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seeker of truth

Good to hear that the WA Police are now in the picture as Commissioner Heydon recommended that the relevant authorities in WA and Victoria consider laying fraud charges against Blewitt and Wilson. Gillard had involvement in both States therefore she will be caught up in Court proceeding if commenced regardless of which State acts on the recommendation.

Christine Lagarde has to face the music for her alleged misconduct so it would be nice to hear that Gillard will suffer the same fate. No one should be above the law.

Michelle Two

Good luck Ralph always follow your heart and it will take you to the right places, even if they end up to be led to dark times if you do what your soul knows to do you will find peace even in times of darkness. So glad you have Ruby by your side to love and support you in what ever challenges you face and have faced because in life that is what gets one through the tough times.. love and light xx

Edward James

After all these years and the number of times Ralph Blewitt has fronted for interviews without any formal summons. Creating an extradition warrant is an act of bastardry from left field. Which I suspect is intended to harm Ralph's civic freedom to reside in Malaysia. The 45 Parliament is up and running, with a few exceptions most of the 226 members continue to act deaf dumb and blind to the systemic abuse of due process which make it possible for the Clinton Foundation to continue with its scamming of my tax dollars. I remind the the new 45 Parliaments Federal politicians they are in the same boat as those politicians whom I targeted for paying rates to a corrupt council on the Central Coast. How in the hell can people who hold themselves up as fundamentally trustworthy, when standing for re election ( and their supporters ) possibly remain deaf dumb and blind to the perceived criminal activity all around them??? Edward James from my Dolls House


Ralph. If what I'm rapidly putting together with the help of other likeminded people can get the airing it should in the right places, it may well be that you would have a good case to file against Julia Gillard and others!

In Para 55 of his Report, defining the point where Gillard should have disqualified herself from acting in any matter where there was a conflict of interest between the parties, Commissioner Heydon said Gillard had a conflict of duty and duty.

She had a duty to the AWU as the primary client and also to you and Wilson as the secondary clients. She failed in her duty to all. In the matter of gaining Incorporation of the sham association into the bogus entity AWU-WRA Inc, by what Heydon ruled was "fraudulent misrepresentation", first to the public and then to the Commissioner of Corporate Affairs, you and Wilson acted at all times on Gillard's advice and the material assistance she provided.

She personally drafted every word of the forged documents from her letter of 13 May 1992 to the Commissioner, on through the 21 May 1992 memorandum to you with the letter she drafted word for word for you to write, plus the new rule 3A she'd drafted to mislead Neal into breaching WA Laws.

All done knowing, and in the RC publicly confessing under cross-examination, no Association eligible to apply ever existed as required by the Act. I'd be willing to bet that in a proper court of law as opposed to a blatant Royal Commission whitewash, the "findings " would be very different.

Cheers H/B


Apparently, "there was movement at the station, for the word had passed around..." ;) Can't wait for this to go to court, and justice ensue.

