Catching up with Ralph Blewitt tomorrow - working on the Clinton Foundation tonight
A brief judicial summary on The Clintons and their global racketeering corrupt organisation

The Clinton Foundation corrupted our polity and people. They stole our money. This is our problem.

In these two videos you'll see men who have personally done all of the detailed work needed to form a view about The Clinton Foundation frauds.

I've been in close and regular contact with Charles Ortel for more than one year now.

We owe you big time Charles.  Through you and your continued relentless focus I've come to understand how our politicians sold out and are today selling out our core values to the Clinton Foundation and what it represents.

Special access to jobs, immunity from prosecutions, access to the heart of the legislature and executive - in short some of the top-tier privileges our civilisation reserves for the worthy were sold by The Clintons to people with enough money.  More often than not the money to access the Clinton Foundation's personal benefits program was taken from taxpayers.

Kevin Rudd did it.

Julia Gillard did it.

Julie Bishop is doing it now.

So with great respect to you - listen up!  You owe it to the rest of us to understand what these people did to us.


Trey Gowdy once again showing the value of doing the reading, understanding the issues and getting into the details - compare and contrast Trey's comments with the Twitter informed "there's no smoking gun and that Foundation did really good work" apologists.


Under Kevin Rudd you and I paid $10M in a donation to the Clinton Foundation - so Bill Clinton could introduce Rudd as 'one of the smartest leaders in the world today'.

Under Julia Gillard you and I paid $14M in a donation to the Clinton Foundation - so Gillard could be set up as the Global Partnership for Education Chair with its flow on benefits.

The Clinton Foundation has corrupted our polity and people.  They stole our money.   This is our problem.


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The NT May not be the only place where the gig is up:-

& locally,

Shortone is looking cocky at the moment, but he too has a "lot of chickens" out there & sooner or later the sun is sure to go down....

Edward James

Yes it is of concern to Australian tax payers. What happens to our money is so important we spend some of that tax employing people to watch over it and make sure it is not wasted or stolen for that matter With Federal parliament sitting today it would be a nice surprise to have both Bill and Malcolm tell Australian tax payers all about the Liberal and Labor governments decade long support of the Clinton Foundation rort. Gee that was a great listen Michael. Im really in a great mood at the prospect of more people saying publicly in regard to Hillary Clinton 'that dog won't hunt' Edward James from the Dolls House.

St. George

Michael, You are absolutely right. The Clinton's are at the top of the tree when it comes to corrupt politics and graft and corruption, and will stop at nothing to protect that income stream. That protection even stoops to emlimination of individuals (murder)when required.

You are absolutely right that both Gillard, Rudd, Julie Bishop, benefit, using our tax dolars, and perhaps the thieving goes back even further than Gillard and continues to this day.

It is undoubtedly in our national interest to push from this end to raise the bar on the investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
If the Clintons' are nailed here, the style of politics will change throughout the western world.


The Clinton Foundation may be the centre of "massive global fraud", but it's also part of the massive patchwork of global frauds. Early last decade, I did a similar follow-the-money traceback on the giant web of incestuous connections, conflicted interests and mutual bum-covering that was developing around the aged care bureaucracy and providers as aged care "standards" and accreditation, and associated "training", were being introduced (the internet was far more 'open' in those days; you could find out a lot on google). Ultimately, all roads led back to the USA and one shadowy "standards" bearer in particular. And, my word, didn't the elderly, the depression/war generation, pay!

Bless you for caring, but I can't see how all of this ends, really. As Charles Ortel said, you can't put Humpty back on the wall. It's reaching a stage it's going to take a Christ-like figure and a crucifixion to shock the world back into the realisation there are better ideals to pursue than just the love of money.

Edward James

Bill Shortens Labor team members Rudd and Gillard were supported by his party in what they did. So I believe he is responcible for Rudds and Gillards political sins against taxpayers, their constituents according to the rules of continuing succession. Liberal is not exempt as I understand they have made payments to the Clinton Foundation too! Edward James from the Dolls House


Hi Michael,
You are a legend in going after the Clinton Cartel. The extent of their corruption and just plain evil doing is breathtaking - but so, unfortunately, is the depth of disinterest in the American mainstream media and the public about the horrendous prospect of a Hillary Presidency. Anyway, well done for doing your bit for confronting the Clinton cancer as best you can. By the way, Trey Gowdy is also an absolute legend in his field. If Trump wins I'd love to see him as the Attorney General although that is probably not likely. Anyone who has the time, look up all the clips on Gowdy's Congressional hearings and his statements to Congress etc. He is inspiring in his clarity and moral purpose for the rule of law - which makes him the natural enemy of Hillary.

Maggie 47

Didn't Australia's "donations" to Clinton Foundation begin with Downer?


MPS - In the previous thread Ralph suggested that people might be "sick of the Clinton stuff", and I'm sure they are - just as many got tired of the Gillard stuff.

It matters. It ALL matters. If anything in life matters at all, honour, fidelity and truth must matter above all things.

Over many years of watching politicians I knew there were some bad bastards among them, but Hey! ... a few rotten apples in the barrel. Well-connected Fat Cats always beat the System for a while - but Right is Might and the law will catch up with them in the end. Right?

Five years ago when you began to expose the Gillard Fraud and money-laundering operation I was sure, absolutely positive that once the People and the Establishment knew there was a criminal at our helm of Government, she and her crooked network of legal and union footsoldiers would end up in gaol and this country could make a fresh start.

The Media and the Dyson RC soon showed me what being naive really means.

Compared to the Clintons, Gillard Rudd and Shorten are schoolyard brats pinching other kids' lunch money.

