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I wrote to Julie Bishop in February about Gillard & Clinton - she ignored me



Reader Margaret commented in another thread today:

Michael, this isn't just Ms Bishop's actions but I do agree that her staff have ignored your research. Was she made aware or was your query handled by junior staff?


Thanks Marg - here are a few of my many, many communications with BISHOP. 



No it didn’t come through. I will get back to you shortly. Regards,

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From: Michael Smith [mailto:mpsmithnews@gmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, 2 March 2016 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: Request for comment on the Clinton Foundation and associated Clinton entities


Did you receive my note of 1 March?

Do you think the Department or Minister will respond? 


On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Michael Smith <mpsmithnews@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear xxx,

I refer in part to DFAT's release of documents posted on its FOI log here:


In what capacity did Bill Clinton sign the 22 February 2006 MOU with the Australian Government?

Under the heading "Australian Aid Funding to the Clinton Foundation" DFAT's briefing paper refers to a "range of measures concerning the transparency and accountability" of the Foundation, agreed to by President Clinton.   

What were they?

Given that President Clinton did not become a trustee, officer or director of the Clinton Foundation until 2013 how was his "agreement" to the transparency and accountability measures operative?

I note that DFAT has donated about $36M (according to the table in your FOI release) to the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative inc.

Is DFAT satisfied that the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Incorporated was appropriately registered by US authorities to receive donations from foreign governments for aid funding?

On 31 March 2008 the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc was dissolved by regulatory authorities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (the reregistration was backdated to and operative from 31 December 2007 and became operative at that date as a result of breaches of the law by the entity).   The entity wasn't merged with another, it was dissolved.

Last night I received a statement from Mr Howard Cutter of the Corporations Division, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in relation to the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Inc (I refer to the extract from their records showing the involuntary dissolution details attached).

Mr Cutter's statement says:  "The entity was dissolved by our office for failure to file annual reports in consecutive years."

DFAT and AusTender.gov.au records report that DFAT continued to purportedly deal with the Clinton Foundation HIV/Aids Initiative Inc for some years after it was dissolved by the Massachusetts authorities.   Does DFAT have any comment on this matter?

Thank you xxx.

Michael Smith


Michael Smith   Mar 2

I'm so glad I followed up! Thank you, I have quite a bit of material n...

Michael Smith <mpsmithnews@gmail.com>

Mar 2



It's possible that this note to the Minister might have gone astray too.   Could I ask please that you make a polite enquiry on my behalf?   This was a genuine enquiry motivated by the intensity of the US Whistleblowers and the World Bank Tribunal findings about the culture at the Global Partnership since Ms Gillard became chair.


I had assumed Julie was ignoring me.




Michael Smith <bexleyborn@gmail.com>

Feb 14    

to julie.bishop.mp

The Honourable Julie Bishop MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Parliament House  Canberra



Dear Minister,


I refer to this publication of the US Government Accountability Project (GAP) regarding the Global Partnership for Education(GPE),





On 21 January 2016 the GAP agency made the following statements:


What is the “value added” of an organization that rewards the misdeeds of its “Leadership Team?” Will “change and growth” occur at the expense of, say, transparency, accountability and ethical behavior? Will “education sector performance” assessment be conducted in the same way as GPE conducts its job candidate assessments?

The ultimate victims, of course, are the intended beneficiaries of GPE: Rather than being provided with the best educational services the trust fund can offer, they must deal with an organization whose mismanagement at the highest levels needlessly saps resources and talent. This situation deserves serious attention, not only by the GPE Secretariat and Board, but by the Fund’s donors, who contribute millions every year.

Australia is a significant donor to the GPE.   Does Australia agree with the US GAP's assessment that the situation at the GPE deserves serious attention from Australia (as a donor) given that we contribute millions every year?


Perhaps your Department could make some enquiries of the Fund and the US authorities responsible for the bulk of its regulatory and governance compliance.


I propose to treat this letter as an open communication with you and to publish this note and any response you might make to it.



Yours sincerely,


Michael Smith


That letter about Gillard was totally ignored by Bishop and her staff.

After the weeks and weeks of Bishop calling me daily for documents and briefings about The AWU Scandal - and her parliamentary performances based on those briefings I was shocked to discover the extent of her involvement with the Clintons and her support for Gillard.

Thanks for the note Marg - I'm very sorry that there isn't anything encouraging or positive I can say about Ms Bishop at all.

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