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Gillard's taxpayer funded office and chief of staff hard at work for Hillary

As a former Prime Minister Julia Gillard gets an office, travel, phone/internet/newspapers/periodicals and staff.

Her Chief of Staff is former Fairfax executive, Obama staffer and tireless campaigner for Hillary and the Clintons Bruce Wolpe.

With all of her Australian taxpayer funded facilities, it's nice to think that Julia's Chief of Staff wrote to Hillary's Campaign Chairman to say Julia would "extend whatever support she can" to get Hillary into the White House.

And keep the gravy train and the good times rollin'!


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Besides his time picking up Ms Gillard's dry cleaning, Mr Wolpe is able to use his Australian taxpayer funded boss's office, facilities and time to indulge his other passions including campaigning for Hillary

He might as well consider a full time job at the ABC too where too much pro-Hillary opinion is never enough.

Bruce Wolpe

Bruce Wolpe

Bruce Wolpe was on the Democratic staff in Congress in President Obama's first term. He is a supporter of Hillary Clinton's campaign. He is chief of staff to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The views expressed in his column for The Drum on the 2016 election campaign are solely and exclusively his own.