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Servant jobs @ Bill Clinton's Charity Banquets. Bill's a bit Caligula. Charitably speaking.

Thanks to Michelle Two for the tip on these current job openings for the charity known as the Clinton Foundation.

Too many charity Banquets with Bill are never enough and the Banquets Bill's famous for are burning Bill's people out!

Restaurant servers, a few catering people, an assistant for the overworked Banquets manager - it's so hard for charities to find good help.

Bill's charity Banquet bill is so high Bill needs a full time staff to keep the Silver Service serving.   Here's an extract from the job description for Bill's Assistant Banquet Boss (or Babbs) currently published on the Clinton Foundation charity and tax-free piss-ups website.

S/he supports and executes on the service delivery aspects of our sales strategy and approach, and looks to continually improve methods of service delivery and supports development of new standards.  S/he must maintain a high standard of customer service with clients and customers while working as a team player. This position will report to the Banquet Manager and the Director of Food, Beverage, and Events.

Here are the paid jobs funded by donations at Bill's Caligula-Are-Me Foundation.   They're also published on the 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity's website here.




Now charity donators, don't go fretting about all your money going to the paid staff!  Charitable Bill/Hill haven't forgotten about the principles of free enterprise.

Every wide-eyed gal knows how to get a-head with Bill, FOC.

While charitable Bill only has enough donated-cash to pay for 9 unfilled jobs, here's the target-rich range of FOC Monica Memorial Internships headed in the head-honcho's direction. Get Down and party hey Bill!!!!!!


Internships Available