Craig Thomson, Migration Agent, will pay $$$$ for fake employers in confidence NQA
Extradition Treaty between Australia and Malaysia


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Clinton, Trump diverge on debate preparation

The Big Secret of Trump Vs Hillary Debate Revealed


"Don't tell me what to say!" (unless someone is whispering into my concealed earpiece, then I'll parrot whatever they tell me).

And don't mess with Security dudes ... if you do they're likely to hang you out to do dry, leaving you standing exposed on NYC sidewalks all alone.

And don't go ga-ga waiting for a ride or they'll toss you into the van like a side of beef .... Sheesh, you should see my bruises!

"I regret doing this" coz compared to me, this fool is looking smarter right now.

I also regret agreeing to a debate with Trump next Monday. Hmmmm mebbe I could have a pneumonia relapse - laryngitis? Ebola? Bubonic plague?

No worries, the gals will think of some hare-brained excuse the schmuks will believe.

Hey! Where's my ambulance? And my paramedic? Hellooo-ooo will somebody get me outa this doggone chair?!!!!


Excellent message from Trump. Spot on.

Liz of Vic


If she was a smart person, she would not have been on this programme.

seeker of truth

Boy, oh boy, did she regret doing that interview. The look on her face when she said "Don't tell me what to say."

I thought Hillary was sitting most strangely in her chair. She really is big from the waist down. Maybe there is quite a bit of fluid retention as most women when they age have muscle wastage of the glutes and thighs so you would expect that area to be thinner.



seeker of truth

O/T Trey Gowdy laying the facts to an academic advocate for Black Lives Matter. Trey is so on top of his brief - the facts tell the truth, not the media propaganda that is pushed upon us by people like this advocate.

The woman he is questioning is Ms Ramirez, a former Massachusetts prosecutor

Maxine M.

Eric Trump previews debate: Dad won't back down if attacked

Jeff of FNQ

Liked his little gibe at the end about staying in touch. E-mail?


This smart lady is down with it, but don't tell her what to say.

"HILLARY FOR PRISON": "Let's make it happen!" - Demented Hillary Clinton in her best Form


Does anyone know how we can watch live besides Infowars as they will be having their own commentary interruptions? I am getting excited about the debate just as much as Sharkies in the Grand Final

Michelle Two

G'day xx I was just reading some of wikileaks emails on the Clintons so checking out some of the links to the OECD - DAC chair J Brian Atwood.. the OECD control and tells the member countries what to do (how much they should be spending or borrowing etc) but check out the links to the movement by this bloke and you will see who is controlling who by the money handed over to all these entities that have Clinton Cronies in place over certain time frames..
Just pondering if the Unions are working with the governments of the world the LNP would hardly want to shut the operation down because of corruption because they are working on the same global goals..
If this isn't relevant to Australia I don't know what is.. Thank you spirit for guiding me to this darkforce that is trying to control all of and light xx
Can you imagine how our own economy would be going and the jobs and productivity we would have if the government weren't spending all this money on all these entities just so they can help control other nations that are forced to sign up to the OECD policy rules.. Not to mention the infrastructure that these MDG and UN goals have to meet to pay the cronies and big corporations that have investments in what goes on at a global scale because the contracts for any infrastructure done by the government are won by those same multinational that the Unions are involved with.. You know the usual suspects we have seen their names here often enough involved with the corruption and political donations etc..
P.s sorry if the post is rather long read if you please..

An email from J Brian Atwood to Hillary about a speech she made on Global Health in August 2010..
Brian Atwood served as Chair of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee from January 2011 to December 2012. Mr. Atwood served as Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) from 1993 to 1999 during the administration of President William Clinton. Prior to this, he led the Transition Team at the State Department and was Under Secretary of State for Management. During the administration of President Jimmy Carter, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations. In 1981‐82, he was Dean of Professional Studies and Academic Affairs at the Foreign Service Institute. From 2002-10, Mr. Atwood was Dean of the Hubert Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Other prior positions include President and Chief Executive Officer of Citizens International (1999-2002) and founding President of the National Democratic Institute of International Affairs (1985-1993). In 2001, he served on United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Panel on Peace Operations.

