PNG PM rec'd $750K bribe at the time of the Clinton Foundation backed hospital proposal
From Ralph Blewitt's Facebook - he's en route to Melbourne for a meeting with Victoria Police Fraud Squad detectives

ABC News is looking for people with unflattering nude shots and a story to tell.

I reckon I attended about 100 domestics when I was a copper.

It was a radio call that always made me nervous.

Nerves are the last thing you need driving a panel van fast around city traffic or juggling the Melways directory of tiny Collingwood streets while your mate yells "which way" at every corner.

We tried to get to those calls as quickly as we safely could because experience teaches police that horrible violent things happen at homes when people start going at each other hard enough for the police to get a call.

Mid-afternoon on a sunny weekday the divvy van a policewoman and I were crewing was called to "just a domestic" at an inner city address.

We arrived at an unspeakable scene where a young bloke had smashed his mum's head with a hammer.

No police I worked with treated domestic violence as if it was a joke.

That's why this bloke turns my stomach.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 5.00.50 am

I don't need a lecture from a weirdo man teetering around in high heels as if it's the greatest "look at me" lark of all time.

Fighting fair dinkum violence is something that can do without every fame-seeking two-bob trendoid with a claim to being up with the savvy issues of the day and a Twitter handle to push.

Last year it was Julie Bishop's staff making fun and games out of hurt and pain.

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During the election campaign this year I waited and waited for Senator Michaelia Cash to start hooking into the thugs of the trade union movement.

That's her job and she didn't do it.

Each day closer to the election with no action on bringing the unions to heel made me crankier with her.

So by the time 2 July was on us I was ropable at her inaction.  She just let all that union corruption, the standover tactics, blackmail and thuggery straight through to the keeper.

Stuff the blokes like Bob Kernohan bashed and put into hospital because of the sicko violent culture.  Other blokes I know from the CFMEU live in fear over making statements to the authorities about what they know of their colleagues crimes.

When Penny Wong started going on about women getting bullied at work - and no one said a thing about what CFMEU official had done towards women Fair Work Inspectors at the Barangaroo site in Sydney I'd had about enough of the lot of them.

Then Michaelia Cash let it be known that she had an announcement to make.

28 June, 4 days till the election and we get announcement with spending attached to it.

$10M of new spending coming right up.   What was the pressing matter she was responding to?

Revenge porn.  A heinous crime that outranked the volumes in old judge Heydon's chronicles of crookedness.  That'd just have to sit on the shelf and wait because of the scale of the revenge being taken by people who've kept poorly lit photos and are prepared to use them.


The idea of it happening is awful.   I'd be embarrassed if photos of fat me nude started circulating and I'd hate it.  And then I'd get over it.  And no one would get hit in the head with a hammer because of it.

So today the bile started rising again because the ABC has jumped on the band wagon.  A band wagon that's apparently bereft of passengers.

The wave of revenge porn sufferers is so elusive that in order for the ABC to report on the tsunami of tacky photos of pasty unseemly scenes, their reporters have resorted to touting for victims.


"VKC to Collingwood 303.  If I could just get you to invoke the Emergency Vehicle Provisions please and proceed at the fastest rate of speed your dodgy suspension Ford Panel Van can manage to the following address in Fitzroy when you're ready to write. The complainant is a young Jessica G.  Her ex has shared an intimate photo from their past."

Using a carriage service like the internet or a mobile phone network to harass or intimidate is already an offence.

Give us a break from the trendy issue jumpers please.

Real violence is shocking and frightening.  When you confront it at work in your early 20s, you'll be a different person in your 50s from what you might otherwise have developed into.

If you experience it yourself you'll never be the same again.

Don't let us breed a generation that dilutes the damage of real violence by laughing at jaded old queens in high heels or people pissed off because their nude shots didn't do them justice.