Moves afoot to extradite Ralph Blewitt to face charges over The AWU Scandal
"Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Can you find answers for Hillary?


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Edward James

Yeah real good stuff, caring works in a circular way!


That's epic.

Here's one I prepared for the boys of ISIS. Out of bacon.


Michael what a brilliant lady and a great story.

Today I was sorting some old CDs and I found one of Anne Murrays titled " a little good news".

Just what this world needs now.

Sorry I don't know how to post a link but it's on U tube. And even more true today than in 1983.


Michelle Two

Good morning xx feeling better this morning I must of moved some of the ego energy from soul.. Beautiful story but I can inform you there are more good souls in the world then there are dark ones but it is the darker souls that create all the turmoil and drama for the rest of us.. We all have darkened days and ways as it is a part of our dual energy system that is your soul so we are all the same really but when you are in a dark energy of ego you will make the dark choices some call and have called it evil in the days gone past especially in religious circles.. It is really a dense dark energy of your souls energy system and this energy has been what brings in your soul lessons as it is based in fear which can only be felt on earth as our soul energy goes through the veil of rebirth so in every incarnation we have we forget of our true nature because the fear energy creates what we call our karmic energy where our soul has to balance that energy in order to get our life lessons.. When in dark energy we can't hear our higher guidance from our higher soul until we can shift that energy out of our soul system this is when the soul breaks through and sees the silver lining so a change of thought that is of love and positive action because once again your soul has seen the light and with that positive thought in come the solutions or the guidance you had hoped for..
The lady above would of been devastated after the fire had it not be for the good hearted people that put her life and mission of making quilts back to where it should be, in reality because she was creating good karma around herself all her life that energy came back to her so she could continue to be a light in others life.. We create our own reality by the soul energy we create within and around ourselves this is why I also have had a peaceful life as I truly shy away from drama I always have as a child I didn't even throw tantrums as that is a way one brings in attention and drama to themselves because they are not getting their own way this is a dark energy of ego so maybe I was born knowing already of how to be placid and peaceful even while the world around me is chaotic and manic with to many souls trying to fit in to a peer group of some kind and them taking your own soul power and control out of your hands, so you giving in to fear energy in order to be controlled and fit in (it is done by using your emotions, I like to call it emotional blackmail as those that are of darkness use this method to steal your energy by replacing your compassion with fear with emotive language).. Also in my own darkness by searching within being able to pull myself out of it, after losing my son that would have been my darkest hours but it was the love that always has pulled me through the love of being of service and to not put others through the pain I feel, but instead lift them out of it by my own experiences in life and knowing how to deal with emotional pain so you can always be of love and light ..
I thought I would chose a Louise Hay card this morning I will do a card reading on FB later though..
"Love is my teacher - Think of someone you care for deeply.. Ask love to show you how to make your relationship sweeter and more loving."
Once you do this your soul will show you the way of it as your soul true nature is of love and light so you will always be shown the guidance by your own inner knowing and knowing what to do to mend bridges or to walk away in order to gain your own souls energy and control back from others if your relationships are just not meant to be, the soul always knows of its divine plan it is the human mindset that has to find the way with the choices it makes in life because it is through those choices your life is created by your own energy and emotional actions you take out of fear or love .. love and light xx
Have a great Sunday, it is school holidays now so a good time for a bit of a break from work for me at least for one week with the afternoons off. Love you always xx


Brilliant. That's more like what ABC should be reporting about
too. Not the hatred and Gillard's red-soled boots on ANZAC Day.

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