It's my rapidly firming belief that the Clinton Crime Family's raid on global economies and charities fraud is an outright act of sheer spite against the American Establishment AND the American People.

It's retribution for the Establishment's "persecution" of Bill's "little indiscretions", of him being charged and "defamed" as a perjurer, impeached by the Establishment, ridiculed and disrespected by the People, his place in history forever besmirched .... and for what? Screwing a few bimbo wimmin? C'mon, they were gagging for it.

NOBODY humiliates Hillary Rodham Clinton or her man ... they'll show the world that it isn't dealing with a pair of hicks from Arkansas. They'll take the LOT of you to the cleaners.

And how better to render themselves Teflon-coated than to take down half the world's leaders with them. Take them in on the giggle, open the money spigots and they'll shut up about it, cover their own arses and make sure their own Regulatory Authorities cover-up so as not to "lose face" as corrupt fools.

The Clintons know the political mindset is the same the world over - grease enough palms and cover-up follows - they made the Global Establishment itself an instrument in the Clinton Brand of Organised Crime.

MPS - your capacity for research and completing jigsaw puzzles is jaw-dropping in its intensity and relentless pursuit of criminals, whatever their stripe or nationality.

Your Clinton work matters, because if it doesn't, then neither does anything else.

Michaela Banerji

Remember Gillard arm in arm with Obama as she gave him ownership of Darwin ports? Remember "Arbib: Yank in the Ranks"? Remember Bob Carr, an asset of the CIA. Where have the MSM been hiding? Rudd and Gillard used public funds o advance their personal interests. They show themselves to be corrupt.

Michaela Banerji

Rudd and Gillard used public funds to advance their personal interest. This is evident corruption.


Edward James, the Clinton foundation is finally being named for what it is, another unethical "slush fund". " Robin Hood in Reverse: The Clinton Foundation under Fed Scrutiny". Heading up the investigation is U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for New York’s Southern District, who is known for his aggressive and successful prosecutions. " We’ve long been aware that foundation is a “slush fund” that pays out far more in salaries and expenses to its officers and employees than it does for charitable ends". But the present focus is on the coordination of the foundation and Hillary as Secretary of State to benefit her friends and contributors. Read more:`
I do hope Michael posts more interviews/ podcasts with Charles. During his interview Charles mentions The Boston Globe, this is their latest article
" Politicos spar over ethics surrounding Clinton Foundation ". " The government said Friday it probably won’t release the remainder of the detailed schedules until Dec. 30, weeks after the national election".


Michael I take my hat off to you for uncovering all of this corruption and I'm going to make a donation right now. It is a complete disgrace that you, an unpaid member of the general public, has to undertake this kind of judicial investigation. WTF for do we have expensive MPs who never ask what happened to OUR TAXPAYER MONEY. Where the hell is the paid-for media, ie, ABC 4 Corners???? Just be really careful, Michael, get some insurance, because as you are now fully aware no doubt, anyone who turns the heat of truth up on the Clintons has a habit of getting disappeared for good.

seeker of truth

It seems like the Clintons set out to establish their own brand of global government.

seeker of truth

"Why did Downer sign up with the Clintons?" you ask.

Australia needed an agent to carry out humanitarian work in PNG. Rather than give it directly to PNG, the Howard government thought it was best to work through an agent (a facilitator) to see that the money went to the programs it was intended for. The Clinton Foundation was offering this service in other parts of the world so we signed up, thinking everything was above board. Michael Somare had a low opinion of the Australian government interfering with the running of his country, so using the Clinton Foundation was a strategy at the time to direct how our aid money was to be spent on PNG's escalating HIV/Aids problem.

Excerpts from an SBS Dateline program produced in September 2005 which exposes Somare's feelings toward John Howard and Alexander Downer -

"PNG is a complex place to police and to govern. 30 years of independence hasn't delivered a nirvana but as Somare is keen to point out, it's anything but the lawless basketcase it's often presented as, an image that has kept Australians away in droves. ......

This 30th anniversary will not be one of fond celebrations between Australia and PNG. Somare believes Australia is seeking to take political control again and is prepared to totally destroy his country's reputation to get it.

SIR MICHAEL SOMARE: Well, I think that they've got their own agenda. I mean, the Australian Government's got their agendas. They plug that line "We are threat". My friend, you saw it yourself, it's not a bad place after all. You can come, do your business, leave and go, we will carry on with our job and the law and order question is plugged by Downer and by Australian Government saying that we are trouble makers up in this region.

REPORTER: Have those comments of Mr Downer's and John Howard's created damage for PNG's reputation?

SIR MICHAEL SOMARE: The moment a leader says something in any country, Australia or Papua New Guinea, people take it for granted when Australian PM speaks, and when Australian Foreign Minister speaks, paint an image about Papua New Guinea, everybody believes him. I am very proud of my country and I want to say that, you know, yes, we have problems but we know how to handle our own situation. We don't need to be told how to we run our shows....."

The video clip


THE MSM is indolent, so we can't expect anything from them. The quality of [our] politicians of today in the main leave a lot to be desired.

Edward James

Aleathea I really like the phrase Charles Ortel used in reference to Hillary Clinton 'That dog won't hunt' I think it is wonderful that Michael and Charles are clearly exchanging notes. I am hanging out for them to do some pod casting of their discussions. Were countries like Australia duped or complicit in what has gone on for over a decade? This process of the latest American Election will show the world if the Clintons are powerful enough to use the American Constitution as a door mat. If Clinton is left to run she may well get in. If the courts get stuck in and begin laying charges. Her supporters will have no option but to withdraw her candidacy. If the courts procrastinate like they do in Australia. We will soon find out if the Clintons above the US Constitution? Edward James from the Dolls House

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