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Two Commissions found Kimberley Kitching committed criminal offences and lied in evidence

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Senator Elect Kimberley Kitching sat Right of Entry Permit tests for Diana Asmar and 6 other members of her HSU branch.

Kitching gave false evidence about the tests to the TURC and Fair Work Commission.

A union official's Right of Entry permit authorises his or her entry into workplaces without the need to seek permission.

It's a very powerful authority, in some respects it carries the power of a search warrant.

It is only granted after the applicant satisfactorily completes a course of study and a test of competence.

The authority funded to provide the course and the test is the ACTU.

In December 2014 Commissioner Heydon delivered an interim report after having heard the evidence surrounding Kimberley Kitching dishonestly sitting the Right of Entry Permit tests purporting to have been taken by others.

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A second CommonwealthCommission, this one the standing Fair Work Commission found against her too.

MONDAY, 29 JUNE 2015