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A useful treatise on why we no longer need political parties from the numerate C Ortel

Remember Hillary Clinton's woeful lament "why am I not 50 points ahead?"

I was quite taken with Charles Ortel's answer.



There are only 100 points, so there is a limited set of potential outcomes wherein Clinton could be 50 points up, with other candidates in the running.

To be 50 ahead of Trump, other would range from 50.0 down to 10.0, and Trump would be zero up to 20.0. Even rigged polls have Trump well above 20 forever.
One reason is that she never fully answers serious outstanding questions.
Another is that she is a standard bearer for the tarnished establishment in both parties.
The only sector of the global economy that has noty yet been disrupted is government---ask Bezos and Sears what happens to tired, stubborn business models.
Americans (and others) do not need political parties, so long as we retain free, unfettered (and unfiltered) access to hard facts through the internet.
We also do not get our news from places that are reliant upon the dwindling share of revenues coming from general purpose, untargeted ads.
We, in the private sector, are under siege from machine labor/technological afvances undercutting the need for human labor.
We have way too much debt and refuse to understand how dangerously high debt levels are in the underlying "guarantors" of the status quo (Central Banks).
It is a trivial matter to game any system, a fact that Thomas Jefferson observed in his famous (and only book):
"With money we will get men, and with men, money".
How many people control the media cycle?
How many people control academia?
How many people control lending, and investing?
Game them, and you game the system.
Until markets correct.
Ask the Fuggers and the Hapsburgs about that.
P.S. The right and the left will agree that "It takes a pillage" practices of the Clinton "charities" are not deplorable, they are despicable.
And states, federal authorities, and foreign governments are in various stages of investigating.

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