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GILLARD on Ralph the war veteran - who suddenly became a pig, imbecile and stooge

 The mashup above takes two Gillard speeches, one on war veterans and one after she turned on Ralph overnight.

You won't believe where she got the pig, imbecile, idiot, stooge quotes from.  More soon.

The shock of Ralph's return from Malaysia would have been a biggie for Gillard.

She's only got herself, Julie Ligetti and Slater and Gordon to blame.

Slater and Gordon's made misleading statements in support of Gillard after Blewitt's first appearance.

She set out from then to discredit her former friend and client.

After Slaters had read from her script, her former partner at Slater and Gordon Nick Styant-Browne delivered the first release of her Exit Interview to set the record straight.

After Ralph made his statements to police, Bruce Wilson was dispatched to the ABC 730 Report to try to match the truth with something more in Gillard's favour.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.43.31 am

Mr Wilson said he sought Ms Gillard's help to set up the AWU association and confirmed she did not create a formal file at the law firm Slater & Gordon for the work she performed. He also said Ms Gillard helped with the paperwork for the creation of the entity, although he added this was not a "real big deal".

"She made the necessary changes," Mr Wilson said. "She filled out on the front page, the words Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association".

In his first television interview since the row over the association erupted this week, dominating federal parliament, Mr Wilson said he felt sorry that Ms Gillard was again going through the controversy.

He said there was no reason why Ms Gillard should continue to be hassled by a "group of people" intent on pursuing the controversy and went on to attack those involved in bringing Mr Blewitt to Australia. "Bringing Ralph to Australia, getting him to go to the police, is nothing more than keeping it in the news," he said.

All of that total bullshit was good for Gillard's headline pursuit.  But very bad for her broader interests.

Unreported because of its boringness within the lurid irresistibility surrounding it was the timebomb.  

Ms Meldrum Carro from ABC 730 took up the grenade of expedient convenience designed by the McTernan group.

Bruce was given the pin.  

Whether he knew or not what would happen as a consequence, he pulled it and released another of the protective layers between the truth and us.

Q Who gave the legal advice.

A. Julia Gillard.

So far so good.  Sticking to plan like shit to a blanket

Q. And what was that legal advice??????????

The abuse of legal professional privilege is the tie that binds for corrupt lawyers.  It's the main reason they exist.  

It's why the HSU accountants' investigations into Craig Thomson were briefed to lawyers as an expensive layer of no value to the honest.   

The AWU is reputed to have spent $800K to stop the TURC's attempts at it. $800K not to establish it, but to resist attempts to penetrate suggests that LPP might be keeping unwanted truths from the eyes of pryers.

Maybe it was bastardry, maybe it was too long in the kitchen or out of the oven. For Bruce's next words dissolved it so far as communications he had with Gillard were concerned.

A. Her advice was....

The only way to complete that safely is "say nothing to no one about nothin'..." 

He didn't say that.  With no basis for further nice guy redactions, Nick Styant Browne released further bits of the ROI in the GILLARD exit interview.

That exposed contradictions between her 1995 answers and what she'd said more recently.

The attacks on Ralph Blewitt's character and credit escalated.

With the material at Slater and Gordon (mostly) unprotected, Ralph's credit became central to protecting Gillard from the truth.

Wilson and GILLARD used Ralph because of the qualities that made him a respected rifleman in Vietnam.

Teams of men at war don't tolerate errors in others that get mates killed.

Ralph took "switch on" literally.

Ralph follows orders slavishly.

And Ralph is loyal, strictly loyal.

He's also got priorities that have reordered over time.  

His loyalty to his Regiment and his country are at the top.

Ralph did what Wilson/Gillard told him to do.  

His honesty about that is being exploited.

Remember that next time you hear someone call Ralph a self-confessed fraudster.

The only thing Ralph's spoken about is his involvement in Gillard/Wilson's frauds.

He has no convictions for dishonesty.  I will immediately correct the record if evidence of anything of that sort which I've not found emerges.

Ralph Blewitt could not admit to doing things never done by anyone.

That proposition is a large part of the Gillard fiction that has Ralph taking her blame.

The acts upon which much of the justification sought by those who've decided to support Gillard are fiction.

Recorded in a forgery.

Invented by the criminal seeking to conceal dishonest actions of her own authorship.

The damage to Mr Blewitt at a time of his life when the days really are numbered makes recognising and righting the wrong an urgent matter in which every Australian shares an interest.

What was said against Mr Blewitt was said by an Australian Prime Minister from an Australian Prime Ministerial podium reported by an Australian media as being an action for the national interest.

We have to clear out the pest and weeds so the good honest toil can continue.

There is an insight into the extent of Ralph Blewitt's criminality in his answers to a few questions.

A. Were you involved in the frauds?

Q. Yes.

Q. So that makes you a part of it hey?

A. Yes, I was.  I played my part, I did exactly what they told me to.  Yes, I was involved in the fraud.

Q. What laws did you break?

A. Dunno, never thought about it.  Bruce told me what to do and he said Gillard was a lawyer and she was keeping us out of trouble.   I just did what he said.

To take a bloke like that, use him, chew him up, spit him out - and all according to a plan to have him carry the criminal load through forged documents is sickening.

Thanks for your service Ralph.  

I thought it might be useful to take her words when it was expedient to support veterans in general, a group you really do belong to, and apply them to you had you not admitted to your part in a her crime.

I admit to creating a forgery in the tape above.  It is something that is not what it purports to be.

Just like Julia Gillard.

PS - Ralph, you are a member of a group that guards its members and their rights with great care.

The Military Imposters network will, I'm sure take a great interest in forgeries that Gillard used to get genuine credentials.

Gillard would not have received her genuine credentials without the forgeries she put forward in the applications to get them.

That deception gave her access to the military, reviews of parades and other positional advantages.

If the military imposters network became aware of a lesser mortal taking a similar path to lesser emoluments it would act.

Gillard's took her here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 3.19.35 am

I think this is the sound of a penny dropping.

Even the occupant of the White House eventually saw the real Julia.

Download (5)

You and your Regiment have a strong history of protecting Australia from our enemies.

I know they'll support you in exposing this one.

Duty First.


Dedicated to Wendy, Elisabeth & all who've supported our search for the truth

I want to update you on the final conclusions of our 5 year investigation into The AWU Scandal.

This is not my final report!  This is a note explaining the delays in posting it.

I've invested 5 years, nearly 20% of the prime of my working life in The AWU Scandal.  

This website is the daily running sheet.  

Marist Brothers Kogarah old boys like Richo and me remember our school motto  -  Finis Coronat Opus or the end crowns the work.  Richo must've failed Latin because Whatever it Takes is more Gillard than old boys who've kept the faith.

