Do we want to live like this? End-game with The Clinton Complex.
I'm back! Thanks for all your good wishes and remedies


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Hope you are OK mate.


Get well soon Michael, but make sure you are fully recovered before rejoining the fray


Hope you are well soon.

The Fifth Bike Rider of the Apocalypse

Sorry to hear you're crook Michael. If you were a Doggies fan, you would be walking on water tonight!
You might not be too chipper in the morning but, hey, what the hell.
Hope you become 'un-crook' very soon.

Edward James

Good to get a heads up after the long silence. Get well soon Michael. I will put a hundred in the NAB on Monday. Edward James from my Dolls House


Thanks for letting us know Michael. Get well soon.And stay safe.

DAve Simpson

Sorry to learn you are unwell Michael. I hope you recover soon. God bless you & kind regards, DAve

peter marsh

get well soon michael our thoughts are with you

Michelle two

Good morning xx the angels wanted you to take a nreak but you shouldn't let yourself get so run down.. I have been sending love, light and many healing angels to get you back on the road.. take care of your self so you make it home safe and sound xx love always xx


sorry to hear of your being unwell. Get well soon. A big thank you for all your efforts in bringing the TRUTH to all of us. While getting well soon, enjoy the rest. All the very best.


Do take care Michael, do some research on Colloidal Silver.
Get well soon

Eternal Optimist

Rest up and get well soon, Michael.


Stay safe and warm Michael. All the very best for a speedy recovery.


Get well, dear Michael.
An avid reader


Don't worry about anything, relax and get well. Cheers Faye

Philip Wills

Man Flu I guess

alan jones

I do hope that you are soon over being "Crook", Michael. All the best from Alan


Why, what did you eat? A Malaysian python? It should be the other
way around.
Myself i would have settled for chicken feet. Did eat it once along
with ox tongue, garden snails (you have to put them in salt and very
warm water so they give up their faeces and then boil them twice then
prize them out with a fork) and sea snails (boiled - ones with same
shell shape as garden snails) and limpets (live or dead boiled).

But guessing none of the above is what made you sick. It may be food
gastro or some virus. Don't keep us in suspense what it was though
if it's one of the above - life in South East Asia - you're a walking
tourist guide.

Bill Thompson

Oh, sure! A sickie which just happens to coincide with the Grand Final long weekend! Like we're supposed to believe that...

Michelle Two

I hope you are starting to feel a bit better, missing you xx I've just arrived home so won't put anymore research up until you are back on your feet... please take it easy and I thought I would draw a card from Archangel Raphael of which I have send the healing energy your way with his team of healing angels I also ask the healing energy of Mother Mary whenever I send healing energy to anyone that needs healing for health issues or emotional issues as all divine energy is a healer and there is no separation of energy whose ever angelic presence you invoke as it works as one life force energy for your soul.. All divine energy comes with love because it is of a high vibration for your soul so you can also call on it as well and focus that energy on what part of your body needs healing so you are telling your body that you are ready for this to pass so you can move forward with your divine plan.. It came up because you have not been looking after your self in mind, body and soul as all your life force energy is united and your senses will tell you when you need to slow down which is probably why the "Admit to yourself and take action" card came out the other day your emotions and senses in your body will always let you know if you are pushing it and if you are having sleepless nights it means you may not be taking care of your emotional needs so your mind keeps ticking over all that runs through it but that also leads to your body to start breaking down.. You know within yourself what must be done..
I just done the cards the first card flipped was Jesus so you can call on him as well to bring in the divine healing energy you need to get back on your feet and when you do you need to go and get some "Fresh air" which is the second card as you need to get some oxygen and healing energy from nature to get your soul back on track and healing from any pain you may of been having when you went down over the weekend.. I have the feeling it has something to do with your digestive system so watch what you eat and drink and don't let it flare up by doing things you know you shouldn't.. Earlier I did draw a few cards on my phone app "Indigo and Crystal children" was for the past, the present was "Overcoming difficulties" which may be this health issue plus other situation in your life that you may need to get over to reach your dreams..The 3rd was "Breathe" so don't worry about anything take some deep breathes which would be why the fresh air card also came out you are worrying too much about life you need to relax and just go with your own life force energy but make it peaceful inside and it will be peaceful on the outside because all your answers and solutions to your problems will come in with clarity so they are not problems just challenges your soul will and can overcome without the negative blocking your answers.. love and light xx
Some healing music .. the other night you were in my dreams and documents came up as well as other things but we were chasing documents and I told you "they will turn up" so not sure if it means anything.. the sun is out today you always xx


Hoping you're feeling much better very soon are sorely missed x


Me too, mate. Heavy cold, snotty nose, headache, etc.
Simple cure. Take some of Granny Clampett's XXXX Home Brew, go to bed and in 10 days you'll be better.

