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Ralph Blewitt on the 5 year anniversary of HSU/AWU stories and today's charges against Kathy Jackson

5 years ago this week Julia Gillard threatened News Limited and two of its executives with very serious damage unless the company and the two executives immediately met 3 demands - withdraw a story about Gillard and the AWU published by The Australian, issue a broad apology and enter into an agreement never again to report on The AWU Scandal.

Gillard's extortion was wholly successful that Monday morning and her continuing demand was complied with for at least one year.

About one year later Ralph Blewitt spoke publicly about his role in a conspiracy with Gillard and Bruce Wilson to cheat and defraud.

Yesterday Ralph and I spent the day together and have recorded lengthy interviews today.

While we've been talking word came through that the fraudster and whistleblower Kathy Jackson has today been charged by police over her own thefts of HSU money which she used to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Ralph and I spoke about Jackson and the Labor Party in this first part of our series of discussions.