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This interview proves it. Smart People like Hillary. If she was bad, someone would tell us, right?

Craig Thomson, Migration Agent, will pay $$$$ for fake employers in confidence NQA

We wrote about Craig Thomson's new job with the Wickerman Group in May last year.

The Wickerman Group Pty Ltd is a $1 Pty Ltd Coy whose secretary and sole director is 2GB's most successful former romance and divorce consultant Zoe Arnold.  

After a time, or a few times, Zoe left 2GB and went to work for Reba Meagher and John Della Bosca and Tony Sheldon and, well the Labor Party and stuff.

And Zoe met Craig around the time another gentleman actually repaid the union for those times that......it wasn't Craig's signature for a start.

And Zoe and Craig got the Bateau Bay house and the first home buyers bonuses that everyone is entitled to on their first and possibly second, third/maybe fourth homes.

And Craig got $400,000 out of Labor and free trips on holidays and stuff.

Then! When the right wing conspiracy resulted in a fraudulent conviction for Craig on stuff he never done, Zeo set up this:

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 6.26.22 am Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 6.26.31 am

Now, you won't believe this...actually yes you will.  More low rent unlawful crap from Craig ripping off taxpayers.

Disgraced former federal MP Craig Thomson running migrant placement scheme 

Deborah Snow 
  • Deborah Snow

Disgraced former federal MP Craig Thomson is running a migrant worker placement business from his home base on the NSW central coast, offering incentives which appear to exploit loopholes in laws designed to crack down on the abuse of visa schemes in regional Australia.

Mr Thomson - who last year said he was too broke to repay his former union hundreds of thousands of dollars he owes it for credit card abuse - is offering cafes and restaurants near his home several thousand dollars to take workers on temporary 457 visas or via the more permanent Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Craig Thomson at court in 2014. The former MP was convicted of theft from the Health Services Union but escaped a jail term.
Craig Thomson at court in 2014. The former MP was convicted of theft from the Health Services Union but escaped a jail term. Photo: Paul Jeffers

Mr Thomson refused to tell Fairfax Media where he was getting the money to pay employers. But his business appears to be operating in a "grey zone" , according to some experts, because of recent bans on the payment of inducements in relation to migrant worker sponsorship.

The RSMS is designed to help regional employers hire migrant labour for specialised jobs when they can't find qualified employees locally. When a business has successfully a sponsored a migrant under the scheme, that worker can apply for a class 187 visa, valuable because it offers permanent residency with the ability to bring in family members. It is thus more highly sought after than 457 temporary worker visas.

ENDS  - more behind paywall at Fairfax.

Here is a link to Craig's website.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 6.19.15 am


Click on any of the links and it takes you back to the place you started.

Which is quite apt for the Thomsons.



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Greedy Kevin & Thérèse Reins

With Kevin Rudd's wife Thérèse Rein, the Krudd's milked $millions of dollars out of their "migrant worker placement business" funded by taxpayers.

The "innovative" PM Malcolm Turnbull calls these employment scams an "ideas boom". Realistically our youth unemployment is about 20% and we have shysters like Craig Thomson milking their misery, subsidised by taxpayers!

Its about time that the reliable, honest Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) was reopened and these worker placement and so called 'training', scams be shut down.

Thérèse Rein

Edward James

How appropriate Zoe and mates chose an effigy of the real thing, to flag their activity. Good ole JDB Woy Woy Bay resident still working hard behind the scene with his wife, failed Federal politician. Was at one time being groomed as a future NSW Labor Premier. Paid rates to an identified as corrupt council! Edward James from my Dolls House

Tony Johnson

With lack of employment an issue here on the Central Coast, I'll bet the newly elected Labor member for Dobell will be silent on this Thompson scam.

seeker of truth

Seems that Craig (or perhaps Zoe) is running foul of the law yet again. Under its logo "The Wickerman Group", it refers to 'Migration'.