I'm satisfied now that the evidence gathering work is done (where I don't have the possession of documents, as is the case in the case of some arguable assertions of un-deserved privilege I can point to evidence of sufficient worth to describe the contents and meaning of the protected papers).  

Jeremy Stoljar and Dyson Heydon AC QC turned in a report that while expensive, fell way short of the promise I made to our readers about a proper investigation of the allegations made by Bob Kernohan in his conversations with me of August/September 2011.

What's not yet complete is something that brings the evidentiary phase together so the whole story makes sense and can be easily communicated.   

I want to make sure this work we've done here ends being crowned with something we can proud of.   Something that recognises the work of so many brilliant volunteers who have given so much of themselves to it.

I find it hard to accept praise.  Something within me always says "yeah but you could have done better, done more etc etc".  It drives people around me mad but it's a part of the make up that's produced someone capable of sticking with a project like this to the bitter end.

A couple of days ago reader BobL wrote something I reckon he lifted from my dad's "wake up to yourself mate" lecture series.  


Congratulations, in no small way you can take some credit for Trump's victory and even more importantly for keeping the Clintons and friends within the grasp of  prosecutors.

Let's hope the system doesn't allow Obama to pardon her for the crimes she's yet to be indicted for. Even is it does,  the election loss means she will not have diplomatic immunity to prevent her prosecution elsewhere. 

So regardless of what happens now, your work has done its job with evidence of a criminal enterprise that needs to be exposed and brought down to deliver Justice for Haiti, Justice for America, Justice for PNG, Africa and elsewhere.

For Australia (because of the details in this website's analysis of the $100M AUS taxpayer donations), it's an essential part of delivering Justice for Taxpayers (whose money was donated for personal benefit by politicians) 

Meanwhile right now you should relax and blow your own trumpet a bit. Were you aware that you are a national treasure?

"Michael Smith was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia."



I'd just published this shot at Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm speaks like a shark swims.  He thinks he might die if he stops talking to think about what he wants to say. And so he doesn't.

Bob's note had that shot ricocheting back to hit me where I've lived for 5 years.

Bob's a well connected and smart guy.  He moves in the normal civilised circles I've withdrawn from during this time in the wilderness.  Bob, Elisabeth and other generous patriots like them have been the lifeline I hope will draw me back when the time is right.

Frenetic activity has characterised this work.  I've churned through thousands of documents, many of them analysed several times in the light of hitherto unknown facts revealed elsewhere.  I'm taking the time now to make sure the important conclusions I will put my name to make sense of the work.  And prove that it's been worth doing.

I made this website and its contents public from the start with no restriction, no claim of copyright and no requirement for attribution - that's because The AWU Scandal has affected every Australian and it's cost us dearly.  It might anger the taxman but the accounting's easier when all your inventory has the same price tag - free.  And I've learned a lot about free markets and the media too.   What an insight it's been to see the value others perceive in our free-enterprise when it's lifted and sold elsewhere. The more gracious acknowledge their sources but the big names of the press gallery routinely don't. Turns out the big name Insiders really are the nobodies they credit for so much of their own "work".

Where we republish work first published elsewhere I've always tried to acknowledge the original published source. I hope I've always got that right but I'd ask that any one who can help me fix it where I've got it wrong please contacts me so I can make good.

I used to be affected by the persona non grata status that stamped things I published inherently unreliable.  Many of you have written about the magical transformations into front page exclusives with the simple value-add of putting someone else's name to it.  Those who supported Gillard in deploying her Persona Non Grata stamp are forgiven but not forgotten, particularly Ray Hadley.  Ray, you were so wrong when you thought of me as a threat during the Craig Thomson developments.  But since your agitations in defence of the 54 year old Paedophile and his rape of a 9 year old girl and in light of the threats to my life and the lives of those I love you've caused his supporters to create, you can take it to the bank that I am currently a dedicated and motivated threat to the pretend performer you created by aping others and inheriting an audience created by a man who despises you for your weather vane judgement, thuggishness, divisive, bullying and expensive workplace misbehaviour and all around unpleasantness.  

For those uninitiated in the ways of the pretender, Alan Jones creates programs of genuine interest such as are consistently capable of engaging a large number of people.  Over the hours subsequent from Alan's program, those who Alan delivers, Ray progressively repels.   The number generated by Alan for the start point of the following hours of repulsion is sufficiently large to contain a statistically reliable residual of survivors tolerating the entirety of the hours of Hadley diminution such as to produce an aggregate for the show's entirety that in no way correlates to the influence of Hadley on the nett loss of listeners.

So take it as your read that while, as in most things, your original paranoid instincts were wrong, this is a data led insight produced for the purpose of giving you a genuine factual evidentiary basis upon which you might be capable of producing an opinion arrived at through mental processes you've personally undertaken.  An imputation I hope you can draw from this publication is that I intend to act in the interests of the community you purport to serve and for the protection it deserves from you.   Bruce Burke will tell you that while I generated one of the most spoken about defamation related matters in the history of electronic media post the introduction of talk back radio, over the whole of my 5 years of prime time talk back radio broadcasting I did not generate a single defamation action.  Not so much as a concerns notice.  Unlike the ill-disciplined reflexive thug in control of your temper, the expositions of which have cost you, your employers and their insurers so dearly, the costs and risks associated with the controversies I've created have been free of the financial drain you bring to your unfortunate backers' balance sheets.   The result of the occasional unanticipated arrival of the true Ray to interrupt the performance artist presenting confected copies of the work of talented people has created some unenviable records for the giving of actionable offence. For me, no defamations and notwithstanding the usual complaints subsequent to the distribution of the Commonwealth funded custom-tailored media monitors service set up ostensibly for the purpose of notifying a minister of every Muslim mention on selected radio programs in a list including both our names the sum of successful complaints to ACMA against me is nil.  

Of the notable absence of money generated through our defamation interactions, Bruce Burke said to me at the peak of the publicity associated with my assertions regarding Ms Gillard's conduct - assertions you vigorously repudiated leaping to the defence of the damsel in deserved distress, "Even though I haven't made much money from you as a client, I like working with you Smithy. That's because unlike some of my higher profile clients who are much better income producers, you come to me for advice before you publish, not after".  Take that to the bank who funded the poor bugger from IT's new house.

Any personal irritation at helping deadshits prosper pales when I think of the depths we've plumbed in exploring the major elements of this scandal and the breadth of issues we've examined.  The only way that could have happened is because this place is open to everyone and everyone is encouraged to contribute.  I know that's produced the bulk of the Gillard preparations and all of the questions put to her in the parliament.  Many of you have criticised me over that telegraphing of punches - but as you'll see it's also resulted in irrefutable false, deceptive or misleading statements made voluntarily in recorded settings such as public press conferences by the defendant in waiting.  Our exquisite analysis of what she said and when said it and the data matching to the the state of then available evidence discloses a correlation in her statements with the facts only as and when they became public and often forceful denials of things she had done, proven by her own words in records that have more recently emerged.