Michelle Two

I thought I would call on Archangel Michael for guidance I haven't drawn the card yet before I did I wanted to say in life I've never followed anyone as I have always walked to the beat of my own drum, so I have always followed my own thoughts and heart in life so I tend to also go at my own pace as well, my mum would tell you that she thought I was never going to walk or talk but I have done things on my own terms using my own conscience and I am a heart thinker so know it has led me to where it was I was supposed to go in life so it has flowed along peacefully even if I didn't know what or why things happened but me being me has always searched for the answers of life and why things are the way they are so all along I have really being listening to spirit only I wasn't aware of it until probably 2012 when I started looking inward at my life and the answers always appeared and the reasons why things happened not only in my own life but in the political field because when the push came in 2007 over climate change it made me question that and all these lies started to appear and they were based around Rudd/Gillard and the UN push before that I wasn't really interested in politics but I know spirit was behind me urging to question life and all that is which brings us to today and I see the big picture so clearly which is why I call it a darkforce as it is a whole movement on earth that involves a lot of souls and our governments.. (There is also a battle going on esoterically between the dark and light forces but not many souls would understand, something like that wouldn't register or mean anything to them because that is the 5d or multidimensional mindset) .. So I will always continue to walk to my own beat in life because I know there is so much more out there then what we are led to believe because on earth we have been so indoctrinated we don't even know of our own soul power because of that we are in the position we are in now being led down shit creek with those that believe they can control humanity.. love and light xx
All humans on earth should walk to the beat of their own drum we would have more freedom if it was the case because you then become your own master so you don't need to fit in with a certain group because you fit in with all groups as life doesn't become a competition of ego's..
The message again is "The person you're asking about is Trustworthy" so someone you are dealing with you must still have doubts about so push the doubts aside and really listen to your heart and trust in your instincts as they are usually right and if you are to keep things to yourself do so, as you don't want to give to much away at this time so put your trust in those you know will keep your words in confidence, not all in this world can be trusted so it is vital to listen to your instincts before giving your trust away as they may turn against you, watch out for narcissists playing you if an offer sounds too good to be true trust that is a tip off that is going on in your mind for a reason.. Listen to your self talk and emotions always as it is your soul giving you the truth.. love and light xx
Not sure why this card came up it was the same card that came in when you had the last chat with Ralph before he went to Melbourne so it must have something to do with what is going on behind the scenes and a trust issue with some souls you are dealing with.. so just a caution maybe to trust in your feelings and first impressions when meeting or talking to others about this case...


Good to hear from you Ralph. Moves afoot hey, I know where I would like to put that foot.

Cate B.

I like cards too, would you like to play poker or strip jack naked?


Ralph..I would really like to shake your hand....God bless you, and good luck with whatever the future dishes out.

Professor Juliar Dullard

That blatantly corrupt SLAG JuLia Gillard, ex-prime minister is enjoying an obscene pension with everything laid on and what is 'heavy lifting' PM Turnbull doing about it all,,,oh yeah right I thought so. What is wrong with our police? reminds me of the corrupt FBI and the Hillary Clinton affair. Trump will reform the Clinton's FBI...

Margaret  Gallin

Don't take this at face value. Why now?

Margaret  Gallin

Best wishes to you hillbilly.

Michelle Two

Just thinking it is the end of the Mercury Retrograde so some challenges might be coming to your soul over your belief system I've just noticed with the comments lately that we are being challenged.. So hold fast and go with your own heart you know who you are and the mission of love and truth for self but also the bigger system if you search inward you will know what that is.. love and light xx


Well lets get 'heavy lifting' U.S. Ambassador honest, healthy young Joe Hockey onto the case and make hypocrite Joe earn his diabolical pension, freaking big Joe knows a lot,,,just ask scheming, gay PM Malcolm Turnbull.

John Howard says Joe Hockey 'was wrong' if he bemoaned former PM's economic measures


Ralph you will be hung out to dry. Dominica sounds like a sea change to me.

Liz of Vic


Hello Ralph, how are things, I must say that I am sorry I missed you when you were here, but I presume you went straight back to your darling wife!

I just send you the best of wishes and please take care!

Love to both Ruby and you!

Edward James

Now right there in the post above we can all see what hillbilly 33 has displayed for readers of this MSNews site is all about. The crew enjoys an electronic soap box, or as I like to write a public house where our opinions can be aired considered and judged to see if they pass the so called 'pub test'. MSN Crew members do not have to wait while governments the MSM and courts waste years of our lives. While what we are involved in is political. There is no option for our governments. But to process what has been exposed by Michael Smith and so many others around the world, Charles Ortel for example through the courts. Edward James from my Dolls House


What a shocking development. Formal extradition to WA using the AFP could only happen with Brandis' consent. Are they going to make Ralph the fall guy for a shambles of a Royal Commission? People should be screaming for a federal ICAC. What is Turnbull' s role in all of this? Is Gillard now too big to touch?


You are right. It is in the power of Brandis not to fall for this blatant act if revenge against Ralph. Ralph has upset the slush money flowing around political parties- something he must be punished for. An ICAC is needed to bung Stoljar, for example, in the box.

