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Julie Bishop has potentially given the Clintons a piece of every single $3.8BN PA Australian aid contract

31 months reporting Clinton Foundation/Australia - significant development later today 😡

It's you our readers who sniff out the leads that break real news stories.

It was our readers who first twigged to the Clinton Foundation connections with GILLARD 31 months ago.

Later today we'll bring you a significant and alarming development highlighting the naivety and star-struckedness of our celebrity seeking Ministers of the Crown.

For now here's a little of our Gillard/Clinton Foundation history together.

On 10 February 2014 the Clintons installed Julie Eileen GILLARD (DOB 29 SEPT 1961)  as Chair of the Global Partnership for Education.

On 26 February 2014 GILLARD was installed as Chancellor of Clinton-aligned Ducere Education, a suspect tertiary education intermediary and major Clinton Foundation donor.


Later that year Ducere tipped in nearly $2M to the Clinton Foundation.

You were on to the Clintons and their loyal puppet GILLARD from that point on.

Here's its founder/CEO with the power couple in the year of GILLARD.

The 2014 Clinton Global Initiative, which has just wrapped up for another year in New York City, was a meeting of the minds dedicated to global change including Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio, Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, among many more.

Philanthropist and founder of Ducere, Mathew Jacobson who was in attendance had the exciting task of launching their CGI Commitment to Action; a key part of Ducere’s CGI membership and world first initiative that will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

- See more at: https://www.ducere.edu.au/updates-on-the-2014-clinton-global-initiative-from-duceres-founder-mathew-jacobson/#sthash.xUj3ypza.dpuf

CGI-Shot_crop1-860x1024 Screen-Shot-2014-09-26-at-6.08.11-pm-1024x782

And here he is in New York this week at the Clinton Money Laundering Initiative.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 2.12.05 pm

Back to February 2014 and here's your kick-off at unpicking the Clinton Foundation frauds in Australia.

marg of nambour said in reply to seeker of truth...

Not well-known is the fact that The Australian government is a donor to The Clinton foundation

The Australian government has given between $5 million and $10 million, at least part of which came in 2014. It also gave in 2013, when its donations fell in the same range.


seeker of truth said in reply to marg of nambour...

........Initially the Howard Government donated $25million in 2006 for a four year period to the Clinton Foundation to work in partnership with them to deliver treatment and care for people living with HIV/Aids in PNG, Vietnam and China and other Asian Pacific countries. It was done by way of a Memorandum of Understanding. 


It appears that after the intial 4 year period expired in 2010, the Gillard government renewed the partnership arrangement with the Clinton Foundation and its off-shoot Clinton Health Access Initiative, and committed another $25million from the AusAid budget for its HIV/Aids program. The partnership is due to expire sometime in 2016.


Recently the Clinton Foundation has been caught up in the HSBC secret Swiss bank accounts scandal, with many of its big donors hiding their money away in these HSBC accounts.


marg of nambour said...

There does seem to be close links between Ducere and The Clinton foundation


Bradley Ashworth said...

deliver the most innovative disruption in higher education...

Tell me that disruption is a mistake.....

marg of nambour said...

From the Ducere wikipedia page, it does seems the Foundation does much good work in educating young Africans. But always there is that underlying "progressive", leftist agenda.
Ducere is setting up many "Peace Centres" whereby 
"Students learn about local and global issues, including: human rights, gender equality, persecution of children, child trafficking and slavery, racism and animal rights"

kurt said...

They can have Gillard because they are so desperate to. The good news is that she's no longer the prime minister, & she's out of our lives. 

kurt said...

Organizations can give Ms Gillard high positions. But she's forever a crook. Enough said. 

Liz opf Vic said...


Only another left-thinking think-tank, with the end result going to kids in Africa, yeah sure.

Seeker of truth has the names add Gillard and we have the best of the left.

The more I hear of this, add the farce with Slipper, what a country we live in.

I feel ill.

Up The Workers! said...

If this character is scrounging for cash, the members of the H.S.U. (the lowest-paid unionists in Australia) are ALWAYS good for the odd $20 million or so - and you don't even need to pay it back.

Just ask Mike Williamson, or Bull Shitten or Ged Kearney, the well-known "working man's friends".

Lucy Blundell said...

"Auspicing" is possibly in play here. It's where a non accredited organisation (possibly due to the compliance costs of accredition being too high to become fully accredited) is able to deliver course work which is ultimately assessed by a fully accredited organisation whom they are in a partnership with. That's why there are Logos on the bottom of the home page including various TAFEs but honestly having the Uni of Mauritius as an accredited body is a bit of a worry.


underminder said...
ducereyoudidn't said...

Ducere make 9k per diploma sold, that's taking out the government loan fee for the VET FEE Loan scheme, which is what most students use (Paid back in tax after earning 53K annually). A dual diploma is worth 15k, crazy stuff considering they are selling online education. Which most students don't complete and have a debt hanging over their heads. Considering that the certificate itself is worth about $50 thats a pretty impressive turn over for he company.
They work with partnering tafes to "educate" the students (send their modules to their ducere account). The company is ridiculous, they have no structure, they are quite happy to sign up old invalids if they can get a sale.
Asaf Katz the Director has already ran 2 businesses into the ground, he's off to another good start with this one. 
Its all okay though when your family is one of the wealthiest in the country and money fixes everything. 
Ducere doesn't care about education, they care about revenue. The "faculty" are successful people, but really have no point as they feature for 5 minutes a video and they don't provide any substance, just rich people talking about being rich. 

