Catching up with Ralph Blewitt tomorrow - working on the Clinton Foundation tonight
A brief judicial summary on The Clintons and their global racketeering corrupt organisation

The Clinton Foundation corrupted our polity and people. They stole our money. This is our problem.

In these two videos you'll see men who have personally done all of the detailed work needed to form a view about The Clinton Foundation frauds.

I've been in close and regular contact with Charles Ortel for more than one year now.

We owe you big time Charles.  Through you and your continued relentless focus I've come to understand how our politicians sold out and are today selling out our core values to the Clinton Foundation and what it represents.

Special access to jobs, immunity from prosecutions, access to the heart of the legislature and executive - in short some of the top-tier privileges our civilisation reserves for the worthy were sold by The Clintons to people with enough money.  More often than not the money to access the Clinton Foundation's personal benefits program was taken from taxpayers.

Kevin Rudd did it.

Julia Gillard did it.

Julie Bishop is doing it now.

So with great respect to you - listen up!  You owe it to the rest of us to understand what these people did to us.


Trey Gowdy once again showing the value of doing the reading, understanding the issues and getting into the details - compare and contrast Trey's comments with the Twitter informed "there's no smoking gun and that Foundation did really good work" apologists.


Under Kevin Rudd you and I paid $10M in a donation to the Clinton Foundation - so Bill Clinton could introduce Rudd as 'one of the smartest leaders in the world today'.

Under Julia Gillard you and I paid $14M in a donation to the Clinton Foundation - so Gillard could be set up as the Global Partnership for Education Chair with its flow on benefits.

The Clinton Foundation has corrupted our polity and people.  They stole our money.   This is our problem.