Nonna from FNQ

I don't wish to say the wrong thing and upset anybody - but, what if Ralph was to return to Australia (before the possibility of extradition) and get a spot on The Bolt Report where he could reiterate what he has just said on the audio?

Surely the more media exposure to Ralph's willingness to return voluntarily, the more chances of avoiding extradition. Sort of - "Here I am, willing and able. What are you waiting for?"

He wouldn't need to enlarge on his recent discussions with Vic police.


Wonderful news. I admire you Ralph for your complete honesty in all this. Knowing now that the Western Australian police & the federal government are likely to line up charges against Ralph & others, well we will see justice once and for all. And Julia Gillard will finally have to answer the ugly questions she doesn't want.

MikeT (WA)

Good Tidings Ralph

MikeT (WA)

Good Tidings Ralph


Sorry Liz was flat out and only spent 3 days in Melbourne Ruby send her love catch up next time we are in Melbourne.


You could be right Terry they might hang me out to dry.

But I'll give it my best shot to expose the corruption and cover-up of the AWU fraud.
The Australian public have a right to know the truth about the abuse of power by persons in places of influence in government and unions.

And I've Never run from a blue in my life and that's Not about to change anytime.

PS:Terry send airfare Dominica here I come LOL.


Heard you the first time MikeT (WA)
Thanks for your support.

Cheers Ralph.

the sting

If they extradite Ralph,could they then extradite Gillard?


If I was In Ralph's shoes and charged as a sole offender, I would take the witness stand in court to be questioned by my barrister, and I would sing like a canary. Good luck Ralph

seeker of truth

If they extradite Ralph from Malaysia, he'll be paying his own airfares but if they extradite Gillard from her penthouse in New York, we as the taxpayers will be paying her airfares as is her entitlement being a former PM. Makes you sick.


I doubt that Ralph can be extradited. I don't know that extradition treaties extend to 'white collar' crimes committed decades ago.

So why are you encouraging Ralph to voluntarily come back and be a patsy?

His only hope of avoiding a lengthy jail term would be a guilty plea. In that event there's no examination of the evidence, no cross examination of Gillard & Wilson. So what's the point?

He cannot trust any deal for a non custodial sentence in exchange for a plea of guilty. He will be screwed on that, you can take it to the bank.

At the end of the day Ross Mitchell reports to a Commissioner who is nothing but a stupid face adorning a sock on Daniel Andrews' hand.

If you were a real mate and there's a giant query on that, you would advise him to sever communications with Australian Police and go off the radar.

You need to deal with the unfortunate fact that Gillard will never face justice for her crimes. To aptly quote George Orwell "some pigs are more equal than others".

So what purpose would Ralph serve by throwing himself under a bus other than your purposes?


Did a handwriting expert confirm it was Gillards signature on the stat dec ??The signature looked a bit suspect to me. She stated she did sign it, but did someone else forge her signature on the stat dec ?

Liz of Vic

O.K., you are on! Xxx

Liz of Vic


Please do not think you are upsetting people, I believe most of us on this site only want the best for Ralph.

It is worrying me too, something strange is going on, all of a sudden!
I do not trust Brandis at all.

Do you believe Bolt will come to the party? Lately I
have had my doubts about him!

Cate B.

Me too, Ralph is the good thief here and GOD is Ralph's witness.

Cate B.

Lets just see who the judge is?


This IS a problem for authorities which is why they could
NEVER sweep this under carpet.
A crime of $500k theft of WA taxpayer money occurred re:
Dawesville Cut via Thiess.

NO denial the crime of $500k theft occurred and hence authorities
can NOT sweep that under carpet.

HOWEVER, given the DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE via this site and
Nick Styant Browne and others - THAT can't be ignored either to
simply 'convict the fall guy' like Ralph Blewitt.

There can NOT be NO resolution.