The speech video
or report

A call to the unions to help with the movement of a totalitarian regime around the globe I've said it a lot that the unions are a world wide movement and a part of the darkforce that are helping to control working conditions that affect all souls at every level..
I did just read a report also to the Australian government committee in 2014 when Tony Abbott cut some of the Aid budget Ged and the ACTU were on the global case pretty quick to have it reinstalled to be a good global citizen and to follow the MDG and OECD rules..
Development Assistance Committee

The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) is an international forum for donor governments to exchange policy experience and identify good practice. The DAC is internationally recognised for its development statistics, and its peer reviews of members’ development programs are well regarded.

Australia is playing an active role in DAC processes to modernise Official Development Assistance (ODA) measures, standards and systems. This has included: recent adjustments to the way ODA loans are measured; a commitment in 2014 to target ODA to countries most in need; and, work on a new measure for ‘total official support for development’ to complement the ODA measure.

Australia also plays an active role in shaping the analytical work of the DAC, including through engagement and support of the DAC Program of Work and Budget as well as work on enhancing peer reviews. Australia is actively engaged in DAC networks, including for gender equality and governance (for which Australia is co-chair). Australia also works with those bodies and programs that align closely with Australia’s development priorities, in particular on conflict and fragility, leveraging other drivers of development such as domestic finance, and development finance statistics.

Michelle Two

Smart Aid when aid becomes business.. more then for compassionate reason don't give the money away make a deal and bring in Microfinance with the crony capitalists in order people help themselves but which souls are getting the most help it doesn't seem like the poor they only get poorer but the philantrocapitalists seem to make a killing as they take control of all energy resources in the process of building bridges..
Such greed and fear exists in this movement that is about controlling humanity and it starts at the very top of the chain your governments that enforce the rules that are paid for by your taxes what a world political system is it any wonder it is collapsing.. The school had to lay off some teachers for next term as the funding was cut most of them were the teachers aids that help those kids that have learning difficulties others were casual teachers..
But have no fear for that will then become your soul energy and you will make it your reality be at peace with the world as this dark force is rising so things may get a bit more chaotic as the truths and the darkforce are forced out of hiding, relax because they will think they have the upper hand but in reality they are only being controlled themselves by the fear energy their souls have created.. The groups will start to divide the light or the truth if you prefer always wins as it has through out history but the rough ride will come first before things get better, because this darkforce will fight with all they have to survive but the reality is they can already see it slipping away so they will but up a defense in order to survive against the tide that is turning at an alarming rate but the end result depends on the energy your own soul creates and to which side your soul belongs to as the dark souls will always be surrounded in drama, your choice always if you want to make it a part of your soul journey.. I prefer freedom in love and peace so will stick with the current status quo and bring in the esoteric news only in order to help your soul as is my mission in life freewill has it that you can chose to read the updates I give or feel powerless in a world that will be of turmoil.. if you let it of course.. I love you always no matter how I am treated in life as it is a part of my crystalline soul it always has been with this line of work because my soul never forgets of the torture when bringing the truth to help awaken other souls to freedom.. xx love and light xx
Email from 2009 a cause for celebration a fifth anniversary for the Clinton Global Initiative where the bridges are build and the logistics are sorted at Capitol Hill ..
Yet the most important speech at the event may not be delivered by either the current or the former president but by Mrs. Clinton herself. She has said the State Department is going to forge new partnerships with philanthropists to achieve America's foreign policy goals (and has already started work on a new initiative around the Middle East peace process). Her speech is an opportunity to announce a radical new departure in the way America gives aid. The aid business in crisis. The past year may have been tough for the world's richest countries, but it has been far harder for the poorest. Markets for exports have slumped as rich consumers have reined in their spending. Government budgets are creaking under the strain of the global recession and foreign aid is threatening to dry up. At the same time, the intellectual attack on aid has escalated, led by the author of "Dead Aid" , the African economist, Dambisa Moyo. The CGI has become the showcase for those who believe Moyo is wrong and that aid can be effective. The CGI is not about the old government-to-government aid model. Its members aim to deliver smart aid, based on partnerships between business, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs. Mrs. Clinton's speech is the perfect opportunity to show that government is ready to work with the CGI crowd to rethink how it does aid. One promising, for-profit solution to poverty is to take the model of microfinance -- one of the more resilient corners of banking during the financial crisis -- and extend it to improve education, health care, clean water and sanitation. Loan- based investments can be more sustainable than traditional aid or charity, because they tap the far larger sums available in the capital markets and are not dependent on the whims of political leaders or budgetary wrangling. Some in government may be reluctant to give up their near monopoly on aid but it is long overdue.