Michelle Two

I keep asking the angels how I can help you and the cards are all the same "Pray always" - (Luke 21:36) and "Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you." - (John 16:23) this was from the Jesus deck I drew it after getting the Jesus the Divine Healer in the last comment.. So I only just thought to call in Archangel Michael as well the message was also "Pray will help this situation" and "Keep your eyes on the targeted intention" so I will keep sending love and healing energy your way for all area's mind, body and soul focus on this loving healing energy yourself when you get to read this to lift your soul back up and stay positive even if in your mind you might be struggling at the moment ... you will be in my thoughts till you get back up to being yourself again.. love and light xx


"Crook" a good old Aussie expression. Get well soon Michael and glad to know you are safe and sound.

joining the dots

Wishing you a speedy recovery mate.


'Lying Crooked Hillary' website is hilarious. There are 10 lies
so far listed in this link and if wait a few seconds after clicking
on each one there's a video of Hillary fibbing and in all of them
is Trump on the lectern saying 'Crooked Hillary Clinton' and
'Make America great again'......

Michelle Two

Good morning xx I won't leave too many messages here while you recover but have left you some angel messages on my FB page "Avoid Allergens" was one and "Relationship" was another so try not to worry and look after yourself until you feel better and avoid foods that send in triggers that have your health issue resurface.. love you always hope you are back on your feet again soon.. the sun is now gone it is raining again.. call in angelic help to heal your troubles xx


Hi Michael, hope you're feeling better?

Here's a quickie that might make people think differently.


Hope this doesn't make you more ill.

Fat Tony

Hope he is not suffering from Arkancide.....


do what you need to get well. Australia really needs people like you, & we are a much better nation for it despite arrogant dangerous politicians running wild!


Speedy recovery, Michael
Lots of bed rest.
Best wishes

Michelle Two

I just got a message to tell you to slow down there is no rush don't push your soul any harder then it needs to go, you need to go at a turtle pace and regain your energy and take life at a slower speed you don't have to be in a hurry your souls divine plan is timeless so don't wear your vehicle (body) out in trying to get things completed go at your own pace don't try and push yourself to fit in with everyone else's agenda.. listen to your soul and heart beat follow your emotions and always express yourself as an indigo soul you always have to push yourself to the limit and then beat yourself up over what it is you express.. One of your life lessons is to learn how to be at peace and to slow down your soul needs to be calmed so much passion and fire exists inside you need to learn how to balance this energy within yourself maybe that is why I was sent as I go at a turtle pace in life doing things in my own time if I don't have human responsibilities like work I would probably do things on impulse rather then have a plan as having a plan means being in control of any situation within your life I am a very patient soul always have been.. waiting for my soul divine plan to unfold has me being a bit impatient at times as I know sort of what is coming but have no control over the timing as that is up to the divine and soul being in synchronicity with the energy to bring it all home as what other souls do is out of my control because they also have to be in the right divine energy so they to can get any lessons they needed to in this life time.. but have faith and look after yourself and never stop asking soul and spirit for what it is you need in life to make it easier on you so a wake up call to slow down your energy a bit and get yourself well and to re energise your soul by taking a break and in that time doing your soul searching so you can find out exactly what it is that is going on internally and then living out your dreams without the negative talk an indigo soul goes through in life as their souls took on many challenges in one life time in order to fulfill a divine soul purpose to be of service to humanity.. You personally took on a lot of challenges but life will get easier if you can create life at a slower pace and take care of your own needs first then you will have plenty of love to give others because of it.. love and light xx
Keep going no time to give up yet you still have the best bits of life to come even if that is unknown to you at this time, not sure when you will read this but souls energy is timeless and immortal so it is always now time when you go at your own pace.. love you always open your heart to receive this energy to heal you from any worries you have in life, you will be okay... love is eternal for soul as well as it is our true state of being xx

destroyer D69

At Infowars and zero hedge sites The first 9/11 lawsuit against Saudi filed in US courts... Stephanie Desimone Vs Kingdom of Saudi Arabia No mention yet on Aust media......