Under the Migration Act 1958, anyone who uses, or purports to use, knowledge of, or experience in migration procedures to provide advice or assistance must be a registered as a migration agent, unless exempt under the Act.

Registration is governed by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, with requirements including:

Being at least 18 years of age
Being of “good character”
Being an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen with a special category visa and​
Hold a current Australian legal practicing certificate or a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice.


A migration agent can charge between $2500 and $5500 for providing permanent visa services in the category of Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme


Liz of Vic


Well, I must say, I am not in the least surprised.

Last year when you reported he was in China, that did surprise me, as I did not think he should have had a passport with his
criminal past.

Of course to-date no judge has put him behind bars with this past, this case again was mis-managed, this was not a surprise of course.

It just shows, it is not what you know, but who you know, I do not believe that this Craig Thomson will ever want for anything at all, as he knows certain things, which certain other people would not like to be put before the public.

These certain other people will always make sure, that he does not talk, therefore that grub will always be able to use the perks, that we pay for.

Of course we had all hoped that Julie Bishop was going to continue her attack on the at that time Prime Minister in the next Parliament, when the Opposition had become the Government at that time with a large majority.

We, the people (suckers who pay for that scum) had at least expected that the grub Craig Thomson would have been made to apologise to us for the lies he told publicly in Parliament and at the same time abused a few people.

Ms Bishop who had managed to grab the Minister for Foreign Affairs, a plum job in government, must have received our correspondence with requests for this behaviour of Thomson in the previous government to be investigated, she ignored our requests and grub Thomson got away again with his lies in Parliament, it was looked at, however it was found to be of no consequence.

Again we should have known, they cover for each other, it does not matter which party one belongs to in cases like this, it is the most important thing to never admit having done any wrong!

See: TURC Royal Commission, they have a few victims, but not the ones who matter.

Sorry to have used so many words on this piece of shit, who really does not deserve any of my time, perhaps Julie of Geelong was in the back of my mind, as it proves again how it all fits
together all over the world and we must continue to fight the continuing fraud, we have to for our own sakes.

Liz of Vic


That is interesting, no surprise though that he is on the wrong side of the law, what is new?

He should have called the business The Wicked Man Group!


I was under the impression that Craig was sentenced to a term of imprisonment. What happened to that sentence. Do ALP members have an exemption to going to jail if they are convicted?

I remember when that alleged traitor Dastari paid for Craig's $300,000 costs for his failed Court case against The Sydney Morning Herald. Did the Chinese also pay for these costs? It would seem that Dastari, the Labor Party and corrupt Chinese kick-backs go back a long way! Abbott, when Prime Minister, put the squeeze on Little Billy Short-change to pay those costs. Billy could not very well expose the whole corrupt ALP by paying the money back to the Chinese.

Tony H

And this will be an ethically and legally run venture?


Don't hold your breath waiting.

Remember the new member for Dobell campaigned on a platform to Save Wyong Hospital.

Save it from what, I asked a Labor booth worker. Are you trying to save it from the $200 million upgrade alreaady planned and scheduled to begin in the life of the current state parliament. Ever seen a grown person do an impression of a stunned mullet?

Then there's Thomson himself. As a former federal member, he should be well aware that youth unemployment runs at up to 30%. While there are many cafes and other hospitality operations on the Central Coast, there is no TAFE hospitality training at local colleges.

So Thomson is bringing in unskilled workers on 457 visas—which were supposed to be for skilled people when employers could not hire the appropriate skills locally—and taking what jobs there are.

In doind so, he is taking jobs from his former constituents.

Way to go Craig! :-( :-p

Doubtful John

Wickerman. Apt. The Wicker Man. Not a bad movie. I'm picturing Craig playing lead in the remake. Particularly the end, where he burned alive.


Does this Craig Thomson has no shame?. Obviously he hasn't. Thomson is a complete grub of what he does. He's a convicted criminal who deserved to go to jail, instead of bloody running a worker placement business. Thomson being broke financially?. I say, what a bloody lie!!.