I think the fern on the left has the highest IQ in the room

Barry J

Bill Clinton gets to chomp on a ‘Cuban’ cigar while Hillary gets sent Flowers.

Michelle Two

Just thinking the Unions were causing trouble and blood was shed in Africa over the last 5 or so years as I recall a lady that owns the Scrapbook shop in the next town having to fly to her home town where her family lived in South Africa because of the trouble that was going on she is a white South African a few have moved into this neighbouring town..
The African Nation seems to be a centre point also for this movement as a lot of money is raised to go to Aid towards Africa but the situation never improves with the big bucks that have gone to them since the 80's but the arms and the civil wars are sure the big AIDS and Ebola and other diseases also seem to be a focus point for this nation is biological warfare in play as well as armed forces and terrorism..
One has to wonder where this money is really going as the big capitalists move in to all nations to reap and pillage the energy resources and to also push environmental climate change rules and laws of engagement in each nation that sign up to the movement where cash is the trading partner and there is no shame in trying to control humanity as they are very brazen and are able to pay off advocates with the money that is reaped from the resources they get access to by coming in the backdoor of all nations..

Michelle Two

You have to love this line in that email about giving a voice to the people of what aid is spend on do they mean like this..

"Finally, Mrs. Clinton should seize the opportunity to turn the aid business on its head and pass control from the bureaucrats to the poor people themselves. Technology such as the internet and the mobile phone are now widespread in the developing world, so why not use these tools to give a greater voice in aid spending to the people the money is
intended to help? Much aid has gone to waste because of a lack of feedback from the intended beneficiaries. Imagine how the best technology entrepreneurs could transform the aid business, in the same way that they have changed the media, by giving the poor a say in how the aid billions are spent.

Interesting that the man that was driving mentions they had to pay the government to clean up with all dead bodies laying in the rubble the stench must of been awful..

I recall linking an email where Chealsea Clinton was reporting to mummys and daddy she was on the ground touring the devastation with her NGO envoy and she was complaining the aid money and work for the aid was going towards cleaning up and the lack of toilets.. and she mentioned that Daddy needed to come in and take control so over ride the beauracrats in Haiti over what the aid money would be spend on and a priority was the solar panels and getting energy back up for Haiti so his crony investors would be kept happy I suppose and he could get his kick backs for speaking about the plight of the Haitians that seem to be having a rough time not only from natural disasters but leaches on the ground taking advantage of the situation..

Michelle Two

Interesting email also on Outsourcing government business to contractors.. The same would be happening in Australia where they pay consultants for policy directions to take and guess where these consultants are from.. Outside forces so your NGO's and advocates that are paid also by Soros and other philanthropists to give you the research and a certain point of view to follow so any policy directions goes into what it is the powers that be are trying to control.. such a false system that is set up on fear and lies to bring in a certain perceptions that is so far from reality.

Some of the email you can click on link to read the whole thing.. Our equivalent to USAID is AUSAID that hand out and give grants to the NGO and other agencies that are attached to it so all money goes to these other global sources so the cash is send off shore to fulfill the agenda of the UN and its entitities of which it has many and keeps growing with every G8/G20 and political elite piss up and gabfest where these grand plans are born..

