Extradition Treaty between Australia and Malaysia
Good advice from Cory Bernardi


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some one should make watching this compulsory at the ABC .
( not that they would actually see themselves as they really are )


The second tribe gave me cancer.

Michelle Two

I'd say Bill Thomson knows that feeling he experienced and experimented that himself in Australia and is still looking for the results from being bullied by the Green camp.. or he was in the last update you gave..

The left are an angry mob it is shown time and time again this is the energy they create when shown the truth or with an opposing opinion then their indoctrinated point of view that they are superior and more moral and compassionate then you at least in their own biases of such a belief that they know better so they need to control you they think calling you names does it, idiots don't know that is the fear that is controlling them not you, as those who love and enjoy freedom will always have it as it comes from inside of who you are be being tolerant of all points of views and learning from them over how others feel and understanding them..


Leftists demand 'free speech' with the proviso that you agree with them,,,this is what makes leftists so dangerous, their blatant hypocrisy is very evil stuff.

Maggie G

Good one Michael. Perfect example of what the left REALLY think about free speech.


Thats why our brainwashed school children are so ratshit today, because of evil green labor liberal teachers that have impregnated the school system, pushed along by the terrible, amoral NSW Teachers Federation, a pack of left wing lunatics permanently damaging our children.


Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA (RSB Cameras) 9/24/16

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Roanoke, VA (RSB Cameras) 9/24/16

Crazy Hillary Goes Off The Rails And Shouts During Labor Union Speech (REACTION)

Michelle Two

On Friday I was looking at Tony Abbott and the UN he was feeling the pressure of the powers that be that are a part of this movement and he would of slowly moved us away from it which is why he had to be dumped as Prime Minister in 2015.. I recall this statement "That Australians are sick of being lectured by the UN" this was in relation to his shutting down of our borders in his tenure.. but can you imagine of how much pressure he must of been in on the global stage to stay with the plan and all the frameworks and conventions we are signed up to and they were done by previous governments that he was also a part of but they sort of had a break on it when Turnbull was voted out last time, but there must of been a big push within the party in the 1990's as Turnbull and others had investments in the game and it was in that period of the 80's and 90's when the UN started to change and morph into what it is today a dictatorship of all nations that our leaders are taking us down shit creek and letting the takeover and our sovereignty slide in the need to fit in with the globalist elite of the world that supply them with riches and selfies with those from the star studded screen and the media circus that is controlling in it self over who they have as a leader, god knows we seen the attack of Abbott in his time and the role the media played and still does in politics..
Australians are "sick of being lectured to by the United Nations", Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said after a report found Australia's treatment of asylum seekers breaches an international anti-torture convention.

Curtis Strong

Eradicate terrible islam, thereligionofpeace.com and the world will be happy, prosperous and living in peace. Islam fits JESUS's description of Antichrist!!!


... I said, "Do you speak-a my language?" He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich. ;)

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

Donald Trump Needs to ATTACK Hillary Clinton at 1st Debate! Judge Jeanine Opening Statement 9/24/16

Hillary is a Pathetic, Lying, Hypocritical Racist! Judge Jeanine Opening statement 9/17/16

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

If Trumps Wins, Hillary and Bill Clinton Go To Jail!

CONGRESS Makes FBI ADMIT That They Covered Up Hillary Clinton's LIES

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

HILLARY TO JAIL - FBI Director James Comey Confronted & Grilled Over Hillary Email Scandal

Liz of Vic


I thought The Left did not like free speech at all!

seeker of truth

The LGBTI movement in Australia has this attitude - you dare not voice your support for a plebiscite else you are called a homophobe. They are so confrontational and they get all the press - makes me so angry. This was discussed on George & Paul on 2UE this morning. LGBTI movement's militant approach and outspokenness only turns people against them.


British Labour finding out the hard way post-Brexit what happens
when such elitism and thuggish feral approach does to their
voting base- they DESERT them.

The media and political elite shield themselves from consequences
of their worldly luvvie approach and from the 'hoi polloi' and
people STRAIGHT through it.


ps. Re: last post was referring to one of many reports such
as this Bolt has put up:

We've seen similar in an Essential Media poll (published in Fairfax)
that showed tide turning against free-fall-all and un-vetted
immigration and this 'no borders' rubbish.

Not on the Left


It highlights a great many lefties as the hypocrites and the absolutely intolerant haters of those with a different opinion that they are!

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

And someone really believes this guy didn't get similar bad reactions at the RNC and the DNC, and someone really thinks the video has not been selectively edited?

Pull the other one. We have video of Mr Trump encouraging those at his rallies to attack protesters. I suppose Mr Trump's fans don't listen to him?

["We" hey! Starting to act a bit like royalty.]


Perhaps that why the Gillard creature is so passionate about education. You know. Young impressionable minds etc and she is also passionate about philanthropy but only with other people's money of course


I guess the reaction would be the same if someone wore a "F**k Julia Gillard" t-shirt rather than a "F**k Tony Abbott" t-shirt.

Wayne shaft

The Don invites Gennifer Flowers to the candidates debate !' Crooked Hillary just got TRUMPED !!😛😛😛😛😛😛



Rock Star Juliar Gizzard, see


Rihanna commits to the Julia Gillard chaired Global Partnership for Education

RIHANNA is now the unlikely fan of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and they shared a stage in New York to announce they have a common goal.
What next?

seeker of truth

On the subject of free speech, from the Pickering Post -

Michael Smith got the sack from 2GB because he called Mohammed a paedophile for marrying 9 year-old Alysha. Today in the Sunday Telegraph, Peta Credlin wrote about the child brides in Australia and the lack of interest by the MSM. Here’s what she had to say about child marriage -

“From the outset, let’s be brutally clear. Child marriage isn’t marriage. The word “marriage” is used to dress it up with some sort of legitimacy and consent when it is nothing more than cultural rape, and, in some cases, cultural paedophilia.