That pattern of deceit and false statements with a cascade of contradictory admissions based solely on the then publicly known  evidence and denials of the unknown but to her truth accords with the Manifesto of her principal advisor McTernan.  Don't tell the truth.  Say only what you have to say and only where the things that could hurt you are already or certain to become known. The problem for her is she still doesn't know the extent of the records coming to light.  And the incurious, inept or institutionally lazy sworn members of her Walkley Award sponsors, the journalists union have done precious little analysis of the McTernan Manifesto in operation.

McTernan worked a treat with the Mark Rileys so keen to help her.  There was no hint of embarrassment from him or the surrounding cream of the profession when he so publicly asked asked her advice at the press club as to how hacks like him might best contribute to her cause.

"Don't write crap" she said.   And the audience of paid up journalists at the press club clapped at their admonition from a fraudster displeased by pursuit or presentation of the truth.

That will change when the pending indictments present her for trial or if she enters an early plea obviating the uglier public spectacle a trial will make from the currently intolerable ugliness parading the global Clinton related points of presence for the corrupt.

The upside of making all our stuff public property and free of hindrance or charge is that this living breathing and currently growing document has been picked up and reviewed more than 50,000,000 times.  

And one of the benefits of opening a file at the time of a matter's commencement is the record of transactions it will contain, prepackaged and ready as and when that information becomes useful.

Our file now holds the unique details of each of those 50M+ downloads.  I've never so much as considered doing anything with the information like those at the heart of the Turnbull innovation and ideas boom do with such treasures.  The idea of getting rich by emailing you advice as to the least costly sources of Viagra or the secrets to financial success so powerful they want to ban this video repels me.  Almost as much as it chief promoter.

To me, the files of this undertaking hold the proof that more than 1 million unique devices visited this site within months of it opening. Along the way I've read, considered and clicked on every link in the more than 500K comments from our 50 million reviews.  Instinct honed by creeping experience-based hyper-vigilance has had me on the lookout for clues and traps since Gillard and friends first started their Eric Schmidt black ops directorate.   I know more now about unmasking the details that survive purportedly proxy transformations they've used.

After filtering the promoters of various guaranteed paths to a large penis and nearly everything from Nigeria I've blocked only one particularly prolific and vexatious comment producer, I've identified those associated with Ray Hadley and his 2UE file attaching source, dumped most but not all of the hate stuff and taken personal responsibility for my decision to publish 337,876 comments with that number growing as we continue with an average of about 25,000 daily downloads of our site.

And that's the biggest source of joy in my life right now.

Like all big families we've had our moments.  There are haters, people whose joy comes from having told you so and people who you connect with and come to love.

Wendy Brown will forever be in my heart and I've had more than a dozen tries now at writing this, each time the tears have defeated me.

Wendy and I met online.  This website brought us together on 31 August 2012 just as we were opening for business. Here's the first of my treasured notes from Wendy Brown, Australia's proudest packaging production line process worker at any of our squid and pilchard processing factories.

wendy brown
Hi i see government pulling form off face book That has Gillards signature on it she must be getting Heat put on her she must be kidding it pops up all over the Net. The lady wonts to be carefull what she wishes for if you fight evil With evil you get evil 
Reply | Edit | View | 31/08/2012 on Good Morning - from…
The lady that wants to be careful what she wishes for is about to learn how right Wendy was all along.  She doesn't know how right, nor does she know that Wendy knew people who know people with a wont for document retention.
Wendy is the sort of person Gillard would conjure and talk about with pretend passion in a speech, empathising with the cardboard cut out in her imagination and pretending she shared the struggle street heritage that made the real Wendy such a joy.  Wendy saw through her in her first few words. God help Gillard if Wendy ever got a hold of her in real life.
She loved Ben and hated Ray with equal passion.
Wendy wrote to us here 2,400 times and I read, treasured and was so proud to publish each of her homespun wisdom sachets because they always made me stop and think.
And we emailed each other a bit.  After the TURC upped stumps early one day I posted something suggesting Bob Kernohan and I might take the opportunity for an extended period of luncheon.  Wendy sent an email attaching a photo of one of the deposit receipts she kept as mementos, with a a note to 'the two naughty boys' restricting the donation to the purchase of VB.
Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 6.17.31 am
We sent Wendy a beautiful bunch of the loveliest flowers we could find in a photo available on the web.   With our love and thanks and confirmation of our intention to diligently observe your direction. 
Wendy sent this.
Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 2.39.16 am
Wendy's last few comments included this amazingly prescient note considering what we now know about the Clinton Foundation and Gillard's corrupt donations of our money for her own benefit.
wendy Brown
Australians Should be told when there is high officials Involved in Fraud Running The Country they should have no say Or means of blocking it from the Public Eye. She has been Laughing at us all Along. And still manipulating for other Positions Around the World.Its a Discrace And its got to stop Now. We need a Treason policy. In the Constatution. Good job Michael.
Reply | Edit | View | 09/08/2014 on There are two proce…
It will stop Wendy.   And you're a big part of why.
One of Wendy's contributions was this email I've not spoke about before.

Wendy Brown <[email protected]>

to me

Hi Michael 
The xxx i xxx xxxx have a xxx who is
A Laywer who worked in Carmen Lawrence's
Office when all this went down he drafted
Letters for xxx. Said she's as guilty as.
xxxx my xxxx is his brother and said his
Brother would talk to you if you were intrested you could have his number.
This is my xxxx wifes number xxx
xxxxx i only have her number If your intrested Ask for xxxx he wants Gillard
Locked up .

One of the successes of the Trade Union Royal Commission was its diligent adherence to the protocol of disciplined avoidance which it applied to evidence tending to implicate anyone who's name is not Ralph Blewitt or to a lesser extent the affable rogue with charm Bruce Wilson, whose charm credential if sufficiently amplified might convince the coalition of the willing that he was capable of sustaining the deception of a putative prime minister over 1,200 of the shared pillows.  John Heydon must have thought that "persons of the left are unlikely to damage their credentials by engaging in fraud" might not survive review.

Unlike those whose starting position was "that must be bullshit, Australian prime ministers aren't like that and I intend to prove  it", Wendy had it all sussed.  

Just how sussed continues to amaze me. Wendy died the day after she wrote this next comment.  

wendy Brown
The whole system Has gotten out of , Control . People not doing there jobs Turning a blind eye Lets not rock the boat Everyone wants easy street Michael. The Media is Part of whats going on By not being vigilent

There's a book in the Wisdom of Wendy who delivered us from evil.