Smart-Sourcing Diplomacy and Development While most Americans do not know it, the business of foreign policy is increasingly in private hands. In 2000, the State Department spent $1.3 billion on contracts and $102.5 million on grants. By 2008, grant spending had grown to $2.5 billion and contract spending had grown to $5.6 billion. In 2000, USAID spent $0 on grants[1] and $478.6 million on contracts. By 2008, those figures had climbed to $5.2 billion and $3.2 billion, respectively (source:[2]).

Michelle Two

These emails are so fascinating you find out all about the intentions of people and what they helped to create in the world today with the UN mates and US congress no wonder they don't want to see things slip away as "The movement" (which sounds like crap as in bowel movement).. has felt so in control over other governments that have signed up to the Kyoto protocol which Bill Clinton help guide into existance if you didn't know with his mates Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Soros, Kofi Annan and other names that seem to always come up with changes that took place and the joining of powers that took place when Bill Clinton became the President of America in the 90's.. because there was a 7 yr freeze between the US government and the UN peacekeeping role before the Clinton's took office they have had scandals surrounding them through out their entire careers..
In 2006 the Clinton Climate Initiative was born just in time to catch Rudd in the mania but also just before Howard lost power he to was spreading the money on this cause as well that is when he promised more aid money and action on HIV/AIDS through the Clintons CHAI partnership and others.. Just wondering what the political donations were for that year in the LNP that would be interesting in the brought and paid for politics today..
Clinton Administration Highlights • Committed the U.S. to reducing its Carbon Footprint. In April 1993, President Clinton announced "our Nation's commitment to reducing our emission of greenhouse gases to their 1990 levels by 2000." While not all the goals were met, in large part because of population growth, U.S. CO2 emissions per capita decreased from 19.7 metric tons in 1990 to 16.9 metric tons in 2010. • Laid out a vision that guided the creation of the Kyoto Protocol. In October 1997, President Clinton unveiled the U.S. position for the Kyoto negotiations: he embraced binding and realistic targets to reduce emissions to their 1990 levels and a requirement that key developing nations meaningfully participate in efforts to reduce emissions. While the U.S. did not achieve all its negotiating objectives, and Congress failed to ratify the protocol, the final agreement, which was adopted eventually by 191 countries and the EU, included the emissions targets, timetables, and menu of market-based options the Clinton Administration's had originally proposed. • Doubled Tax credits to Augment Efficiency and Expand the Use of Clean Energy Sources. Total U.S. energy tax expenditures, excise tax credits and grants in lieu of tax credits, designed to expand the private use of clean energy, rose from $1.4 billion in 1993 to $2.8 billion by 2001. • Invested Over $2 Billion in R&D funding for the Climate Change Technology Initiative. In 1998, the Clinton

Wayne shaft

Pretty sick that the" free" world may be led by Hillary and and first bloke blow job BIll !🐸🐸🐸🐸

Wayne shaft

Will Bill send .Gennifer flowers after the great debate ???😛😛😛😛🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

seeker of truth

Why is Cheryl Mills emailing Hillary as what is on Bill's events calendar? Surely Hillary talks to hubbie Bill to find out what is happening in his life. This is strange. Cheryl worked for both Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Why is she emailing Hillary about the Clinton event and then including all that garbage about the Clinton Climate Initiative? Did the Clintons lead separate lives at that stage and their marriage was a marriage of convenience by then?

Michelle Two

Interesting stuff this US/UN connection that is centred around the Oil for Food program but the whole thing to do with Iraq it seems to be surrounded in scandal..
I came across the name Sergio Vieira de Mello who was a great mate of Kofi Annan he sounds like he wasn't so good at his job and a lot of genocide happened under his watch he was involved with the UN for a long time in his career google him if you wish to find out more he was killed in Iraq in 2003 when the UN building was bombed Kofi was devastated as Sergio was working on being the next UN Secretary General.. but from this story I googled Paul Bremer and Iraqi money went missing the story is in the second link..
A lot of money seemed to just flow into mysterious places where ever the Clinton and cronies go.. I wonder where Mr Bremer is now..