I know that’s strong language but there are no other phrases that adequately capture the marriage of a 10-year-old girl to a 40 year-plus-year-old man. …”

“These marriages are wrong both in moral and legal terms. They occur in many poor countries throughout the world but they have been transported to this country by way of religion, principally Islam and in some cases Hinduism. Most cases in NSW related to young Muslim girls….”

Michael Smith got the sack for saying more or less the same thing. Muslims who marry child brides can be considered as paedophiles; Mohammed married a child bride therefore it stands to reason that into today’s world Mohammed could be viewed as a paedophile. Michael was voicing that view. Credlin is voicing that view but not naming Mohammed but all Muslim men who marry child brides. What’s the difference?

Are the Muslim leaders and members of the Muslim community going to inundate the Australian Press Council with complaints about Credlin’s article and asking for her sacking? I would think not, yet 2GB showed their yellow streak and sacked Smith, without considering the context in which the comments were made. It was about that fundamentalist Muslim organization Hizb ut-Tahrir that is permitted to preach in Australia; preach its interpretation of the Quaran which includes honour killings and child marriages

Go you good thing Peta Credlin and go you good thing Michael Smith for telling it like it is and was.


That's what the poisonous left truly are. A perfect example of that is looking at Mike Carlton's twitter feed. He is unbelivably abusive at anyone who disagrees or questions him. Carlton responds with foul language like the Clinton supporters on the video. The leftists have a real hatred in their personalities.

Tony H

"Ever get the feeling"? I have it 24/7, have done for years. The left think they occupy the moral high ground on every issue, when it is they that are devoid of any morality. They think their voice is the only one that should be heard. Hence the ABC disgrace. Totally over all of it.

seeker of truth

Found this site that published Bill and Hillary's tax return from 2000 onwards


I checked out an early return for Bill. It showed him earning an income of over $10 million from the Harry Walker Agency, Inc. That is the agency that employed him and Hillary for speaking engagements. I would think that the Agency would take a juicy cut out of the speaking fee and pass the rest onto Bill/Hillary. It appears that Clinton then donated money to his Foundation.


2014 tax return with Harry Walker income


A charitable donation by the Clintons to the Clinton Foundation would reduce his/her income tax. The Clinton Foundation was paying travel expenses and accommodation to attend the functions where the speeches were delivered. A good rort if you can get it.

Hillary must have given Gillard the good oil about the Harry Walker Agency Inc as she signed with them as soon as she retired as a politician.


Here's s site that raises questions about the speaking fees for the Clintons


seeker of truth

As a follow up to the Clintons' income tax returns I posted earlier, their use of two shell companies mentioned in their returns are of interest. These companies were incorporated in the US State of Delaware, considered an internal tax haven in the US. The companies are WJC, LLC set up by Bill Clinton in 2008 to pass through his consulting fees, and the other being ZFS Holdings, LLC set up by Hillary Clinton in 2013 to pass through her book fees.

"The Clinton Foundation also has three shell companies in Delaware, according to its amended financial disclosures released last year.

One is the Acceso Fund, LLC, which was registered by the Corporation Trust Company at 1209 North Orange Street in 2009. The Clinton Foundation has used the company to channel money to its Colombia-based private equity fund, Fondo Acceso.

The private equity fund, which is run out of the Clinton Foundation’s Bogota office, has invested in telecom and food processing companies in Colombia.

Another Clinton Foundation company, Acceso Worldwide Fund, Inc., was registered in 2013 by the Corporation Services Company, located in Wilmington, Delaware.

A third company, the Haiti Development Fund, LLC, was registered in 2010 by National Corporate Research, Ltd, located in Dover.

In Delaware, limited liability companies such as WJC, LLC, and ZFS, LLC, are not required to file annual statements disclosing their directors or owners."

These companies are set up as tax avoidance mechanisms.

Obviously, the Clinton Foundation had a need to set up these Delaware companies as the income generated from the businesses it operated had a tax liability; they needed a company to pass it through. A public foundation having income from its own businesses which incur a tax liability and the need for a shell company doesn't sit right.


Maggie G

I'm impressed with your tenacity. Keep up the good work.

Michelle two

That is actually how fear energy works as this group is trying to control an outcome to their liking they use lies and name calling to bring fear to those with no view or opposing view so the fear energy stays where it is around them so what they think they are controlling has the opposite affect as it works against them especially in the new energy their fears then become their reality and they will realise like all little kids that throwing tantrums gets you no where. Freedom and truth are now in control in this energy and fear energy will always rise in order that it is on its way out as it is old energy survival of the fittest mentality. Souls are waking up so they love freedom and will not be controlled by fear from these minority groups as they have no authority over other souls.


can't stump the trump

Michelle Two

They are taking control of all energy resources it stands to reason they would be connected or started such companies with that in mind... the corporate mates are connected to all this with investments which is why they get money laundered through the Clinton Foundation .. They create the demand through policies in each country meanwhile stripping and taking control of the minerals..
They are focused on environmental issues in order to control things on the ground the advocates help steer the way as well as drum up the social divide in each nation..
To ruin a nation you need to create civil war they know this in order to take it over or create genocide as the population needs to be under the control of these monsters.. they use all means..
HIV/AIDS policies are a cover for a bigger operation..

Edward James

Some of us have moved on from the old 'free speech' to the more encompassing freedom of expression / freedom of political communication. It won't be long and our inalienable freedoms will be used by giverments and the courts to tie us all in twister knots. And it wont be that much fun! Edward James from my Dolls House

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