Edward James

That would be Emma McBride. Her father from Jillby was a fellow traveler with John Della Bosca. her campaign certainly benefited from the illegal placement of her promotional core flutes around Wyong. I am always surprised that people seeking the trust of constituents would let their campaign be conducted outside the law. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

'Wyong' bloody hospital should be called Kanwal! I discovered when fighting to help the Woy Woy Public Hospital Alliance get our stolen rehabilitation amenities returned to their wing at Woy Woy Hospital. Is twenty bucks by taxi away from Wyong rail station, at Kanwal. Incidentally the Woy Woy Public Hospital Alliance won a five year battle with governments both State and Federal being forced to replace our stolen amenity with a brand new 30 bed wing. there is a bronze plaque to the memory of Mr Brian Neville the public face of our fight to be found in the garden near the door to the new wing. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

Is Craig Thomson still a Labor Party member ? he has all the needed experience.


The Wickedman Group comes to mind.


Actually, Edward, Wyong Hospital is in Hamlyn Terrace. Kanwal is the other side of the highway.

But please, what's that got to do with highlighting lies told by Labor in Dobell—aided and abetted by GrowUp.


Let's not be too hard on young Craig.

After all, he did prove that there was one member of the KRudd/Gillard ineptocracy that could organise a r¢¢t in a brothel.

Michelle Two

Always a part of the Crony group to help bring in the agenda, getting sprung means naught as the riches lies in being a part of the darkforce or movement.. All companies and advocate groups pop up all the time when these guys get sprung the philanthropist groups will keep the money flowing as long as the advocacy is there.. Sounds like this Wickergroup would work a lot with unions in getting workers where they need to be in rural areas.. Around here we get a lot of Chinese who are nice people and are hard workers and gamblers to go with it.. One year we had a multicultural population with a lot of backpackers as well as Indians and other nationalities but last year I recall at picking season there were not as many around.. New rules have been brought in as well this year I think with the backpacker tax or something I am not real up to speed on this only noticed the headlines around..

Tony Johnson

Maybe Thompson can have Dasyari as Finace Manager for this new business venture.


Could be he already is!


Words " on the Gravy train" come to mind.


Would he be using his contacts in the escort industry.

Edward James

You are absolutely correct Geoff Wyong Hospital is across the Pacific Highway from Kanwal in Hamlyn Terrace .
Twenty dollars by taxi from Wyong rail station.But in case you have mistaken me for a partisan supporter of Labor. I will point out I have spent money exposing all sorts of shonks and cheats in local Central coast papers. Labor and Liberal party members have no monopoly on dodgy campaigning. If you wish to highlight the cry to Save Wyong Hospital during the campaign of Emma McBride for the seat of Dobell go for it Geoff. But when people on the Woy Woy peninsula were forced to fight both Liberal and Labor parties for years. To get our stolen medical amenity returned to Woy Woy Hospital it didn't help to be told 'givernment' would put on a free buss to take family members to visit patients in the replacement rehabilitative amenity at Wyong Hospital when that hospital is not at Wyong, but further on up the Pacific Highway. The name of the hospital is still misleading its not at Wyong. Edward James from my Dolls House

Political speedbump

True to form EJ , that the corrupt Australian Government ,from all sides ,always allows and ensures that loopholes exist so that any "fallen" mates always have a life line to a taxpayer funded gravy train when times are tough !.

I can't believe that his idiot wife Zoe stayed with him after all the crap he put her through , not to mention playing cashed up pantsman up and don the coaston everyone else's dime .

But then again ,maybe she likes the gravy train herself , and is happy to sell her self respect to stay on it too,and put up with the lying filthy grub .

Anyone ever seen a financialy strapped "former" politicion around anywhere.....

Edward James

Even the exposed dregs of politics Craig Thomson are still looked after. With the two parties not much preferred thumbing their noses at taxpayers. Edward James from my Dolls House

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