Thursday 7 July 2005 09.35 AEST
At the end of the Iraq war, vast sums of money were made available to the US-led provisional authorities, headed by Paul Bremer, to spend on rebuilding the country. By the time Bremer left the post eight months later, $8.8bn of that money had disappeared. Ed Harriman on the extraordinary scandal of Iraq's missing billions

When Paul Bremer, the American pro consul in Baghdad until June last year, arrived in Iraq soon after the official end of hostilities, there was $6bn left over from the UN Oil for Food Programme, as well as sequestered and frozen assets, and at least $10bn from resumed Iraqi oil exports. Under Security Council Resolution 1483, passed on May 22 2003, all these funds were transferred into a new account held at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, called the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), and intended to be spent by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) "in a transparent manner ... for the benefit of the Iraqi people".

The US Congress also voted to spend $18.4bn of US taxpayers' money on the redevelopment of Iraq. By June 28 last year, however, when Bremer left Baghdad two days early to avoid possible attack on the way to the airport, his CPA had spent up to $20bn of Iraqi money, compared with $300m of US funds. The "reconstruction" of Iraq is the largest American-led occupation programme since the Marshall Plan - but the US government funded the Marshall Plan. Defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Bremer have made sure that the reconstruction of Iraq is paid for by the "liberated" country, by the Iraqis themselves.

Michelle two

I read else where that Bill doesn't do email as Doug Band took care of all communication between Bill and anyone so I gather a lot goes through Hillary as well she wears the pants in this relationship as Bill has his off and in others most of the time... Bill depends on others a lot he might of had the ideas but he needed many others to execute them.. He is a spokes person also for Hillary's ideas. They are really cut from the same cloth do use each other to advance and manipulate others into their way of thinking..

Michelle two

I just got that Bill is the one that has all the contact with the corporate world so they need each other to build the bridges so they work together in bringing together those with the power with those that have the money to execute the plan and also make the investments with the lies they push to the public.

Michelle two

The inner circle also like to keep each other informed with whatever is on their mind it is like a network that passes information on from anywhere that have their names and mission concerns mentioned.. so they can try and keep one step ahead but like Chinese whispers information can change from the original message from where it came from the media also keep them informed about what the advocates are up to.

Michelle Two

Before when I was writing these on my phone while at work I also got that Huma and Doug are still very much involved with the consultancy businesses they started..

Michelle Two

Here is a story when Tony Abbott cut some of the Aid dollars a few people had something to say about it including Mr Atwood..
"You get more out of a dollar of overseas development assistance than you get out of a dollar of defence spending because you are preventing a crisis in the future if you are investing in that way."
Brian Atwood, former ODA chairman, The Age, November 15, 2013
I was just looking for the other Age story wit Atwood but this one might be of more interest how the Ausaid framework changed in 2012 with Richard Marles at the helm..
AusAID promises performance-based funding of NGOs

On June 20 Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Richard Marles, AusAID DG Peter Baxter and CARE CEO Julia Newton-Howes launched AusAID’s new Civil Society Engagement Framework at Parliament House. This sets out how AusAID will work with civil society organisations (whose importance is highlighted in this blog) in the future. Some $500 million of Australian ODA was channelled through NGOs in 2010/11 to both domestic and international NGOs, or CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) as they are called in the document.

So far, core funding to NGOs (through what is known as the AusAID NGO Cooperation Program or ANCP) has been disbursed on a matching funding basis, whereby how much an NGO gets from AusAID depends on how much it raises from the public. However, the Framework promises a new approach, in which judgements on effectiveness will also play a role in determining AusAID funding. The Framework commits the Government to “develop and implement an assessment methodology to guide decisions on increased funding to and through CSOs, taking into account effectiveness… capacity, and relevance to the Australian aid program.”