But for there to BE resolution - others in the AWU-WRA scam
MUST be 'brought to justice' given Ralph Blewitt DID put
his hand up for HIS part of the crime that is STILL unresolved
and GILLARD and BRUCE WILSON in particular along with Thiess Jukes
and the like bro-in laws to WILSON - YET such above OTHER crooks that
NEVER had same GUTS as Ralph Blewitt try to pin THEIR CROOKERY on

Which means APOLOGIZING FOR SUCH APPROACH means NOT only the crime
resolves UNSOLVED but it DESTROYS all other legal precedent.

And that will NOT happen.

The MOMENT Ralph Blewitt is in court for AWU-WRA and pleads
NOT GUILTY for parts of the crime he did NOT commit, GIVEN he
ADMITTED under SWORN statements and court testimony HIS part of the
crime 'to his credit' according to Vic Chief Magistrate Lauritsen, then
then GILLARD and WILSON will be on a stand they FEARED will bring
them undone.

GILLARD and WILSON will be KILLED in an open court and to THEIR
horror it's going to happen whether they like it or not.

Their LIES will be EXPOSED as it should and as for Gillard, HOW
will her 'Global P'SHIT of Education' 'Chair' look THEN?

It would look like a piece of shit like it SHOULD for such a
MISERABLE gravy train merchant CHEAT at taxpayer expense aligned

THAT line just above - take GOOD look at it.

Ralph Blewitt STANDS between likes of Gillard and GLOBAL
corruptocrats and GRAVY TRAINS at expense of OUR TAXES.

THAT is why the 'group think shout-down' and 'thought police'.

If you think that is 'conspiracy' then YOU are one of THEIR gravy
trains and should just PISS OFF out of OUR wallets you BASTARDS.

Nonna from FNQ


I just thought if Ralph was able to get this 'out there' before it happened, it might discredit any attempt at 'official' smart ^rsery!

Margaret  Gallin

Nasty streak showing there Deegle.


Ralph, If it was a fair fight, I would have no concerns. But you are up against a stacked deck. Not just judicially but with the mainstream media, that will not report full facts. The general public are never going to hear the truth that matters. If you do end up in court so much will be gagged through legal arguments. Take care.


Hey sting

"...could they then extradite Gillard?"

Instead of EXTRADITE Gillard...how about EXTERMINATE Gillard???

Now that is what I would call Community Service?

The Viking

Hello Ralph,
Both you and Michael have sacrificed more than can be described in your attempts to expose, and bring before any judicial body worthy of its salt, the corruption surrounding those involved in the AWU and associated scandals.
That any authority in Australia would consider issuing an extradition warrant for your arrest and transfer to Australia in relation to allegations of your personal impropriety is prima facie evidence of major corruption and abuse of power.
The Australian public mostly don't know or care about the truth of these matters.
You don't have to run from a blue........but don't go into a battle where the result is a forgone conclusion that suits the powers that be!!
Look after yourself and Ruby, stuff the disinterested majority!
The scales of justice have never been blind.......there has always been a leaning towards the crooks who have the financial means to manipulate the system.
Best Wishes,
If fares are needed to secure a neutral abode I'm sure that MSN followers will contribute.

Edward James

Ah yes Joe Hockey, perhaps as Ambassador he has already asked questions about the legitimacy of the Clinton Foundation. While watching yet another ACA report on the on going crackdown on people cheating Centerlink. I found myself wondering how our Federal Politicians heavy lifting Joe was Australian treasurer for a while. The past and present lot are insistently deaf dub and blind to the tens if not hundreds of millions being conned from our Federal Treasury by the Clintons and other influential people. I used to think calling constituents unthinking sheeples was undeservedly pejorative. I don't think that anymore. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

