FBI "extensive ongoing investigation" into the Clinton Foundation confirmed on CNN
Our readers asked for details on @HumaAbedin - Ms Abedin we'd love you to contribute

Our coverage of Australia's Clinton Foundation frauds starting February 2015

Our readers are the heroes in pointing out the Clinton Foundation frauds in Australia.

Our first detailed analysis of CF started with former PM GILLARD's appointment as Chancellor of Ducere Global Business School in February 2015.

One of our great researchers made the first link, Seeker of Truth said "Ducere is a donor to CF - link here.  It donated $1.8M in 2014 -  link here."

Marg of Nambour replied, "Not well-known is the fact that The Australian government is a donor to CF. The Australian government has given between $5 million and $10 million, at least part of which came in 2014. It also gave in 2013, when its donations fell in the same range.  Wall Street Journal reference here".

Seeker of Truth again, "Initially the Howard Government donated $25million in 2006 for a four year period to CF to work in partnership with them to deliver treatment and care for people living with HIV/Aids in PNG, Vietnam and China and other Asian Pacific countries. It was done by way of a Memorandum of Understanding - DFAT link here.

"It appears that after the intial 4 year period expired in 2010, the Gillard government renewed the partnership arrangement with the CF and its off-shoot CHAI, and committed another $25million from the AusAid budget for its HIV/Aids program. The partnership is due to expire sometime in 2016 - CF link here.

"Recently the Clinton Foundation has been caught up in the HSBC secret Swiss bank accounts scandal, with many of its big donors hiding their money away in these HSBC accounts - link here.

There's plenty more in that first story about Ducere.  Channel Ten's The Project have posted to it a few times, and several students and former students have commented, none favourably except for one standout comment!

Our next foray into the CF was more than eighteen months ago on 24 April 2015.

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We seriously started investigating from that point.  Our first data source was the Austender website with a range of CF contributions recorded there.  It also recorded contracts awarded to independent and highly qualified auditors to conduct end-of-contract reviews for the purported work done by the CF.  Those audits have been critical in exposing the frauds.

On 28 August 2015 the first of Charles Ortel's 385 letters to me - thus far - arrived! "....Excellent work on this.....How might I get the complete list to all Clinton entities from 2002 to present---or is this the complete list?"

Same day from me to Charles, 
"I'd be happy to have a background chat with you on some of the ways people like the Clintons get access to our money without it necessarily showing up on the contracts page.
Hilary is very good friends with our former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
This link might sound weird out of context - it followed a locally notorious press conference with Gillard and Clinton in which Clinton vowed and declared that she had "seen the movie" regarding Gillard's accused frauds and she "knows how it ends". 
Have quite a deal more, happy to talk if you want.
Charles to me, same day (actually well into the night)
I am not familiar with Australian law, but there are some massive problems I see looking through the larger grants.
In the first place, "Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative" ("Old CHAI") operating from 225 Water Street in Quincy, MA was NEVER lawfully constituted inside the U.S. as a duly-authorized IRS-approved tax exempt entity.
Second, the Clinton Foundation was NEVER lawfully authorized to control Old CHAI.
Third, the Commonwealth of MA involuntarily reovoked (a bad thing involving charities in that it disqualifies a charity or purported charity from fundraising among other serious problems legally) the authority of Old CHAI to operate in MA effective 31 December 2007. 
Nevertheless, Ira Magaziner (the notorious Chairman--google to see what I mean), Bill Clinton and others continued and continue to operate an entity they illegally formed (in connnivance with Lois Lerner's department inside the IRS--also worth googling) a similarly named Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. ("New CHAI") from an address on Dorchester Street in Boston.
Fourth, Ira Magaziner operated at least one for-profit entity from the exact same address, phone and fax number in Quincy in which Old CHAI was physically based---the manner in which he did so and failed to disclose repeatedly over years is strictly forbidden under U.S. law.
So, with this background, grants CN 60579 (generally for HIV/AIDS) of AUD 5,257,378.50 between 31 Jul 2006 and 30 Jul 2009, and CN 60580 (for China) between 31 Jul 2006 and 30 Sep 2009 of AUD 1,840,322,00 were made to a non-exempt, illegally constituted entity. I assume this is a problem under Australian law and in the countries where the monies ended up getting spent.
Portions of the grants CN 310696 (Papua New Guinea) of AUD 15,127,586.10 between 14 Aug 2006 and 31 Dec 2010, and CN 119937 (Indonesia) of AUD 4,323,000.00 between 1 Oct 2007 and 31 Oct 2010 had the same problems as mentioned in the immediately preceeding paragraph.
Portions received from 29 September 2009 forward should have gone to New CHAI--if they did not, then there are other problems to discuss.
One wonders how carefully the AUSAID "folks" audited their grants and who may have become corrupted in this process, assuming it actually occurred.
Do not feel bad, the Clintons defrauded much larger amounts (at least $566 million US) from UNITAID (google with Jerome Corsi to see what he has already written on this matter). They also defrauded the Gates Foundation and the Children's Investment Fund as well as numerous government donors.
Moreover, it is likely (google "Dirty Medicine" and Ranbaxy) that some of the HIV/AIDS drugs purchased with Australian money were actually fake/damaged and highly probable that the receipts tendered as evidence were forged/invented.
All told, our analysis of publicly available information only show that the Clinton Foundation, (12 Jul 2002 through 31 Dec 2013) has raised close to US $ 2 billion using false and materially misleading public disclosures. In this country, lesser offenses are felonies and punished with serious jail time.
If you google me you will find articles and interviews--at www.charlesortel.com a first interim report dated 20 April 2015 explains some earlier findings.
Most interested to discuss whenever and however it proves convenient to you.
I hope the Australian government will become motivated to investigate this continuing affront to humanity, charity, and decency.
What is the best way to bring this matter to the appropriate media and governmental persons in Australia?
Same day - my response - hard to believe now!!!!!
Thank you Charles for the prompt and useful reply
Julie Bishop our Foreign Minister is pretty good and straight as far as I can tell - she and I have worked on corruption busting since the Gillard affair.
She was Deputy Opposition Leader and Gillard Prime Minister in this exchange in our House of Representatives
this is a little of the work I did on Gillard's government - there's now a $60M Royal Commission of Enquiry into the matters raised.