Wendy's was as instant a death as it was unexpected and Wendy had a passage to heaven that was free of pain. 

I hope there's  a good spot with a comfy chair for you to watch the colour drain from Gillard's face when she reads your note.

Other people should have paid more attention to Wendy too - here are a couple of the gems on her last day of active service.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 6.44.09 am

The next day Wendy was dead, I heard the news from Roger through this message that had me howling on a train.


The end that will crown this work is dedicated to you Wendy Brown. 

Elisabeth, now you know how big are the shoes you've filled!

Wendy didn't live to write a comment about the once over lightly TURC investigation into the scandal that made Gillard.

The end of I speak Wendy, the crown this work will wear is the indictment of Julia Eileen GILLARD and others who were not recommended for prosecution by the Heydon Royal Commission.

There are significant changed circumstances today from 15 December 2014 when Commissioner Heydon handed his final report into The AWU Scandal investigations to the Governor General.  Those significant changes are of sufficient weight to explain the fact two reasonable men Jeremy Stoljar SC and John Dyson Heydon AC QC recommended only WILSON and BLEWITT be referred for charges including conspiracy in The AWU Scandal.

One of the central changed circumstances includes the discovery that this letter is a forgery.   It purports to be a genuine letter from the purported signatory and the government agency he represents, shown accurately in the photocopy on the forgery as the Office of State Corporate Affairs but referred to in the letter as a Commission.

The following documents were in the bundle of documents tendered or retendered as Gillard gave her evidence about them and these copies are from that tender bundles Exhibited by the TURC here

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 6.51.50 am

While Mr Neal acted in the role Commissioner defined in the Associations Incorporation Act, it was a role specific to the legislation and occupied by a person designated in an instrument signed by the Governor of Western Australia.  There was no Commission, let alone a Commission capable of extending offers to incorporate entities ineligible at law for corporation.

This is a forgery too.  It purports to be a good and valid Memorandum through which Ms Gillard transmitted certain legal advice to Ralph Blewitt.   It is no such thing.  It was created for another purpose.  It is a document that tells a lie about itself.  Gillard admits to creating it and that admission against interest was an informed and voluntary admission, supported by forensic indicators on the document so created.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 6.52.16 am

A restatement of the Trade Union Act definition doesn't change the objects of an association.

The Section 3 Trade Union test is applied to the "activities of the association" as set out in the Objects written by Julia Gillard.  Say what you like but the legislation is clear about the test and that's why the real letter from the WA Office of State Corporate Affairs that went to Ralph Blewitt's home address is a Notice of Refusal to Incorporate, which includes information about the rights of the Applicant (in this case it's the fall guy Gillard and Wilson tried to sacrifice by their clumsy forgery Ralph Blewitt).   The Applicant, Ralph Blewitt is the only person with a right to appeal the decision of the Commissioner to refuse corporation.

And the Minister is the only person who can hear that Application.

The reason the published Rules of Gillard's Association contain no Rule 3A is that the AWU WRA was incorporated on the direction of the Minister, not through the dodgy inherently impossible route presented in the two forged documents.

Much more evidence supports the truth.

The first cheque from the dodgy AWU WAR Inc cheque book accompanied Gillard's application.   The cheque was for $22, the only match on the schedule of fees published at the time is the fee for a review of the Commissioner's decision by by the Minister.

The cheque that accompanied Gillard's application for review of the Commissioner's decision was written and presented at the same day Thiess executive Nick Jukes wrote a letter to the BCITF asking for all the forms needed to apply for training fund money.  The MOU with the AWU specific to the Dawesville Channel project, committing Thiess and the AWU to an agreement to Workplace Reform Advisors was signed by National Secretary Michael Forshaw's whose signature was dated 11 June, just in time for the 30 day submission period triggered by a 13 May event referred to in Gillard's letter.

The selection of 21 May on the memo forged by Gillard was selected to suit a story that involved certain date related events.  In the Memo forged and uttered by Gillard, that was the 21 June minus 30 days creating an explanation for the time delays caused by the true passage of her Request for Minister's Review of a Decision of the Commissioner.

To forge documents is a criminal act deserving punishment.  To utter, that is to use a forged document right in the Commissioner's face is precisely the sort of insensate folly which Heydon granted Judicial Notice of Impossibility as to Gillard.

I'd imagine the revelations of her conduct will be met with the appropriate response from those officers of the court she has thus embarrassed.

Now that we know her memo is a forgery, consider the possibility that it is the genuine instrument in which she gave the totality of her advice about the transmission of legal advice about a promise she appears to have made or accepted on Blewitts behalf, that is a personal performance guarantee of Ralph Blewitt successfully conducting the series of complex inter-related sequential events required to effect the promise she speaks of in the forged documents.   When I put the process to Blewitt, he answered, "I wouldn't have a clue" about where to begin.

But she swore she gave to Blewitt advice about the implicit personal guarantee of the rule change referred to in the forgery of a letter from Neal she had also adopted as the real deal in her statement and in her planned and premeditated perjury delivered straight to the face of a Royal Commission after she'd "affirmed" her worthless promise to tell the truth.

The limited probe of the affair recorded at the time she ceased to practice the law and just before the removal of her name from the register of legal practitioners recorded her version of events at the time.

Gordon accurately says what the Commissioner from the Office of State Corporate Affairs says in his Notice of Refusal to Ralph Blewitt. The AWU WRA had objects which covered activities defined under 1902 inflexible LAW as union activities so far as the legislation under which such a group is capable of incorporation.  Associations which present Objects like that are in the precise position in the words Peter Gordon spoke, ..."and therefore ineligible for incorporation" under the Associations Incorporation Act as set out in its Section 3.   End of Story.   The Commissioner cannot incorporate an entity like that under the Act he is empowered to administer.  The Trade Union Act administrative authority could and that is why the Notice of Refusal included the Section 9 Commissioner's opinion that it would be more appropriate for it to be incorporated under other legislation.

The only path forward is the one set out in the letter Ralph Blewitt received.     The fall guy client whose name was taken and used in various ways by the true cruel and heartless deceivers in this matter GILLARD & WILSON.

Their false statements heaping the blame for their own dishonesty onto Ralph bore no resemblance to the real man's actions.  Ralph opened the letter and remembers what was inside.   It's shameful that the $60M budget John and Jeremy had didn't extend to recalling its first witness who, with no statement or prior preparation to guide his evidence was encouraged to get out onto the table all the details Gillard and Wilson could check and tailor their evidence so at to accommodate unwelcome appearances of the truth.  Gillard and Wilson's use of forged documents which were not circulated to anyone prior to their surprise presentation to a tired and diabetes affected hypoglycaemic war veteran who is assessed as totally and permanently incapacitated as a result of his volunteer service as an infantryman for a full year of combat operations is unforgivable.