It looks like a vindictive act to me James D. Ralph certainly knows the people protecting Gillard are not his friends. I have looked at Michaels post about the 2006 extradition treaty. But the real concern is will Ralph be able to return to his wife and life in Malaysia. as individuels we can all go broke fighting to expose and rid ourselves of the shonks and cheats in government. I can no longer get out there and right in the faces of the bludging bastards we keep electing into government. Both power and opposition, endless post on web sites is not enough. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

if ralph was residing in Australia the extradition from Malaysia would be moot. It certainly looks to me like its intended to damage ralph and Im not surprised. after all those protecting Gillard are not his friends!We have a brand new federal parliament with a revised 226 members who are just as deaf dumb and blind as the previous batch. The definition of insanity doing the same thing expecting a different result. Labor and Liberal politicians had another good showing at the kindergarten of politics, NSW Local elections. When we resolve to dismantle the two parties not much preferred by voting party members out of government then we will force the change we want and need. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

Yes, they could. But will they ?

Edward James

Thats been the plan for years Russ. There is plenty of political will but its all about protecting Gillard and her fellow conspirators. If only it was that easy. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

There is access to Ralphs thoughts and reasoning for what he is doing in the archives of this site. From memory the tipping point for Ralph, was the bashing of Bob Kernohan. Which was intended to shut Bob up. As for going off the radar, Ralph has ties to his wife's community in Malaysia. I suspect the talk of extradition is all about pushing Ralph about legally. You seem to think what ralph is doing is being driven by Michael. You need to inform yourself by reading Ralphs comments and listening to pod cast in the archives to answer all your questions Deegle. Edward James from my Dolls House

Edward James

Wow Taz Spin Zone. The constant stonewalling by these crims and their supporters tends to wind us all up eventually! Nice spray! I read some of the Quadrant.org on corruptocrats. Its truly mind numbing the amount of allegations and straight documented evidence of the mover of the Clintons world class shonks and cheats. How in the hell can Hillary Clinton NOT be perceived as unfit to be Prime Minister of the USA? What we are watching is a demonstration of just how dysfunctional our so called democratic process is, right around the world. I really miss the days when I was know as the Gosford foghorn. My voice unaided by electronic device was loud enough to be heard by those sitting MP's inside the NSW parliament! We need the overt support of grass roots community members. And more importantly those 226 Federal politicians who so far despite their promises have remained deaf, dumb and blind to systemic corruption and abuse of legal power. Edward James from my Dolls House


Why now? Maybe Gillard's time is up as Chair of the Global Partnership for Education as Board Members' term of office is 2 years and she's been scouting for 'what's next?'.

With the Blewitt matter hanging over her head, maybe a UN appointment or Clinton Foundation gig is off the table so she wants him discredited, stitched-up and put away once and for all.

The RC proved that the current PM, Attorney General and Judiciary are equally as intent as she is on covering up her criminal activities - can't have the Oiffice of PM exposed as a Refuge of Scoundrels - and Ralph is pesky chalk-dust on her slate that needs cleaning up.

Hang in there Ralph ... I agree with Hillbilly ... always thought you had a perfect case for personally suing the ample arse off her for her negligent and conflicted legal advice to you in matters where you acted upon her expertise.

Only gentlemen fight with gloves on ... she's proven herself to be a dirty scrapper, so time to take the gloves off Ralph and go for broke. No half measures.


H/B - don't forget that Specific Power of Attorney whereby she illegally and unethically acted for both parties in the matter. She couldn't legitimately act-for and advise both the donor and the beneficiary.

It was a fraudulent document exposed as nothing more than part of Slater & Gordon's money-laundering operation ... Business as Usual ... they were ALL in on the giggle. All except Ralph Blewitt the patsy.

If that isn't grounds for a law suit, I don't know what is.

Gillard's unethical criminality ... the gift that keeps on giving. Just have to work out how to unwrap it and expose it for what it is..


Ralph, they just want you to go away...you won't be prosecuted, because they don't want you to appear in court, to open a Pandora's box, so to speak.

Michelle Two

What synchronicity that was, with my comment below.. definitely strip with these cards as they strip you down to your bear soul to see what it is inside that will guide you to make the right choices by following your heart... thank you for your sarcasm you to will one day find your way xx love and light xx

Just thinking also when I drew the cards around the time you last talked to Ralph the card "Within the next few weeks" did come out my intuitive message was changes will come and sure enough those changes did come at least for Ralph, you and the AWU case.. The angels do get it right so many times it is a matter of putting trust in what messages come out but also searching your own soul for what those messages mean in your own life because at the end of the day you are your own angel and guide as this energy resides in you the one reading the guidance that I bring through..