Sorry to hear that Michael. Hope you are better soon and can sort out the ungodly again. You do a fantastic job.

Michelle two

Good morning xx the message for today is "Love" let it lead you to all the healing you need as you need to slow down as was the message last night. Love will lead you home when soul is ready.. love is the guiding light to freedom open your heart to give and receive you deserve it you have worked far to hard to give up now you have almost made it.. love you always xx ❤


Got To Get Better

Things Can Only Get Better

jan conway

Michael, The days are ticking past since you told us you were unwell. I do hope that you continue to improve in the coming days and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your monumental work is much appreciated by those of us who have followed you from the start of your web-based journey. Michael, periods of bed-rest are always times to take stock of what is happening in your life. Be proud of the resilience with which you have been able to walk your often very difficult pathway. Your perseverance and dogged pursuit of Truth is constantly inspiring. Never stop believing that Goodness eventually overcomes all that is Darkness.


Sent your regular fortnightly payment to your bank Mike.
Hope that you are recovering and will soon be back to your usual pragmatic self.


Hope you are back on deck soon>


Hope you are back on deck soon.

Chris Ottaway

Get well soon, mate. :)

DAve Simpson

I hope you get well soon Mike.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx I hope you are starting to feel a bit better within yourself I wasn't going to leave a message this morning but I have been working hard with the angelics and soul to try and get you back up on your feet so what ever is going on in your mind as your ego has come in and you may be feeling not the best so you need to "Detach from the situation" so stop looking at things from a negative point of view for what you are going through with your health is only a temporary setback and you need to move on from this situation now call on Archangel Michael to help you detach from any drama that is surrounding you now.. release and let go of all negative attributes you have about yourself and where it is you are going in this life for you have so much more to do as your divine soul plan has not been met as yet.. Your dreams let them foster and grow with a positive attitude as they will manifest themselves once you get past this hurdle and start looking after your health and nurturing your soul and your dreams.. Call on the angelics to help lift your soul out of this low energy and have a belief and trust in yourself and with what it is you are doing you are on the right path but don't make it one of self destruction your soul didn't come here to do that but it is a part of your journey to help you release what it is you no longer need for your soul.. look to love and let it lead you home you are almost there so things will improve for you when you can create and manifest with positive energy that is what will surround you and you will always bring in what you need for your soul journey and to make your life comfortable..
"Go Forward Fearlessly" is the second message so lose your doubts and self worth issues call on the angelic family to help you have the courage and faith to go on and continue with your work but pace yourself so you don't have these setbacks again there is no hurry all that you need to expose will come to you don't burn yourself out in the process of revealing the truth for there is no time limit to have this truth revealed as all is as it should be and you will get the information you need with an open heart and mind for clarity and the ideas and free thoughts will always come to you but you need to stress less, and know that what you do matters and is of importance though you may not see the end result now it is for the betterment of humanity your soul chose to do this in this life time to bring in the new energy with love and truth always being on your side.. love and light xx
Yesterday I kept asking for a sign to say you are okay this song came on the radio twice so here it is it reminds me of my son Phillip he would of been 24 today.. I played it over and over again with the rest of Mariah Carey album after he died because the songs spoke to me about how I was feeling and that he had gone from my life I felt so lost then.. have a great afternoon please try and detach from ego so you can move forward fearlessly and manifest those dreams and continue with the divine soul plan you set you have worked so hard to get this far start looking after yourself to bring it home where you belong..I will continue to send you love, light and healing from soul and spirit xx love you always xx

Michelle two

The angels are telling me for you to write down all your emotions in order to release them.. the dark and the light ones all need to come out of your soul energy system so the angels will take away the ones that will no longer serve your higher soul.. you will be okay and you are never alone.let love lead the way.. xx


Ok - getting quite concerned now
Are you ok??

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