"Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Can you find answers for Hillary?
Craig Thomson, Migration Agent, will pay $$$$ for fake employers in confidence NQA


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In the name of God. What a sick joke.


Liz of Vic


Lock this one up as well!

Edward James

i haven't listened to all of it yet but seriously. Why Michael would you give such a 'clown' oxygen? I am one of many who have abandoned the rigors of the Catholic 'faith' even though I still go into a church for sanctuary of one sort or another from time to time.
i am wondering if you could prepare a letter which people like me. Could send to our local Federal member mine is Barnaby Joyce which questions them directly about why the perceived Clinton Foundation rort of Australian Treasury funds for so called charities is still being ignored by Minister Julie Bishop the Prime Minister and DEFAT/ Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

Oh puck is that garbage still there ? Please dont give this putz oxygen

Michelle Two

So much indoctrination on earth souls don't understand what freedom of soul is so they always are dancing to the beat of someone else's drum be it religious or societies..too much literal thinking when reading religious texts in all movements.. Listen to your heart for you don't need rules governed by others as soul is your life force centre so is already wise to all that is life so any answer you seek will be found and the answers are of truth and integrity because the energy travels with your emotions and they never lie.. Your body senses and knows lies from self and others always.. Love is freedom to be who you are regardless of how others judge or try to control you because those energies are of fear over not following someone else's rule so they want you to be their mirror over how they do things. Your soul only has one mirror that would be your twin soul as they are the same soul but opposite so the omega and alpha of life which is your soul energy so always connected it is the spirit that governs you on your soul path in every incarnation you have been together since creation because the energy is a part of your higher soul which means you are in a higher frequency to reach it is your conscience or consciousness that acts with the innate of every cell of your body to make you who you are and to sense things twin souls may not always be on earth at the same time but the energy of divine love is the eternal connection.. Love you always xx

Michelle Two

Here are a few race baiting activists for you brought to you by Channel seven and the report of this action by The Australian

The Seven Network and the pugnacious Muslim Aussie family it flew to the French Riviera with the aim of provoking beachgoers into a “racist” reaction to the “Aussie cossie” burkini owe the traumatised people of Nice and France a swift apology.

The cynical stunt pulled by the Sunday Night program, where it spirited Sydney hijab-proselytising medical student Zeynab Alshelh and her activist parents off to a beach near Nice to “show solidarity” with (radically conservative) Muslims, featured the 23-year-old flaunting her burkini in an obvious attempt to bait Gallic sun lovers into religious and ethnically motivated hatred. Except according to the French people filmed against their will, the claimed “chasing off the beach” that made international headlines never occurred because Seven used hidden camera tactics, selective editing and deliberate distor­tion to reach its predeter­mined conclusions.

This unethical exercise in journalism deliberately painted France as “hostile to Muslims” even though the most hostile countries in the world for Muslim women are places such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, where being female entails forcible veiling and the threat of punishment with the lash, prison or worse for flouting bans on driving, playing sport, committing “adultery” or doing much at all without a male guardian.

Wayne shaft

Really , I thought that he put forward a well reasoned argument .😳😳😳


A visit to any website that provides information of documented, linked quotes of leading figures in any ideology or religion, together with videos and reports of the actions and behaviour of those who follow it, is only a couple of keystrokes away for anyone who can use a computer. Why is it that most people are not willing to inform themselves and then make up their own minds, enabling them to engage in civilised,informed debate, but instead would rather denigrate and label others who don't hold similar views to their own, with obnoxious names such as bigots, rednecks, racists, deniers etc.,etc.

I suggested in a newspaper comment recently, that the writer of an article critical of Pauline Hanson's speech, headlined with words to the effect "She still can't count", should visit the 4 Freedoms Library site, to at least do the maths on birth-rates and the tipping points for a culture to disappear and another culture to become unstoppable.

In answer, a supporter of the writer asked: "Why would he visit a Right-wing Propaganda site"?

Does it matter whether a site is considered by someone to be Left or Right or any other sort of Wing, if it provides checkable facts? It doesn't to me!

I might add, one of that site's particular aims is to have Muslims work towards separating religion and State so that the moderate ones don't have to live in fear of tyrannical reprisals for any deviation from teachings of the Koran or Sharia Law.

Wayne shaft

Then again my wife threatened to do worse to me a couple of years back, for reasons unexplained .🐸🐸🐸


This not only applies to Islam. It applies to ALL religions.


