Hillary Clinton doesn't look terribly well
Clinton's "bottom of the harbour" AIDS business - tax free millions in contract with China's Communist Party


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Michelle Two

Safe travels where ever you go the angels will always be with you.. I just drew the card "Spiritual Growth" so that last energy shift has really moved things along, so it is a matter of keeping it up and moving through the energy as it comes to you as your soul vibration lifts higher. With the spiritual growth you should feel the connection is a lot closer with spirit and with your higher soul so where ever you go you will always be connected through the energy of love that is eternal and infinite and the true state of your soul so it will never be separated from your soul group or your soul partner as you are always together in spirit.. love and light xx
I also drew two cards from the Angel answer deck what ever your question change will come within the next few weeks so stay positive about anything that comes to you, and if you are struggling with anything always ask for what it is you need from spirit but also those souls on earth that may be able to help you when you need it so always stay positive about your situation and the solutions you seek you will find if you are at peace and creating that soul energy all that you do need will find its way to you. Also Romance came out so stay positive in this regard also and know when two souls are supposed to meet they will with synchronicity so push any doubts and self worth issues out of your mind as that is not needed for the energy within is the reality on the outside all will work out fine at the right time as long as you release all fears for what happened in the past has nothing to do with what will happen into the future because it all depends on the energy you do create within yourself, you are loved, loving and deserving of giving and receiving love.. love always xx


Safe travels and take good care Michael.

Joining the Dots

Hi Michael
No doubt about it, these exciting times in Australia reminds me of what Malcolm Turncoat was talking of, not actually doing just talking of :=) no really, I can't get over the feeling this is really an exciting time to be alive. Brexit, Donald Trump, masses of Illegal immigrants "being allowed" into Europe, The contamination and hobbling of the Liberal Party from within here in our country, Huge scale corruption Internationally by the Clinton's and the dedication you apply in unearthing so much. It's overwhelming so much seems to be happening and I'm just an observer. You on the other hand, are in the thick of things and perhaps your investigations into the Clinton's world wide operations may also unsnarl a few of the corrupt politicians and business associates here also. We realise the stresses caused to you personally from Gillard and I know I speak for many in saying how disappointed we are that she wasn't caught and locked up earlier but, I think Michelle Two might also agree that things seem to be happening on a higher level which may indeed bring many to their proper end in ways we can't yet understand. Interesting times indeed. For all your hard work, Thanks mate, we owe you big time.

Edward James

After searching Is Hillary another Richard Nixon and looking back. It occurs to me there are similarities between Craig Thomson taking his lead from failed Labor president and jailbird Michael Williamson. And Hillary Clinton taking her lead from failed President Richard Nixon. It was amusing reading how she accused her husband (that would be the philandering cigar man) of getting ready to make an attack on her. It is often pointed out how politics makes for strange bedfellows! When shonks, cheats, carpetbaggers and senior Australian political allsorts and DFAT get together taxpayers and whistle blowers had better be careful . Edward James from the Dolls House

Michelle Two

Good morning xx I drew a couple of cards this morning first was St. Cecilia with "Play Music" then the very next card was "Stress Management" so for anyone that is feeling a bit stressed out at the moment because of events in their lives try and take some time out and to chill out either playing or listening to music as it helps with your stress levels to just not think about anything but the tones and rhythm's in the music or the concentration on making those tunes with creating your own sounds if you play any sort of instrument.. Listen to your heart because the angels do speak to you through this chamber so the music of angels will come to you be it through song lyrics, the tone or rhythm because music comes from the soul of the artist that created it you will then receive this energy so it helps to calm you down if you are feeling a bit stressed out by life or events in your life at the moment.. love and light xx

The next card again was Archangel Michael with a message to "Pay attention to your dreams" so when you retire at night call in the angels to help you on your path and to help with any guidance you may need for direction or what it is your soul is to do next, messages and guidance will be delivered while you are in your subconscious state this is when your mind is at rest so try and get as much sleep as you can and the really vivid dreams will stay with you so will the ones that have you waking up feeling something for they could also be visits from your loved ones that are now in spirit form, so what ever your situation answers will always come to you in the dreams you have you could even get glimpses of your future because your soul has pre-planned your lessons no matter of what free choices you have made on your path they were all played out on the esoteric level so you will still get a glimpse of things to come or even things that have passed in other incarnations they might appear also so a sign of what you come in this life to learn from lessons you had in other lifetimes the energy of soul and the lessons always remain so past lives always affect the current one as you may of set challenges to get yourself off the karmic wheel in this life time so pay attention to your dreams and you will get to where you need to go in this life time and release all fear and ego so you are at peace with what lessons you are getting now as your soul is learning and evolving as it goes and bringing in this new energy at the same time, so you are safe, loved and protected as you reach your destination where ever you go..love and light xx
Have a great day and travel safe where ever you go and always call on the angels for what it is you need and with divine timing this will turn up on your path so never give up hope or the belief in your own divine powers to manifest what you dream of to come into your life as your soul knows the way of it, your heart will always guide you there, the ego will try and pull you back from there so it is a matter of balancing the energy and the thoughts that come through and always have in mind that your intuition will always lead you where you need to go in life it all comes through your emotions ..love you always xx

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