Australia's bid to join Saudi Arabia on the UN Human Rights Council. Seriously.
FBI "extensive ongoing investigation" into the Clinton Foundation confirmed on CNN

Bill Thompson's Outside Insiders fame precedes him - Julie Bishop beat him to ZedCar


Bill forwarded this morning's 'ON THE WAY IN' instalment via a comment on another thread

Bill Thompson said...

Michael, I was hoping to chat with Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, this morning, Outside “Insiders” but after waiting at the curbside for about 10 minutes, while she was talking on her mobile phone in the zeddie, I spotted Phil Coorey & decided to ask him about the latest election-rigging update from Chicago. Cheers!

Liz of Vic said in reply to Bill Thompson...


I suggest, she knew you were there and did not wish to talk with you!

She is as cunning as a fox.

ON THE WAY OUT - Julie lives up to Elisabeth's observation!