Even though their motive for the dishonest attack painting Mr Blewitt as the perpetrator of their own crimes through the further considered and premeditated creation and use of forged documents in perjury to the Royal Commission is capable of being understood it is reprehensible.

More reprehensible is the complete absence of any excuse for the Royal Commission that allowed the ambush on Blewitt, presented with forged document that implicated him, given a few seconds to examine them before the Commissioner recorde his only response as the totality of his evidence on the matter.  Mr Blewitt's legal representative has an excuse for his lack of preparation in his exceptionally poor performance purported to being in Mr Wilson's interest.   While I have maintained my public silence on the nature of the excuse AND THE WRITTEN APOLOGY TO MR BLEWITT ACKNOWLEDGING THE FAILINGS IN HIS REPRESENTATION OF MR BLEWITT'S INTERESTS I did pass the information to the Royal Commission in time for him and the Senior Counsel to consider the implications for Mr Blewitt.

The fact that in those circumstances the false evidence against Blewitt in the forgeries of the two crooks was accepted as the genuine article is bad.  That the ineptitude of his legal representative did not cause a moment of analysis of documents easily proven as forgeries is horrible.  That Senior Counsel Assisting the Commission watched it happen and waved it through is more serious and the combination of those factors must render the Commissioner's findings as an unsafe finding in its totality so far as The AWU Scandal is concerned.

Gillard herself gave Stoljar a hint as to how easily the provenance of the Neal letter might be proven.   The Commission flew all its staff to Perth to spend a morning doing crossword puzzles while the time associated with Christine HANSCOMBE's preference for a later flight elapsed.  And yet with a White Pages enquiry as the only barrier to locating Ray, the Commission chose not to contact him despite Gillard's suggestion.

The absurdity of one of Her Majesty's Senior Counsel and a continuing member of her Executive Counsel, the Honourable Irony Incarnate consuming pages of transcript postulating pet theories about what a real man, a compellable witness WHO STOLJAR FAILED TO CALL leaps off the few examples I could tolerate extracting from the many pages of exposed ineptitude meeting persistent perjury. Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.39.03 am Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.39.23 am Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.39.34 am

Even the master of the art of lying with conviction had had enough of the farce after pages of useless theory replaced the man who was at home tending to the garden.

Neither of us is Mr Neal was amongst the few gems of truth somehow inserted into her evidentiary fables - except for that one time when someone with typing skills pretended to be.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.40.17 am

But it's good to know that Peter Gordon knew what Gillard did and that she adopted his recital of the truth as her own at the time she came to be excluded from the practice of the law.

The bloke who opened the letter remembers it.  Gordon spoke about it.   Both of the witnesses who handled the matter at the WA Office of State Corporate Affairs remember it and Gillard said "that's right" to Gordon's statement of the bleeding obvious and to the question of whether she acted in isolation without meeting her duty of utmost good faith in disclosures to her fellow partners on the matter.

The truth is the application for incorporation was refused.   The letter Gillard now characterises as an innocuous inquiry capable of being addressed by the twists and turns in the forgery of a real Neal letter was in fact a Notice of Refusal to Incorporate.

It wasn't a passing interest in someone's irrelevant opinion about a matter defined in legislation that was strictly enforced. Gillard's evidence is bullshit and she knew it to be bullshit because she admits it was she who applied on behalf of the Applicant as set out in the legislation for a review by the Minister of the Carmen Lawrence Cabinet Yvonne Henderson.  Yvonne was more accommodating than Ray Neal after Bill Ludwig had an MOU between Thiess that its managing director Martin Albrecht AM signed (although Martin's a lovely man who'd rather go to gaol honourably saying it was all training money paid in good faith, he is also capable of accommodating in that kind heart of hearts the truth that his boys agreed to a $300K secret commission on the Dawesville project just like they did with Bill Shorten and Cesar Melham on the ringroad in Melbourne).

It was in the interests of a lot of powerful people that the real record of what went on got lost.  It was in no one's interests that someone thought a do it yourself forgery kit production should replace it.   And the fact that the accommodating lawyer at the centre of it all would be forever compromised and beholden to Bill Ludwig who repaid her loyalty, reliability and convincing ability to bullshit with the prime minister ship should ring alarm bells of the highest order.

Every single decision she made that favours unions, every grant of money, every secret meeting, every appointment to a board of a union official is thus tainted, just like every other detriment to our country that followed the corrupt appointment by corrupt union officials of a common criminal with the smarts to cover her tracks just well enough to convince just about everyone that her black soul was white.

Instead of skepticism and investigation by the fourth estate, we had cloying public requests for advice as to the means of provision of greater help to the Gillard cause.  That single contribution to the Gillard validity should see Riley in the box as an exemplar, charged with theft by deception for accepting pay as a journalist.

Here's the record of the conversation Gillard had at the time her offences came to notice and were put to her.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 3.21.15 am

I've counted 14 times Gillard gave evidence that it wasn't a refusal to incorporate, it was just an enquiry. It's in her consider written statement.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 8.06.28 am

Pig's arse you believe the issue was about how the Association might conduct itself in the future.  You know it was refused incorporation because you navigated its politically expedient incorporation through the process of ministerial review. And having done that you participated in a conspiracy to create and use false instruments in your perjury and false evidence to the face of the Queen's Commission holder directed to continue such enquiries of and about your conduct so as to get to the truth of what you did.  The fact you convinced him to clear you adds to your criminality. 

The socialist forum's set of rules she wrote but had to obtain because she's just kept them hanging around as something that might come in useful if she ever had to incorporate a slush fund bear no resemblance to the election fund Bruce wanted to have.

But the set of rules she obtained from her Socialist Forum committee of Management fellow member Max Ogden with whom she'd worked in study groups dedicated to democracy and equity in the workplace along with greater employee participation in the schemes traditionally enjoyed by executives like equity and profit sharing are identical to the ones she rephrased in the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

So is the entry in the line marked name - Workplace Reform Association.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.13.34 am

Gillard rehashed that from the set of rules she obtained sorry that I'd always had just hanging around from her work on the socialist forum into the funny sounding relection fund that Bruce wanted.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.17.38 am

And what sort of things did Maxie Boy and Jules get together to dream about.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 8.02.38 am Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 8.02.49 am

See the three numbers up the top right hand corner.  At the time state based corporate affairs departments were transferred to a new national corporate regulator, the current ASIC.   The only incorporation powers left in state hands were to incorporate associations which also became nationally registrable entities.