Michelle Two

Good point Edward we as souls are always in charge of our own choices in life no other soul has control over what you do unless you let them.. Ralph is a grown man with all his faculties in place..

I don't drink for the same reasons or some I like to always be in the control seat besides I am the taxi for others in the house that may drink so one needs to be prepared for any emergency to look after the kids at all hours and I have had to go and pick Master Michael up at all hours before he had his licence, he seems to be responsible in that area if he intends to drive he has told me many times I don't drink if I'm going to drive lets hope he sticks to this attitude and doesn't lose his mind with the boose in his system in a weak moment.. he would be devastated if he lost his licence as it gives him the freedom now he has the money to take him anywhere on a 4 wheel drive road, he loves the bush and going in all the boggy places and hard to get to places, he is so much like my dad we used to go on such trips all the time as kids..
Good luck Ralph you are always in control of your own actions don't let others tell you any different.. xx

Edward James

Continuing to be supportive of and friendly with members of the two parties not much preferred. Politicians who flat out refuse to push for court dates on the AWU/WRA Inc conspiracy or question the Clinton Foundation rorts is just silly. The whole idea of electing any politician, is so they will do our bidding. This must surly include upholding our laws. It is not working! Edward James from my Dolls House


Nothing nasty about it Marg, just querying Mr Smith's motives and a few statements of fact.

I hope you readers don't believe the trial of Ralph, will bring Gillard to account. Evidence is not examined in the event of a guilty plea.


No, Michael isn't manipulating Ralph at all. There isn't a giant gulf between their respective intellects and as I write I look out my window to see a pink elephant fly by on a tricycle.


Trouble is, the Bob bashing is utter fiction.

Have you ever been bashed mate? And I don't mean a slap in a girly pub brawl. I doubt you have.

You never forget the bastards' faces mate. Bob has an amazing recall for things that were said & overheard a quarter of a century ago, but cannot remember the faces of the dogs that bashed him.


Nonna from FNQ

Has something changed?


Edward James

You really should have read the archives and caught up you are making yourself look foolish. Ralph has made it clear more than a year ago, he intends to plead not guilty to force Gillard and wilson into the witness box. That was the point of exposing the fraud / conspiracy. Edward James from my Dolls House


forget your cards the stars are where the truth lies, and from what they're telling me the young Gillard has been mixing with them. Celebrity Gillard, sorry Ralph, some of us are destined for glory while others can only weep and dream.

Margaret  Gallin

Deegle, those of us who have followed this site for 4 years have just, on behalf of Bob, been very very insulted by your remarks about Bob's memory. I doubt you care, but I had to say it.


What about Bruce Wilson? Why isn't he being hauled before the courts?

Julia Gillard's ex-boyfriend Bruce Wilson has admitted his "association" sent false invoices to construction company Thiess for a whole year in 1992.

From all the evidence so far BW has a lot more to answer for than RB but rarely gets mentioned.

Edward James

There are powerful political influences influencing how things are being progressed. If Gillard gets the exposure in a law court which she deserves there will with more than a little luck. Be lots of others associated with approvals and subsequent coverups roped in! Thiess was a public company when it was meeting Wilsons demands. We understand Thiess refused to take legal action because the money was returned. The thing is it was public money so the stock exchange should have had its nose out of joint. Also what of the company tax returns over a hundred thousand in invoices were paid. what do the companies records say about the 'bribes for industrial piece?' Edward James from my Dolls House

Michelle Two

I believe Ralph and I are richer in life then Gillard will ever be with living a lie and not taking her responsibilities and owning up to them..the greed and acknowledgement she seeks in life would leave her feeling empty.. She is welcome to have an ego led life as that is her choice..

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