Since winning government in 2013 Julie Bishop has been Foreign Minister and has shown a bias for action on the side of the good guys
We pointed to this rort
She cancelled it
Gillard's party was hell bent on shovelling money into the hands of others
Julie has just had this minor review - it's rats and mice but a start

Julie Bishop cracked heads over AusAID fraud


I'll go back to sleep and think about how best to approach the Clinton matter

Charles wrote back

Great Michael-
I look forward to your ideas and am glad of your experience, contacts, and interest.
Left alone, the U.S. system might elect to try sweeping this horrific mess under the rug.
I do not think a cover-up is appropriate and, instead, believe world attention needs to be concentrated on charity frauds, whether operated by humble or supposedly august persons.
Most happy to brief you and whomever else you may suggest, including Bishop's office/staff/herself.
Enjoy your rest and kind regards...c.
I sent that whole exchange to another journalist (with Charles's permission).  Sadly there was no interest in covering the story.  I have since sent now countless notes to other journalists - same result.
I contacted Julie Bishop's office - and was amazed to be stonewalled.  I simply could not believe the answers I received.  That is until I twigged to the extent of various player personal involvement with the Clintons.
On 29 August 2015 I published this story - yes more than one year ago.


Since then the Clinton Foundation and the Gillard matters have been intertwined and a constant background feature to this website.
I'll let you in on a secret as to why I wrote this piece.
When Craig Thomson was charged I republished this video of a segment on Paul Murray's show about Craig Thomson and me.
Rowan Dean contacted me to say, "Mate, I just wanted to let you know how fascinated I was by that video with you and Murray about Craig Thomson.  It was like someone had discovered a long lost film of The Beatles recording Abbey Road".
These historical records are important.   Charles Ortel's work is important.   And so is ours.
One thing I have never been able to understand in the media - and it's caused me immense problems - is that in our society it's not the facts, it's not the truth, it's not the data or the research that matters.  
What counts is who said it.
I've published enough details about the CF frauds involving DFAT for anyone to check it out, pick it up and run with the stories.
But the herd stands, sniffs the breeze and looks inwardly for guidance.
We're not well served by slovenly research habits in the gallery.
Nor by taking sides.
It took a few weeks for the Craig Thomson fuse to fire the charge.
Gillard's is still burning.   But in both cases there was a palpable sense of that moment in time when the blue touch paper was definitely alight.
That time is now for the Clinton Foundation frauds.   And it's not just us looking into them.
If you missed it on Saturday, here's Ross Cameron - serendipitously - on Paul Murray live with the Clinton "Abbey Road" comment. 
I hope Rowan and I are around in a few years to toast the correct outcome to this story too!