To make sure that the nationally registrable entity numbering system was buggered up by something like an initial refusal to incorporate, numbers were extinguished and once a number was extinguished, a new one had to be used for the next step if an appeal was lodged and likewise if a file was returned from the Minister's office with a direction from the Minister ordering the Commissioner to incorporate.

That's why what Gillard couldn't remember doing, others can.  Handwriting has helped a lot in this free investigation that had to be done by someone because even though $1 dollar paid for Jeremy and John's report is too much, $60M wasn't enough.

And that's all I'm capable of writing.  I'm barely capable of talking let alone typing after the marathon that's led to this document.   Amongst the inputs are some lengthy recordings of interviews to record the debriefings I've conducted with Ralph Blewitt that the moneyed lawyers didn't.  Or wouldn't.

In this brief extract of some important bits Ralph starts by answering the question central to Gillard's perjury - was there an inquiry as she claims or was the letter you received from the Office of Corporate Affairs a Notice of its Refusal to Incorporate.

There are 5,628 words in the various versions of various paragraphs I've written and rewritten and everything you read here and every bit of the last 5 years I now dedicate to all the people who supported me in the effort.

But that dedication is par excellence to 3 women.  Blessed Mary of the cross, the Fitzroy girl who set up an order of nuns that was uniquely Australian.  She's the sort of woman of whom real Australians who knew her would have said, "Mary, you deserve a sainthood for what you've done with my kids".  It took the Vatican a bit longer to cotton on to her work in give us the order that educated me.   The sisters of the Order of Saint Joseph was established and run exclusively by real women who had real hearts and chose chastity, poverty and obedience over screwing other women's husbands as a means of career advancement, self enrichment through exploiting the misery of the people Mary and her women genuinely cared for and buggering up the country good enough to take in weirdos from Wales who lived a life dedicated to dad's communist cause.  ASIO has a file on him that included the names of the anti-Australians from the communist movement with whom she consorted in establishing the Socialist Forum as their stealth mode progression of the Communist Cause.

I understand that file too has met the usual fate of unhelpful paper associated with our unwanted, unwelcome Welsh detritus.

The second of them is beautiful Wendy.

And I have found a new and very different mental image to picture when I might lose my way in Liz from Vic.  

Elisabeth is a woman of whom Wendy would be a proud friend - and that's including all Elisabeth's care and attention to good manners, European cosmopolitanism, etiquette established for the purpose of making others comfortable and a genuine love of the arts acquired in the only genuine way possible - and that is through years and years of solid hard work, in Elisabeth's case at the keyboard of a piano creating things of great beauty.

You'd never know it, but the dignified lady of whom I speak endured indignities and suffering those whose money comes from the endless teat of a wealthy society they had no part in creating could never imagine, notwithstanding their pretend versions featured in speeches every bit as counterfeit as a letter from the mythical Commission with powers to incorporate far beyond those granted to mere mortals in the more limited real world.   As a result of life under Nazi rule in a house with a father who'd dedicate himself to the cause of spiriting as many persecuted people as he could Lis's learned a bit about totalitarian regimes and the types of people who run them - all for the public good.  Persecution which involves travel in cattle wagons on train lines ending at gas chambers is quite a different character from the persecution that justified Gillard's mythical reasons for flooding our place with illegal Centrelink Seekers.

So when I wrote this letter following these paragraphs, I helped myself from the temptation to publish it straight away by including a self-imposed confidentiality clause.  But I let Elisabeth know because Elisabeth has been one of the principal advisors who've contributed to its creation.

And Wendy is the reason for it happening at all.  No one knows what will be in the brief supporting the indictments that I know for a fact will be served on Gillard.

That's why I reported the serious indictable offences in the first instance to the entity responsible for indictments on the Federal Offences flowing from Gillard's premeditated use of these false instruments and her perjury to the face of the very Royal Commission directed by Her Majesty to enquire into her behaviour.

The Commonwealth DPP can pick up and continue an indictment presented by any citizen to a court of competent jurisdiction and continue the prosecution which the citizen who so indicted another might not have the means to continue.

The fact that the Director of Public Prosecutions is the Sarah McNaughton SC who was personally involved in the Trade Union Royal Commission and brought the only demonstrated ability to understand criminal behaviour that trod the Commission's carpet is a bonus.  Ms McNaughton will of course excuse herself from involvement in this matter because of the conflict created by her experience of corrupt unionists and their hangers on.  But I'm sure her ambitious staffers will be keen to impress a competent boss through the diligence and completeness of the thoroughly professional prosecutions in this matter.

I know that the Director and her staff are not an investigative agency.  I know that there's risk in the Public Prosecutor's reliance on the demonstrated unreliability of police forces who are doing the investigative leg work to support the allegations I've made.

That's why this first instance report of serious indictable offences to a competent authority, a report I was obliged to make upon the discovery of evidence of the commission of those offences was made to the authority responsible for the prosecution of those offences.  Police have a different reaction to instructions for DPPs from those accorded mortals of lesser positional importance.

Our knowledge of curious defects in the performance of the duties imposed on Her Majesty's Constables of Police in Australia are the reason why there are parallel efforts to obtain the requisite sworn Affidavits a competent and apolitical police force would, as a matter of course, be obliged to obtain on the direction of the DPP to investigate the report of the serious indictable offences made out in my letter.

Now you can help make sure they do their job by letting them know of your will to see these matters properly investigated.  As Wendy Brown would say, the more the merrier.

From: Michael Smith [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, 25 October 2016 5:53 AM
Subject: For Ms McNaughton SC - report regarding serious indictable offences arising from Trade Union Royal Commission

Dear Ms McNaughton,

On 13 May 2014 the following documents were tendered to the Trade Union Royal Commission and received into evidence marked as Blewitt MFI7:

The letter purporting to be from Ray Neal is a forgery.

I have interviewed the purported author Ray Neal.   He tells me he did not write the letter and did not authorise any other person to write a letter on his behalf.

He stated that his office held a rubber stamp to affix his signature to Certificates of Incorporation and in an initial conversation he stated it may have been affixed to the letter by another staffer on his behalf.

I asked him to compare the rubber stamp impression (taken from a Certificate of Incorporation he issued to the AWU WRA Inc) with the signature on the forged letter.  He states the rubber stamp was not used on the forgery, eliminating the possibility that another official in his office may have produced the letter on his behalf.

He nominated Mr Ray Mineif (who was in charge of incorporated associations at the time of the purported letter) as the only other person who may have had a lawful right to author or send a letter such as the reported forgery.

I interviewed Mr Mineif at his home in Sydney and he was 100% certain that he did not and would not author such a preposterous offer.