Another key change relates to accreditation, the process by which AusAID decides whether NGOs should be provided with ANCP funding. According to the Framework, the emphasis of accreditation, which till date has been on governance and financial accountability, will shift to “increase the focus on effectiveness, transparency, accountability, innovation and results.”

Michelle Two

In June of 2012 Ban Ki Moon appointed Julia Gillard to chair a UN group to tackle poverty.. This was just in the link I put up from Aid buzz.
Gillard to co-chair UN group to make final push for MDGs

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Prime Minister Julia Gillard to co-chair a group of global leaders and celebrities making a “final push” for implementation of the millennium development goals by the target date of 2015. This appointment has been welcomed by NGOs within Australia (see here and here), but also used by Oxfam to argue for more rapid increases in aid.

Aid visitors, including Tidewater in Australia

Here we highlight the growing importance of the Australian aid program internationally by taking a look at recent aid visitors to Australia. Here is a list from the past month. Please notify us of any omissions:

From July 1-3, the heads of many OECD aid agencies met in Brisbane for Tidewater (named after the location of the first such meeting in 1968), the OECD’s annual informal high-level meeting that focuses on the latest issues impacting on global development. The convener of the meeting is chair of the OECD DAC (Development Assistance Committee), Brian Atwood (who speaks today at the Lowy institute).
Homi Kharas of the Brookings Institution, which is funded by the Office of Development Effectiveness to research aid effectiveness, visited Canberra for consultations (He also gave a presentation at the Development Policy Centre, with the video available here).
Martin Ravallion, the World Bank’s Acting Chief Economist, will visit AusAID this week (and will also be giving a
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Prime Minister Julia Gillard to co-chair a group of global leaders and celebrities making a "final push" for implementation of the millennium development goals by the target date of 2015.

He said Ms Gillard's "vision, leadership and commitment" had caused him to choose her to lead the group, which includes singer Bob Geldof, CNN founder Ted Turner, UN special adviser Jeffrey Sachs and Graca Machel, formerly a minister in Mozambique and also wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Michelle Two

Billy Connolly was pleased as was Ban ki when the announcement came up but look the name Ted Turner has been in the last couple of links and story and Julia Gillard tearing around the golf course with Ban Ki in the last link I just put up.. what a cosy bunch are we at the Clinton UN conventions.. In 2010 I also just read a link that Kevin Rudd was to get an appointment at the UN to do with Climate Change I will link that 2nd.. These leaches sure know how to stroke a narcissists ego to get them to perform and hand over the dough.. Birds of a feather flock together the saying goes so they are using each other out of greed and to bring in these global goals under the guide of helping people..

eading by example

At the Rio+20 Summit today, Ms Gillard also won praise from United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon for her "strong visionary leadership" over fighting poverty and climate change.

Mr Ban today appointed the Prime Minister to co-chair with Rwanda global efforts to encourage countries to increase government aid to fight poverty.

It comes despite Australia delaying by one year its pledge to meet the target by 2015.

Mr Ban also said Australia had been "leading by example" on the need to tackle climate change.

Ms Gillard's appointment was announced at the Rio+20 sustainable development conference in Brazil. She will co-chair a panel of experts who include CNN founder Ted Turner and rock star turned poverty campaigner Bob Geldof.

"I really count on the Prime Minister's strong visionary leadership and commitment," Mr Ban said

KEVIN Rudd has confirmed he has been approached to take up a job with the United Nations.

But Mr Rudd reaffirmed he intends to serve a full term if elected in Griffith, saying any role with the UN would only be part time.

"The UN Secretary-General (Ban Ki-moon) telephoned Mr Rudd a couple of weeks ago and among other matters raised the possibility of Mr Rudd of being appointed to a United National panel which might look at a number of issues related to development," a statement from his office said.

"When in New York last week, Mr Rudd met with the UN Secretary-General who explained that such a panel may comprise of a significant number of former and current heads of government, prime ministers and ministers from developing and developed countries.''

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