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Sydney's Muslim riots become a minor campaign issue in US election

Clinton Foundation setting up the chess board in Australian government

The Clinton Foundation sets the gold standard in influence peddling.

The young bloke in this case study went to the US on a Clinton associated scholarship, did 4 years work at the Clinton Foundation, hooked up with Penny Wong in New York and came back to Oz with a contact book just bursting with Clintons.   He was a great investment for the Clintons, as you'll see.   It's almost pretty to watch them in action.

This excerpt is from the June 2006 edition of the Fulbright scholarship scheme's magazine. 

The Fulbright magazine is well put together and where a figure is quoted, it will be on the basis that it was supplied by a credible source.

So someone close to the Clinton HIV/Aids Initiative at the time thought of the "business" as a multi billion dollar concern!

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Just on four years later and Climate Change Minister Penny Wong was in New York during the Clinton Global Initiative for this!


Advance Event: Green Advisory Group Launch (NYC, Sep 2009) from Advance Global on Vimeo.

And who came back to Australia with her, bringing the Clinton Foundation right into the heart of the Gillard Government?

Here's Ormond House's magazine.

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We come to expect this sort of placement planning with young graduates like McCann.  

What's much, much more worrying is the effectiveness with which the Clintons have played the same game with much more senior people, including at least one minister of the crown.  A Liberal too....foreign affairs as it happens...........more in detail soon, including a referral for potential prosecution.