones to other people's billions


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Michelle Two

Good morning xx last night I had to put myself to bed a bit earlier still feeling a bit drained of energy.. Before I did though I was on a couple of sites one was Wikileaks and a cable about Climate Change action and looking at the cable Rudd was being hammered by many overseas governments and contacts to take more action on this lie.. Here it is..

2008 they had a climate change conference in Poznan, Poland

The other page I was on was one I linked to the Global Fund which we have a board member Chris Cannan but on this side there is a table under the tab "Resource Library" in that tab there is a link called "Pledges and Contributions" it is an excel file when opened up that tells you how much each nation contributes to the Global Fund but it also mentions other donors Bill Gates is there but I could see no Clinton Foundation I may be missing it as it may have another name so take a look..It goes back to 2014 up to this year and it says if each country has paid this pledge or if they still owe..

Have a great day I better head down to work now I will do an angel card at lunch for those who need guidance.. Yesterday morning when I got in the car to go to work this song was on the radio it reminded me of my son as he loved Slim Dusty but the lyrics in the song was to have no regrets over anything that has happened in your life as all was meant to be for your own soul growth.. Love is always what we return back to spirit with how much we gave others but more importantly is how much we received from others that made us feel that way and lifted our spirits when we needed it, "So be kind to someone today as you may be the only one that does" it will be carried with their souls forever and remember even assholes need to be shown kindness as they are that way because of their own fears and you may turn his/her life around because of that kindness when others judge him, you might just be his saviour to change his ways, but also know when to walk away if you are being used.. xx love always xx

Old Codger

If the US and other media wish to kill a story, they WILL kill that story.

Not so much as a whiff of scandal! (until after 8/11/16)

Michelle two

Deal2deal also had me intrigued on the pledge page so I googled it as well it has to do with debts owed to other nations so in kind of they donate money to the global fund the debt is reduced is the gist of it from my understanding as it has Australia deal2deal and Indonesia in the pledge table.


Yeah, you might have confidence mate she will get caught out, but you though Gillard was going to get her comeuppance as well.

Face it mate, the more famous you are, the more immune to the law you are.


seeker of truth

The Clintons gamed the system because they believed that their name and status was their protection from investigation. They used the system to avoid audits. As Charles Ortel has stated, he needs foreign governments to open investigations on their arrangements with the Clinton entities then prosecute and and reach convictions. The US government cannot then ignore the fraudulent activities of the Clintons.

How can foreign governments not do due diligence searches to ascertain if the Clinton Health Aids/HIV Initiative was registered and able to enter into agreements? We now know that it was not registered at the time it initially dealt with Australia.

Our government has to conduct an audit of the Clinton entities' spending of our funding on our programs (local and overseas) to see what this facilitator is reaping out of our goodwill; a goodwill that is putting us hundreds of millions of dollars into debt.

Do we know if investigators in countries like Norway and others are starting of ask questions of the Clinton entities' spending of their countries' aid funds?

Ortel used a word I've not heard before and it is defagging. But it could be defragging (which I know about from my computer experience). Basically, it is destroying the evidence of what you were up to. Julia Gillard would know about that process.

Keep up the great work Michael.


Oh Michael, I hope you aren't raising our hopes only to have them dashed. I am so grateful for the time and effort you're putting into this issue. The Clinton ripoff and possible Presidency makes me feel physically ill and there's no way of knowing whether the Clinton machine will do the dodgy on the election results to get Hillary into her dream job. What an absolutely abominable proposition for the US and the world. If only the American public would take more notice of the plain facts in front of them.


I wonder if Alexander Downer or more importantly Julie Bishop are even aware of their stupidity? Due diligence means nothing when you're a star-gazing politician. Very similar to Julia's "young and naive" comment. I expected more from Lawyer Bishop.

I'm with Old Codger, the media will kill any story.


You can include Sydney Radio 2GB's devious Alan Jones with the "other media wish to kill a story, they WILL kill that story."

Interesting. How Alan is running a hate campaign against Donald Trump? Trump intends to abolish homosexual marriage in America and stop the wholesale abortion of baby American 'persons', which 80% are black, all apparently not to Alan's liking.

Michelle Two

Sorry it was called Debt2Health..
Debt2Health is an innvoative financing initiative of the Global Fund. It helps channel resources of developing countries with high debt and disease burdens away from debt repayments towards life-saving investments in health. Donors grant debt relief in exchange for a commitment by the beneficiary country to invest an agreed counterpart amount in its national health programs, through an approved Global Fund grant.


To date four Debt2Health agreements plus one framework agreement have been signed. They involve Germany and Australia as creditor countries and Indonesia, Pakistan and Côte d’Ivoire on the beneficiary side. Overall they involve Euro 163.6 m. Half of that amount, Euro 81.8m, is paid to the Global Fund to be invested in the contracting beneficiary countries through the standard Global Fund processes and systems . The other half was unconditionally written off by the creditor countries.
The amount of debts were staggering on the page I was on I will see if it is still up in my tabs.. So what they owe us like $75 million now goes towards the Global fund so it is like signing up poorer countries to the framework and conventions of the UN in exchange for having the debts removed..Sly bastards the UN and all the powers that be sound like bullies for the less powerful countries but they take all the money in exchange to fit in with the in crowd of the world governemts that exchange all the money for rules and policy regulations to follow so we sign up and pay for our own demise..
Well we don't actually sign up our elected reps sign us up to it as we have no say in it and it is never mentioned in any election campaign like "hey guys vote for me and we will sign up to the Agenda 30 program that will cost such and such in Tax dollars, by the way your electricity prices may go up as a result of it"..
With a ego personality like Turnbull he will be dancing to the UN beat so he fits in with this elite crowd after reading the cable above can you imagine the international calls Turnbull would be getting telling him what direction to take not only on Climate Change but the investment phase of it from his investment banker and Silicon valley mates you only have to look at his pre-election action and the promises in the election campaign to give money to all these start up hubs and innovation crap he goes on with this would be the latest scam by the big high powers that like to have meetings and conferences to make deals with policy directions in order to change societies and the human control mechanisms they invent..