I audio taped my interviews with Messrs Neal and Mineif and the recordings are located here:

There are several forensic indicators pointing to forgery compared with genuine correspondence from the Office of State Corporate Affairs at the time - to do with font, formatting, Officer handling the matter details/phone number, internal reference etc.

However each of Ray Neal and Ralph Mineif point to the preposterous nature of the purported offer-to-incorporate the subject association on the vague promise of it changing its rules 30 days post-incorporation.

The offer is beyond the powers granted to the Commissioner in The Act.  The Association was ineligible for incorporation under its existing rules and objects and the Commissioner had no power in those circumstances to incorporate it.   Each of Mineif and Neal told me there was strict compliance with the Act at the time and no ultra vires actions were ever contemplated much less taken.

The new "Rule 3A" is not described, nor is there any reference to the origin of the proposed rule.   Further the letter refers to "the Commission" being prepared to grant incorporation - The Act defines a Commissioner but there is no Commission to perform the function described in the letter.

Each of Neal and Mineif were intelligent lively men with their wits about them.  Each was emphatic in stating no such offer would or could have been made by their office.  Each appeared offended at the proposition that this letter has standing in the Final Report of a Royal Commission of Enquiry as a unchallenged record of their work.

Bruce Wilson in his Witness Statement describes the circumstances in which he "found" the letters in a box in 2013.  They were tendered by Dr Hanscombe QC on Wilson's instructions for the purpose of cross examining Ralph Blewitt as to his purported role as the architect and responsibility-taker-in-chief for the AWU WRA Inc fraud.

The consequent Memo from Julia Gillard to Ralph Blewitt is itself a dubious document.   Had it been sent and complied with Ray Neal would have been alerted to the forged letter in 1992.  

On 10 September 2014 Julia Gillard gave extensive evidence on her oath in answer to examination by Jeremy Stoljar SC before the TURC.  Much of the evidence about these two Exhibits is false.

As the Commissioner noted, before 13 May 1992 the WA Office of State Corporate Affairs notified Ralph Blewitt that his application to incorporate the AWU WRA Inc had been refused as the entity was a trade union for the purposes of the WA incorporated associations act.

The Act sets out the only recourse available to an applicant refused incorporation on the ground the entity is more suited to incorporation under another act (the Trade Unions Act in this instance).   That is a request for a review of the Commissioner's decision by the Minister.   The fee for that review is $22 - and a cheque for $22 was the first cheque drawn on the fraudulently opened CBA Bank Account for the AWU WRA Inc cheque account.

The WA State Records Office holds a file for the Office of State Corporate Affairs 1992 correspondence on the AWU WRA Inc.  It is there in the archives, I've held it in my own hands.  It is empty.  There is no record of the refusal to incorporate, the appeal to the minister, the representations made on behalf of the AWU WRA inc by Julia Gillard urging incorporation and arguing that the entity was not a trade union.

Nor is there any record of the Ministerial direction to incorporate the Association.

Ralph Mineif remembers the matter and recalls the Minister's intervention and direction to incorporate.

Julia Gillard argued the case to the Minister in written representations and perhaps in person.  She flew to Perth apparently immediately on notification that the application had been refused. and was there during the relevant time when the application for a review of the Commissioner's decision was made.

Gillard must have therefore known that the Commissioner did not merely make enquiries about the status of the association as a trade union.  He refused the application.  

She must know of the appeal to the Minister because she made it.  She must have known that her appeal was successful because the Association was incorporated under the Act on the instructions of the Minister.

It follows that she must have known that the purported Ray Neal letter  was a forgery and not a very good one at that.

I have published summaries of some of the relevant evidence that you may find useful here:

I give you an undertaking that my communication with you will remain confidential to me and my advisors in advance of your reply.   If you ask me to maintain that confidentiality regarding my report to you I will honour your request.   

If you've not given me any guidance on the confidentiality issue by the end of the week I'll consider my confidentiality undertaking to have lapsed.

I have further details to support this report and the original audio evidence as well as my observations regarding the provenance of the Exhibits each of Mr Neal and Mr Mineif commented on.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am reporting this matter to you as a report of serious indictable offences.  Given the use of the apparently false instruments at the TURC in the process of it hearing false and misleading evidence and the Commissioner's acceptance (in the absence of any enquiries having been made about their provenance) of the Exhibits as good and valid copies of the documents they purport to be, the use of the false instruments is an ongoing offence (particularly to the purported author) and the record should be corrected.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Smith


Rest assured it was delivered and received.  I also state for the record that this letter was written by the people it shows as having having written it.  Unlike a forgery which even probationary constables know is a document which tells a lie about itself, like a letter from Ray Neal that Ray NEAL can prove he didn't write, particularly if every single forensic indicator backs him up, as does the statement I've recorded from every person genuinely associated with his workplace at the time.

Stacked up against all of that evidence, a considerably better rabbit will need to be awaiting pulling from the hat than the one current conjured lupine defender, apparently capable of rote-speaking, but only if the words recorded from the miracle of its phonation are  "I did nothing wrong".

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 5.03.12 am

When Jason Morrison was coming to grief through supporting me at Fairfax, Wendy sent us this postcard, addressed to the nickname she gave me for use by those who persist in unwise, undeserved and illegal hostilities after sufficient warning and a reasonable time for civilised reconciliation.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 5.20.43 am

For Jason and Michael,

Love from your no1 fan of millions


Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 5.19.36 am

PS - Music's a big part of my life and it's provided plenty of leavening to the heavier moments we've shared here.

Our moods were reflected in the contemplative and dark mysteries of Muso of WA; we laughed out loud at deflating politcal targets with P15S streaming from the punctures inflicted by Musical Sniper Stu of NT and his cross-hairs of rhythmic precision; and many of us had our introduction to the iTunes world with the Warhol-school contemporary cartooneer Jane Smith and the tracks of today.

I'll let Frank sing about the way I feel.


McTernan's PR strategies setting the scene for his principal's prosecution

None of the AWU fraud victims seemed happy when Ralph Blewitt volunteered to come clean on who took their money and what became of it.
Thiess wanted no part in a criminal complaint, the AWU wanted the story buried and nobody raised their hand to ask for their stolen money back.
The biggest surprise though came from biggest self-proclaimed victim of what she'd said for years were the cruel deceptions and con jobs from her cruel clients.
Here was Ralph with his hands up and a very public promise to tell all and suffer the personal consequences.  If her stories of the damage he did by the deception were true, why the attacks when he tried to atone?
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.10.42 pm Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.10.50 pm
Mr Blewitt's decision to tell the truth to his victims triggered vicious personal assaults on his reputation and personal credibility.   As long as he promised never to tell his victims what happened to the money stolen from them the victims were happy.  The moment he said he wanted to tell the truth he was painted as a monster.
It took John McTernan to put that strategy out there.

