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Clinton Foundation Friends at DFAT still advancing the cause in Papua New Guinea

ATO, Aust Charities & NFP Commission lining up Islamic charity fraudsters

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Last week the ATO and ACNC took overdue action against Islamic sham charities. Islamist support organisations have been subsidised by Australian taxpayers for too long.

The Islamist starting point is that adding the word Muslim to anything makes it above our law and tax system.

We have given too much away already.

On Friday we took a bit back.


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Islamists play for keeps.  They are an amoral enemy committed to expansionism by the sword, terror, institutional duplicity and stolen resources.

It's hard work for us just to hold our ground against them.  Every inch Islamism moves forward is an inch taken from us.

Our tax, regulatory, legal and cultural settings should default to halting Islamist moves.  Any ground we cede should come at the greatest cost possible to them.  The idea we should be obliged to subsidise Islamism is an anathema to our way of being.

The least worst response to domestic Islamism is to deny its hate preachers platforms, to criminalise its promoters and to deal with their actions.  Blandishments about a benign global movement of peace do no one any good.

In June this year the prime minister triggered an unnecessary and destructive confrontation by inviting mainstream Muslim preachers to a dinner in our Kirribilli House, a symbol of our democracy.

The most senior of Australia's mainstream Muslim hate-preachers Sheik Shady was there in the loving embrace of friends.  A Google search for his videos is all it takes to find his promotion of Islamic punishments like stoning for adultery and homosexuality.  That is his incitement to commit serious crimes in Australia.

If Turnbull's stupidity delivered the inevitable confrontation he's amplified it since by appeasing the crooks.

After Shady stared Turnbull down, the Grand Mufti escalated the mainstream Muslim response suggesting it's we who criticise Shady who should be punished. With death.

Turnbull just smiled.  Weakened he limped away.

Now the charity regulator and tax office are doing Turnbull's clean-up work with Islamists who treat our tax laws like Shady does gay rights.

Just months ago Keysar Trad took over as President of the Federation of Islamic Councils of Australia.

The Council could not have made a better choice to continue on the way of Mohammed.

Australian courts have proven Trad personifies Mohammed's chief attributes.  

Trad is a disgraceful person who incites others to commit acts of violence;  he incites racist attitudes; he is a vexatious pest at best and a person who is dangerous in Australian society.

Here is his monocultural mono-gendered patriarchical extension of the life of Mohammed in the Board of the Australian (I know) Federation of Islamic Councils.

AMAN, MOHAMMED M. Board Member
ATES, KARIM Board Member
JNEID, KHALED Board Member
TRAD, KEYSAR President

AT present this Arab outpost enjoys the mostly unwilling support of Australian taxpayers.

Let's wish our representatives well in the process of protecting our values.  The first steps were taken a couple of months back.

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God bless The Queen, Australia and all Australians.

The police and the ATO should be able to take care of the rest.

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إليزابيث، من خلال نعمة من الله وكل ما هو جيد، ملكة أستراليا