Chairman Mal remembers fixing union corruption is a "vital, critical part of our economic plan".
Wikileaks emails expose Clinton colluding with Google when our site was shut down in 2014

8 undercovers in Hillary Clinton campaign - 12 mths of hidden cameras - Part One today

Congratulations to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.

8 operatives infiltrated the Clinton campaign from the grass roots right to the top - the White House.  They were there for 12 months.

James and his team set up a sham offshore corporate entity offering money way outside the law.  They recorded Clinton and her team's illegal actions in response.

Today James released Part One.  Every day for the next two weeks there'll be more.

Wikileaks released emails pointing to some very dodgy and criminal deals.

O'Keefe's team recorded the people who did those deals. Up to and including Clinton.

Today you'll be sickened to hear of the Clinton team covertly inciting and delivering violence at Trump rallies.