From Ralph Blewitt's Facebook - he's en route to Melbourne for a meeting with Victoria Police Fraud Squad detectives
New documents that reveal Bill Clinton's backdated contracts and multimillion $$$$ frauds in the name of HIV/Aids

Qn for police on this FBI report into Hillary Clinton. Would you have her charged, or committed?

Should a future drone strike, you know the good guys (that's us Hillary) are planning to send a big bomb down to kill the bad man when he comes out of his secret hideout, well should that be classified, or not classified Hillary?  Want thinking music?

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Firstly it's beyond me how the FBI could canvass the matters it did and somehow not charge this offender.

Whether or not she should have been allowed to walk away from charges is now a secondary question.

I don't think it's safe to let her walk down the street.   The FBI should have brought in her carer to get her home.

Ms Clinton is inept.   She couldn't operate a toaster let alone the United States.

Read this FBI investigation report.  She is clueless not only about emails and IT.  Getting out of bed and putting her clothes on appears to be a challenge.

And the subject of this report is running for president?

Here's a little of CNN's finest trying to make sense of the nonsense.


Hillary on drone strikes

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C is for Clinton and Clueless and Chap.  Confidentially.  

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And here's the FBI's investigation report.  

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FBI investigation report Clinton the Clueless

FBI Investigation into Clinton the Clueless