The sordid history of Australia's deals to 'facilitate' the Clinton Foundation's access to Asia
Servant jobs @ Bill Clinton's Charity Banquets. Bill's a bit Caligula. Charitably speaking.

Thank you Charles Ortel. Australia will remember you.

I'll be back with you later in the day with much more to report on times, dates, places and the people who handed over so much of our money as donations to the Clinton Foundation.

It's now more than one year since Charles Ortel and I started collaborating on investigations into the Clinton Foundation Frauds.

I would like to thank you Charles on behalf of the decent taxpayers of Australia for your devotion to getting to the bottom of this conman and his wife's thefts and deceptions.

A very small number of people have benefitted enormously from the Clinton largesse, paid for by the masses.  How very egalitarian of them.

Australia won't forget you Charles.   Thank you.

Yesterday Charles was kind enough to mark our first year thus.