Here is the agreement on the debt2health with Indonesia.. if that doesn't work it is one of the links on the link above..

Michelle Two

The media are owned by the corporate fascists who have money invested in them, they will create the same illusion and lies they always do..

Michelle Two

I'm just listening now to the clip above but what is sticking is my mind is the association with the world bank and the UN is what the Clinton Foundation stands for.. and they also are in on the UN conventions and soiree's that make up the policies to be guided by the world over...
All the links are going to come together once all starts to get revealed and all the lies that are with the ego's, power and money.. All this money is being used to fund something else all in the name of philanthropy and aid it is not being used for that..


I totally disagree Steve, it's the more left you are the more immune you are - if any of it had been Tony Abbott or Donald Trump he would have been strung up by now.


Why would you expect the American public be any different to the Australian public?

St. George

Michael - This is worth your time, for two reasons. It is or appears to be a massive fraud on the Australian tax payer and Julia Gillard is up to her proverbial neck in a major part of it.

Can I suggest that you/we seek out one of the new cross benchers in the Senate who are looking to make a mark - suggest one of the half termers to start the ball rolling with a simple question. "Can the minister advise the total armount of funds provided by all Australian Government agencies to entities controlled by or entities of the Clinton Foundation from 1997 to the end of FY 15/16."

Who may be interrested someone who wants to turn 3 years term into 9 or 15 years. Perhaps Pauline, but more likely the second One Nation Senator from QLD or WA. The QLD climate change deneyer would be best, he is the most literate of all the One Nation Senators. Darryn Hynch may be a candidate because he likes a cause, however he is now 72 and may want to go fishing in 6 years. Or maybe David Lyneham the Liberal Democrat from NSW. Just a suggestion. An answer to the initial question, then begets many many others.

Labor or Liberal won't touch this with a barge pole!!!


You are an optimist if you think a current member in parliament wants to stir up a hornets' nest. They protect each other, when it comes to rorting the system.

St. George

TWO - Yes always an optimist. Can't help myself. I know my local member fairly well, will try him out just for fun. Will be interresting to see/hear his reaction - probably funnnier than the latest meercat commercial.

Keep warm and have another drink.

Liz of Vic

Not Derryn Hinch, his prefsrences went to Labor, also he is more interested in immediate 'attention and admiration'.

I would agree that the Queenslander, I think his name is Roberts would be the best choice.

Lleyonhelm is a bit strange and somehow I do not trust him.
There was something he would not vote for last year, which I could not agree with, cannot remember what it was.

Michelle Two

The self made elitists of the world have their own laws which is how they get away with it..all that ego, money and power has to account for something in a crooked world full of chaos and drama that they create..
Something has to give and it will much sooner then later with all that is being revealed it will be less harder to fool the people of the world so the consequences are coming..
One can't take, take, take all the time they have to give as well because the energy is unbalanced so it will topple by natural selection just to even it self out again..
Energy works like that when things become unbalanced chaos will break out at an individual soul level as well as a universal one..

Edward James

The candidates are 'tools' for disenfranchised taxpayers to use for whatever useful purpose we might choose to put them. That is why sometimes we are faced with the prospect of choosing the lessor of two evils, if we want to put the garbage out of our electorate. Always remember even if you must select a different bludger. They can always be dumped at the next election. The aim is to dismantle the two parties not much preferred one seat at a time. Because it is clear Labor and Liberal have no intention of respecting constituents no matter what they may tell us when trying to attract voter support. Edward James from the Dolls House

Jeff of FNQ

Agree that Malcolm Roberts swould be the one who would be prepared to ask the question.

He has stated in the several interviews I've seen that he will not comment unless he has imperical evidence to support his claims.

I reckon you could give him that in spades.

Michelle Two

I have drawn the angel messages for today the first one is "No need to worry" every thing is as it should be all involved are getting their soul lessons so all will turn out as it should at the right time, so relax and let go of any worries you have as it lowers your own souls energy let it all go and everything will fall into place when it is the right time for your soul to receive what you had been hoping for. Your worry blocks the life force energy of soul so you lower your energy so it will delay the process of what will happen anyway when the soul energy is right for you as it goes in cycles if you miss your opportunity the first time the time will come again when you are more prepared to take on the challenge that you are calling on..
The second message is to make sure you are "Gentle with yourself" so no harsh words or treatment in your self talk take everything as it comes to you and nurture your mind, body and soul as what comes to you are the life lessons you are calling in with the soul energy you carry you create what it is that is drawn to you..Release all fears and you will find peace within yourself and your soul will radiate that to all you come into contact with as you will have a calming affect on others because of your own soul energy.. You really must take a break also and get out and play for a while too much hard work makes for a dull boy/girl and a drained energy so a need to recharge by just taking time out occasionally just to give your body/mind a break and your soul gets replenished so you are fresh to start again.. It doesn't have to be for a long period just enough time to take your mind of any worries you might have over any aspect of your life..love and light xx

You show kindness as a reflection of who you are not of those that you come into contact with if they are in ego and are of low energy they will grate you. So you show kindness because that is who you are not because of who the other person is when they rile you.. it is for your own soul energy you do this so you stay balanced within as when you show animosity it means you also have ego or fear energy to release so you both create drama that either soul needs..

Edward James

Why is it that we never see any or our elected representatives posting their opinions on this site. What are our elected representatives frightened of? Edward James from the Dolls House

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