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Craig Thomson, Migration Agent, will pay $$$$ for fake employers in confidence NQA

We wrote about Craig Thomson's new job with the Wickerman Group in May last year.

The Wickerman Group Pty Ltd is a $1 Pty Ltd Coy whose secretary and sole director is 2GB's most successful former romance and divorce consultant Zoe Arnold.  

After a time, or a few times, Zoe left 2GB and went to work for Reba Meagher and John Della Bosca and Tony Sheldon and, well the Labor Party and stuff.

And Zoe met Craig around the time another gentleman actually repaid the union for those times that......it wasn't Craig's signature for a start.

And Zoe and Craig got the Bateau Bay house and the first home buyers bonuses that everyone is entitled to on their first and possibly second, third/maybe fourth homes.

And Craig got $400,000 out of Labor and free trips on holidays and stuff.

Then! When the right wing conspiracy resulted in a fraudulent conviction for Craig on stuff he never done, Zeo set up this:

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Now, you won't believe this...actually yes you will.  More low rent unlawful crap from Craig ripping off taxpayers.

Disgraced former federal MP Craig Thomson running migrant placement scheme 

Deborah Snow 
  • Deborah Snow

Disgraced former federal MP Craig Thomson is running a migrant worker placement business from his home base on the NSW central coast, offering incentives which appear to exploit loopholes in laws designed to crack down on the abuse of visa schemes in regional Australia.

Mr Thomson - who last year said he was too broke to repay his former union hundreds of thousands of dollars he owes it for credit card abuse - is offering cafes and restaurants near his home several thousand dollars to take workers on temporary 457 visas or via the more permanent Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Craig Thomson at court in 2014. The former MP was convicted of theft from the Health Services Union but escaped a jail term.
Craig Thomson at court in 2014. The former MP was convicted of theft from the Health Services Union but escaped a jail term. Photo: Paul Jeffers

Mr Thomson refused to tell Fairfax Media where he was getting the money to pay employers. But his business appears to be operating in a "grey zone" , according to some experts, because of recent bans on the payment of inducements in relation to migrant worker sponsorship.

The RSMS is designed to help regional employers hire migrant labour for specialised jobs when they can't find qualified employees locally. When a business has successfully a sponsored a migrant under the scheme, that worker can apply for a class 187 visa, valuable because it offers permanent residency with the ability to bring in family members. It is thus more highly sought after than 457 temporary worker visas.

ENDS  - more behind paywall at Fairfax.

Here is a link to Craig's website.

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