2008 secret review - CF operating illegally as political favour shop for Clinton friends
Thiess's letter to Gillard's association wasn't written by a Thiess executive

How long does it take to read 650,000 emails? Who cares, doesn't matter, she walks.



At a rate of 1 email per minute it's 650,000 minutes or 10,833 hours or 541 days and 9 hours.

On 28 October Director Comey wrote to congressmen to inform them of the Weiner computer seizure.

On 30 October the FBI got its warrant to begin examining the contents.

It's 6 November in the US - that's 7 days that Comey's had to examine 650,000 exhibits.

To get the job done in 7 days working 24 hours a day without breaks and spending one minute assessing each of those exhibits would require 77 people - now multiply that by 3 x 8 hour shifts per day - that's around 210 seasoned detectives conjured from nowhere, dropping everything else and doing nothing but reading.

That's one way to determine whether there's a case to answer.

Here's Comey demonstrating a much less career-limiting method.


(FBI Director learning all he needs to know about the Weiner computer and what it means for Hillary)

"Welcome to the White House Director Comey, now did you bring the FBI Letterhead paper?  Great  just slip it into the printer will you.  You must be dying to hear what your investigation found".



Well it's one way to get people out to vote to vote in Trump.