This company is what happens when your parents give you too much money.

The Project said in reply to ducereyoudidn't...


Can you please make contact with us at [email protected]


The Project team (CHANNEL TEN)

Nicholas said...

I've been working for Ducere as an enrolment advisor for a while now and rven enrolled myself to test the waters. The course features practical work which uses video case studies relevant to the practical subject. The faculty of world leaders strengthen ones professional profile as they can reference their teachers on CV covering letters and confidently provide real relevant skills, or even use it as a pathway into other University courses.

I did this back in SAIBT, using a Diploma to lead into second year Uni, though I had to sacrifice full tine work and it cost me around 18k for a single diploma. This course is a great opportunity for those wwho wish to perpetuate their career but don't have the time, are too far, or wish to take things at their own pace. Its a pity how many of the students I enrolled chose to withdraw because of either thenegative skepticism brought by shonky RTO's or genuine lack of willpower to motivate themselves.

Because of this, Ducere has now allocated assistant teachers to help keep students on track and interested. Australia currently has one of the highest youth unemployments rates in a long time with some places averaging +20%. One thing I particularly like about Ducere is that they provide degrees which open opportunities for small business grants, and that's very important in creating more employment opportunities to help Australia grow.

Duceredidntpay said...

I wonder how good and true they can be if they don't pay their staff and manipulate contracts on enrollment advisors. 

i mahmood said...

A great regret , i lost my 10k fee help. ill have to pay back. 5 min video of a person wont make u a leader. 

The Project said in reply to i mahmood...

i mahmood,

Can you please make contact with us at [email protected]


The Project team.

imahmood said in reply to The Project...

Hi Guys,

Sorry, I checked lately. Guys are you still working on this.

crazy horse said...

i have studied for the Ducere MBA. Do yourself a favor: keep your money.

Martin said...

Ducker is something to be suspicious about. Nothing really makes sense here. How can it be "disrupting" the education industry but partner with University of Canberra? 

And to me their "MBAs" sound more like an entrepreneurial course. Which is an entirely different proposition. They seem to charge the same as all the universities. Why would anyone have a Ducere "MBA" (which is barely a real degree), when they can get an MBA at a more established and reputable institution. The CEO, all their staff and the Director of MBA are not academics. Not of them have postgraduate degrees except for in Ducere MBA itself. That seems strange, for a institution thats wanting to offer MBAs. They are just another shifty company offering and "MBA" course that has no weight. It's difficult to know what the CEO/Founder's background is. If all he is an entrepreneur, then thats also a little weird. He seems to be all about the money. 

And this "charity" called Ducere Foundation. I looked into that and seems like a tax evasion thing to me. Probably because Ducere is not a registered university, they can't be tax deductible, so they have set up a not for profit to get tax deductibility. Nothing genuine there. 

Truth_Will_Out said...


A couple of months later and this Twitter message triggered this, the first of our named reports on the Clinton Foundation.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12.57.23 pm


ted hartford said...

Wow, what good work the foundation is doing. What is the Sarah Pallin Foundation doing?

underminder said in reply to ted hartford...

Not receiving millions from the Russians.


Good work indeed.

ted hartford said in reply to underminder...

And what the problem with that?

seeker of truth said in reply to ted hartford...

Why the misreporting in the tax returns when the Clinton Foundation can afford the best auditors money can buy -

as per Underminders link http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-32441222

"Meanwhile Reuters is reporting that the Clinton Foundation will refile "at least five" of its past tax returns to correct errors involving unreported or over-reported of millions of dollars donations from governments."

Streetcred said in reply to ted hartford...

Yeah, really? Looks more and more like cash for favours and influence - you're pretty ill informed to hold such an opinion, Sarah Palin is not into corruption: The Clinton Foundation Received Millions from Investors as Putin Took Over 20% of US Uranium Deposits
Clintons’ Speech Income Shows How Their Wealth Is Intertwined with Charity
As Scrutiny Heats Up, Clinton Foundation Will Refile at Least Five Years of Tax Returns
NYT: Clintons Failed to Disclose $2.35M Donation from Russian-Owned Uranium Corp

This stuff is everywhere in the USA ... she's a dead pig in a barrel.

Anna said in reply to Streetcred...

"... she's a dead pig in a barrel."

Hope you're right, for America's sake. 

ted hartford said in reply to Streetcred...

Only on hateful right wing politically biased media, similar to this site.

Mon said...

And now Rudd has some fantastic job in New York.. Looks like the taxpayer of Australia bought him that job. What a hide of being.

Anna said in reply to Mon...

The taxpayer also bought Comrade Gillard's appointment as Chair of the Global Partnership for Education Fund, ie the $300 million she 'donated' in 2012/2013 fin yr, plus $100 million she committed in Labor's budget for 2013/2014 fin yr, in the months before she was ousted by the KRudd in 2013. 


Liz of Vic said...


No wonder that Hillary believes she will be President again!

She brings a fantastic dowry to The White House.

I believe she stole most of the furniture last time she left there.

Well we knew the people from the left are not likely to commit fraud, perhaps they are more in direct money-theft.

I wonder what Mr Heydon would call this, probably charity.

Really we now see what RGR got away with, no wonder she was so thick with Hillary, she had bought her and paid for her!

But seriously, who are these people? And then we wonder what they did with the money, won't be long Michael and you can tell us exactly.