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Clinton memo - CHAI broke & bailed out - illegally spent $23M from restricted grants


Julie Bishop's department has conned us into believing all its dealings with the CHAI have been on a fee for service basis, where our money has been used only for the purposes we've earmarked it for.

This memo is reasonably solid proof that the Clinton Foundation has been misleading us.

Erskine Bowles is an American businessman who served as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff during his presidency and more recently as an advisor to Clinton.

In this email to Bill Clinton on the "Ira" (Magaziner) issue, Bowles is reviewing documents regarding the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a "management letter" from the CHAI to Bill Clinton and Clinton's proposed response.

Bowles makes note of this extraordinary misuse of $23M in "restricted grant" money paid to the Clinton Health Access Initiative by donors (like the Australian Government) which the CHAI used for other purposes.  He also notes that had the CHAI not been bailed out, it was "on the brink of disaster" ie insolvent and heading for winding up.

He may be referring to the CHAI 1, the entity the Australian Government signed an MOU with on 22 February 2006.  Or CHAI 2, the entity Julie Bishop signed a replacement MOU with in September 2014.  Either way it's disastrous that we were contracting with an entity purportedly delivering services on our behalf that was so mismanaged.

How does a charity lose $23M of restricted grant money? What controls were in place?  How were the controls so ineffective?  Where were the auditors?

Was the Australian Government informed of the financial position?  If not, why not?  What action did the Australian Government take to inform itself after I wrote to it pointing out the deficiencies I'd discovered in the CF and CHAI contracts with us?

These are very serious questions.   We have been defrauded by conmen.  And our government is covering it up.

Here's the extract from the Bowles email:

 nor does (Magaziner) acknowledge the role played by you and the CF in bringing the CHAI Foundation back from the edge of disaster created by " CHAI overspending $23 million " ... "of grant funds from restricted grants to fund other CHAI programs " ; (c) nor does he give any credence to the enormous role you have played and CONTINUE to play in directly and indirectly raising funds for CHAI. 

Bill-Clinton-Julie-Bishop (2)

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The Australian Government has received plenty of warnings about the Clinton Foundation and its HIV/Aids Initiative from me.  The mismanagement, the Massachusetts regulators dissolution of the entity we contracted with and its replacement with a 2nd CHAI in what appears to have been an attempt at passing off should have triggered substantial enquiries on taxpayers behalf long ago.

Apparently Julie has had other things on her mind.

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Ms Bishop was at the coal face today in Melbourne in a fancy frock and keeping company with colourful industrial relations and property development identities.

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