General Michael Flynn on Clinton Foundation and it$ perilou$ I$lamic connection$
Prince Harry's news for Australians on our Wounded Warriors. Lest We Forget.

Hillary and the Democrats can't stop the lies - and the media can't get enough

This is Margot Gerster with Hillary.  Margot's worked on Hillary's campaign.  They are close and have been for years.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 7.28.41 am

Here's a link to that Facebook page which was working not long ago

But if you click on it today, you'll get this.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 7.29.05 am

That's because even after the election, the Democrats and Hillary set the agenda in the US media.

And that's how Margot became a depressed Clinton voter out for a walk in the woods who happened to bump into Presidential Hillary.  Oh the serendipity.

Hook, line and sinker.  As directed from headquarters.  These are but a few of thousands.




Oh and just to reinforce the happy families out for a walk in the woods, guess who gets the photo credit for snapping the strangers bumping into each other.  Bill the Beard!