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Layoffs start at the Clinton Foundation.

US Congressional report on Bill Clinton's role in the deaths for profit Indian Aids drugs scandal

Clinton Foundation Report

Here are a few comments from Charles Ortel.


This is worth a close read--Rep. Marsha Blackburn continues to dig into the massive set of public filings issued by the Clinton Foundation and by some of its many affiliates.

The attached report concentrates most upon efforts to "fight HIV/AIDS" internationally that have never, in my view, been validly authorized by the IRS, regulated by government authorities, controlled by independent trustees or audited by competent and informed accounting professionals.
I will be commenting upon this document and adding my own analysis in coming days. 
Analysts of the Blackburn report should note the following facts:
1. Bill Clinton, Ira Magaziner, and others began soliciting funds around July 2002 in the name of the Clinton Foundation "to fight HIV/AIDS"--so far, no verified evidence has been issued that these efforts were first authorized by the IRS.
2. Though the Clinton Foundation omits "audits" for 2000 thropugh 2004 from its main website, these are avaiulable through the Commonwealth of MA AG website. 
3. In March 2004, evidently before receiving IRS authorization to control a legal entity engaged internationally fighting HIV/AIDS, certain individuals created Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, Inc. ("Old CHAI") in AR on 24 March 2004 and thereafter may have filed an application on Form 1023 with the IRS for federal rax exemption.
4. There is an Annual Report on Form 990 for Old CHAI for 2004 and for 2005--I have both of these documents, as to colleagues. There is no evidence that Old CHAI received a determination letter.
5. The Clinton Foundation omits the purported merger agreement for Old CHAI into the parent that allegedly occurred on 31 December 2005. In my view, this transaction could not have been perfected lawfully inside the U.S. and in the many countries where both entities had been operating, and subsequently operated.
6. There are massive, unexplained discrepancies in amounts recorded as donations by major Clinton Foundation donors from 2004 through 2009, and amounts recorded in Schedule B for the Clinton Foundation. (Bear in mind, I have details of donations issued in the Old CHAI 990s for 2004 and 2005).
7. From 1997, through 2007, the Clinton Foundation still has not disclosed aggregate government grants on its 990s as is strictly required.
8. From 2004, through 2007, the Clinton Foundation has not disclosed details concerning all grants by governments on its NY State CHAR 500 Form (and Schedule 4b) as is strictly required.
9. Amounts disclosed as having been spent by the Clinton Foundation on pharmaceuticals from 2004 through 2009 are far below amounts that government donors (UNITAID, Australia, Norway, others) and private donors (Gates, Children's Investment Fund, others) claim they sent towards the Clinton Foundation for this specific purpose.
10. The application to the IRS on Form 1023 for Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. claims incorrectly that it is not a successor organization--this application (unlike the orginal parent and CGI applications) is omitted from the Clinton Foundation portal but available through NY State Charity Bureau Search.
A U.S. public charity must control its foreign operations tightly from a U.S. base:
The record is clear that the Clinton Foundation never has done so--so the headline argument that the Clinton Foundation or CHAI has "done more good than harm" fighting HIV/AIDS internationally seems a stretch.
Many more details are out in the public domain--I will soon begin the process of adding detailed analysis of the entire Clinton Foundation public record (not simply HIV/AIDS), including affiliated charities and including individuals connected to the Clinton Charity network who have derived more than insubstantial private gain.
This is a large, as yet unprosecuted set of charity frauds, hiding in plain sight.
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