When you feel shut out, and no one will stand beside you, read these stories of a great man's life
Editorial and Interview with Victoria's Chief Commissioner of Police about progress in The AWU Scandal

Veterans Ralph Blewitt and LTCOL Harry Smith SG MC in Vietnam for Long Tan Day


Veterans Mick McQueen, LTCOL Harry Smith SG MC and Ralph Blewitt at Tommy's 3 Bar Vung Tau.


Ralph Blewitt said, "Humbled to be with Harry Smith who's never stopped fighting for his diggers from the battle of Long Tan. Thank you Sir for your enduring efforts on behalf of all of us".

Ralph Blewitt is hale and hearty, he's sharp of mind and fit of body.   It's almost 50 years since his tour of duty in Vietnam and Ralph is ready to fight and win for Australia one more time.

To quote Churchill, The Royal Commission wasn't the end of The AWU Scandal.    We are not even at the beginning of the end. But this is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Ralph's ready to do battle and to fight for what's right.   And his mission is to bring his co-offenders to justice.

Duty First.

Lest We Forget.