Evidently the world is in the midst of an islamic global jihad with millions of 'lone-wolf' islamic terrorists', jihadists on the move, fatalistic jihadists ready to slaughter millions and using any means. Yet, in-denial, dangerous islam apologists like PM Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and cohorts refuse to acknowledge the ideology?

Pakistan alone! has 200 million muslims, 60 million are so called 'radicalised extremists',,,60 million, misunderstood 'lone wolves',,,think about it.

Christian Persecution and Genocide 2016


His reasoning makes complete sense to me. It is the same reasoning which made me question religion in general a long time ago. I think it is just another con job like global warming, the Clintons being benevolent and that there is equal justice for all.


Sounds very much like Pat Condell having a go at the Quran. He is quite a prolific commentator on Islam.


This bloke is perfect evidence that 1st cousins marrying for 1400 years can result in serious mental deficiencies.

He "woke up" from his Islamic indoctrination on the grounds that hellfire and damnation are mean and nasty and meant to make scaredy-cats of everyone.

The rest of it seemed perfectly reasonable to him ... paedophilia, torture, mass murder, polygamy, crucifixion, stabbings, honour-killings of disobedient wives, shagging sheep and goats (as long as you don't then cook them and try to feed them to your family), illegal invasion of foreign nations and living off their taxpaying schmuks - er, citizens.

Yep, all perfectly acceptable.

Oh, and being promised lotsa virgins in the after-life for mass murderers is all well and good, but don't try and scare us with silly stories about burning in hell .... THAT is just too outrageous!!!!

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

His reasons sound like sound reasons for becoming an agnostic, or at least leaving Christianity or Judaism, though, I think you'd have to say.

Michelle Two

How are you I am feeling pretty crap soul is shifting energy again some of my last comments might have a touch of ego as soul is shedding and remembering fears of always being shut down by fears from other incarnations.. I did warn of this last night when I felt challenges coming in and more energy shifts.. When the sun has any sort of movements like solar flares and other action it is your soul energy that will be affected especially if you are a sensitive soul because it is connected to your consciousness which is also energy the energy of soul. Another sign of energy shifting for humanity are earthquakes I read earlier there have been a couple around the world the Phillipines was where one hit forget where the second one was.. Love and light xx


TDA - (Totally Disingenuous Afterthought)

You've always smugly claimed to be an atheist, not accountable to anybody or anything.

An agnostic now eh? Wassup? Think there might be somebody 'up there' taking notes, but not sure who or what?

Don't worry, there's enough of us 'down here' taking notes and with long memories, so don't get too comfy.

Michelle Two

I just want to point out to souls that "GOD" meaning "I AM" it is an energy so this god energy doesn't have human attributes you are the I am that I am of your own creation.. so you are your own energy and what it is you create around yourself that comes from within you..
God doesn't create wars, humans do, God doesn't create human misery humans do by wanting to control this energy and each other with greed and self service which comes from fear.. God is not judgemental of your choices with the energy you create, humans are judgemental of others choices in trying to control this dual energy system.. God does not always mean good that comes from the energy you create yourself with the dual energy system of soul on earth having freewill to create their own communities and societies that are governed by the energy that is created by all humans as a collective on the planet earth.. Nothing is ever separated from the energy that is soul and spirit it is melded so it controls the universe as one.. What we do on earth with our freewill effects the whole cosmos and universe which is so large the human mind would never be able to fathom the wonders of it all because we also guide those in higher realms by our own soul energy what happens down below is also happening above a battle between light and dark forces of soul..Don't think of god as being a higher power that controls humanity for humanity is in total control of what happens down below as it is above..You are god and god is you that is why you have life and exist at all because you chose your own path for life and in life you all come to earth for a purpose that lies within you.. xx I am that I am love and light xx
I AM THAT I AM.—It is generally assumed that this is given to Moses as the full name of God. But perhaps it is rather a deep and mysterious statement of His nature. “I am that which I am.” My nature, i.e., cannot be declared in words, cannot be conceived of by human thought. I exist in such sort that my whole inscrutable nature is implied in my existence. I exist, as nothing else does—necessarily, eternally, really. If I am to give myself a name expressive of my nature, so far as language can be, let me be called “I AM.”

Wayne shaft

Maybe old mate Tango has decided to have two bob each way ! Just in case .🐸🐸🐸


Good to see that chap woke up. Even Michael TDA here says he's
not an atheist but an 'agnostic'. Better than nothing i suppose.




You do all realise that this is a very funny man with tongue firmly in cheek, completely taking the p--s out of a lot of belief systems?



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