18 months after incorporation, Clinton Aids Chairman Magaziner "doesn't know" about its structure
Dominican Republic "gotcha" documents that should sink the Clinton Foundation

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I'll be on the Richie Allen show at 9PM British Standard Time tonight (Wednesday 14 September, UK)

We will be talking about the Clinton Foundation, particularly the Australian connection.

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If you want to know:

How Prime Minister Rudd hid $10M taxpayer donation to the Clinton Foundation - before Bill introduced Rudd to the UN Leaders crowd as "the smartest most well read leader"

Why taxpayers donated $14M to the Clinton Foundation for a carbon accounting system in Kenya, Africa - using a software system developed at a cost of millions by Australia - just before Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State introduced Gillard to the UN global education crowd???????

Who did Prime Minister Gillard cancel a dinner date with - on the day she hooked up with Hillary in New York?
Why did Australia donate more than $25M for HIV/Aids "help" from the Clinton Foundation when the Clinton Foundation was mustering unpaid volunteers to do the work?

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.10.00 amAnd most tragically, what's the death toll?

Australian taxpayers paid $100 million for pharmaceuticals under an agreement with the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton's arrangements included the worthless, deadly, dodgy drugs from India's Ranbaxy Laboratories.  By 4 August 2004 Clinton knew about it.

So why when the US Justice Department settled on a USD HALF A BILLION DOLLAR FINE for the smiling Singh brothers' company Ranbaxy Laboratories (which they had sold for a huge profit), did Bill Clinton fly to India to thank them?

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