Coordinated waves of deception started within hours of Ralph visiting the police.  John McTernan was calling the shots.

The Insiders duty officer that Sunday was Tony Burke and McTernan's key message was front and prepackaged centre.

Union slush fund story now 'over': Burke

Environment Minister Tony Burke argues it's time for the opposition to stop "beating up" the story concerning the prime minister's involvement in setting up a slush fund for union officials, including former boyfriend Bruce Wilson, 17 years ago.

"From what I've looked at in today's papers, it's story over," Mr Burke told ABC TV on Sunday.

"The big allegation of connection that the opposition hasn't been quite willing to make ... it appears the door has slammed pretty firmly shut on that."

Mr Wilson has told News Ltd that Ms Gillard knew "knew absolutely, categorically nothing" about any wrongdoing.

"They can go on a witch-hunt for as long as they like and they will find nothing that will do her any harm," the former AWU boss said.

"It's just a waste of time. They will find nothing."



It's a brave call on Bruce's part to state so categorically that "they will find nothing that will do her any harm.  It's just a waste of time.  They will find nothing." 
What a funny thing to say.  More on Bruce's volunteerism in another post, but nothing is exactly what you'll find in this file which logic (and other documents I've yet to publish) tells us should be full of juicy details that could indeed do her harm if they ever surfaced.
Bruce must have been pretty sure of things to be so specific about the "nothing" in the total column of
  1. "things that could do her harm" that
  2. could still be found after
  3. every known copy was traced and destroyed.
No one kept cunning copies of stuff for insurance purposes you reckon Bruce?  Big call. When you're asked to write your partner in crime out of involvement in a crime you've always said was never a crime anyway your head must start spinning at the thought of how to phrase it.
What could sink her is what was removed from that file, if the contents happened to surface.   The contents of that file are so diametrically at odds with the cover story Gillard has stuck to that it must have emerged near the top of the list of threats the McTernan process must have identified.
The first rule of crisis management is that you need to understand the full dimensions of the problem. That means assembling all the facts: getting everyone together, collecting all the data, making sure that you know exactly what happened and when. Above all, it requires you to ask all the questions that you know will be put to you, especially the ones that you fear the most.
If they emerged, the difference between what she told Slater and Gordon and what she told the Commissioner in the submission would out her as more of a liar than we know her to be now.  Big deal.
But what she did instead of facing up to those lies is so monstrously criminal it's still hard for me to believe she actually did it.
Rather than answer the Commissioner's questions with "yes I did, I'm sorry, it was stupid" etc, she was party to the use and perhaps creation of forged documents so easily outed as fakes that wouldn't pass first base on the Bali beach watch quality register.
McTernan's approach to events of that week was spectacularly stupid if the goal was to halt further enquiries or interest in the matter.
The public perception of the AWU Scandal at that time of the McTernan inflammation consisted of a suite of vague, disconnected allegations of wrongdoing.  Other than Ralph and me, it lacked any complaint from a person prepared to say he or she was deceived.  No one at all was prepared to sign a statement of complaint alleging their money had been stolen.
McTernan came at the issue from the fantasy land of spin-doctoring.  In PR land there was a "bad thing" and it was led by Bruce Wilson.  Ralph was cast as the dumb bagman who did what he was told by the smart suave guy who was in charge.  Police in two separate investigations had been unable to produce a brief prosecutors thought capable of gaining convictions and there was no trigger for further police action until Ralph's self-incrimination and allegation about the power of attorney in his published conversations with me.
With a vaguely defined something bad from years ago as the central PR problem and much less understanding of Gillard's role in it, the over reaction to Ralph Blewitt's arrival in Australia and his statements to police hinted at some deeper risk than the PR damage.
It was foolhardy and self-defeating to trust McTernan's warped instincts to help GILLARD find a way out of that danger.  Perversely, his innate awfulness is now working to our advantage.
Genteel readers might choose to skip the next couple of paragraphs.  They include the greatest incidence of the C word I've ever encountered in a corporate email setting anywhere, let alone in routine email traffic within the government email system and the department of the purported misogyny-hunter PM Gillard.

JULIA Gillard's notorious former media chief John McTernan regularly sent emails with foul language around the then-prime minister's office, leaked documents have revealed.

In one particular email the Scot - known for his robust tactics with journalists - responded to an office-wide email chain: "C***, you will be c**ted too".

The ABC says it has been leaked thousands of emails that reveal the aggressive approach adopted by Ms Gillard's former communications director, hired on a 457 visa.

They allegedly show McTernan frequently used vulgar language in communications with junior staff.

He also reportedly encouraged Labor staffers to use "Twitter armies" to attack Tony Abbott and the Coalition, which he then would justify to journalists as proof of the negative sentiment towards Mr Abbott.

The emails also reportedly show McTernan sanctioned the PMO providing research for a column former Labor leader Mark Latham was writing because Mr Latham had earlier sledged Ms Gillard's rival Kevin Rudd.

News of the reported emails however is not a surprise to many within the press corps.

This particular reporter experienced countless examples of McTernan's foul language and aggressive nature while he was acting as Ms Gillard's communications director.

The next month McTernan was caught out lying about trying to secure a job with Sydney radio 2GB before Ms Gillard lost her job as Labor leader.

That report came about because people who have to deal with odious individuals like McTernan routinely keep things as insurance or for revenge.

His preference for the C word gets to the heart of the individual.  Most gatherings are shattered if the C bomb is dropped.  Imagine its constant appearance in emails and loudmouth conversations in THE PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE.  

Julia Gillard hand selected a man whose defining characteristic was awfulness which he amplified by overtly revelling in it.
He didn't accidentally drift into the job.  Gillard went to great lengths to put him there.
Immigration officials were duped with a dubious declaration about Australia's inability to produce a communications director with the skills needed to run her office the way she wanted it run.  He was in charge of every communication she had with the public she purported to represent.  He was the man she chose to keep Australians informed about her and her work.  That she'd go to such lengths to engage him, that she'd retain him for one minute after any of the thousands of instances of foul language and worse attitudes that permeated her office as Prime Minister says a lot about her. That she'd tolerate all that in the background while McTernan was cultivating the public misogyny outing feminist leader image says a lot about the size of the Gillard sink-hole we've yet to fully climb out of. 
I declare the possibility that my personal involvement in this next step of the story might affect my ability to provide a balanced report on McTernan.  
In McTernan's own words again, the first plank of his manifesto:
The first rule of crisis management is that you need to understand the full dimensions of the problem. That means assembling all the facts: getting everyone together, collecting all the data, making sure that you know exactly what happened and when. Above all, it requires you to ask all the questions that you know will be put to you, especially the ones that you fear the most.
It was rotten to live this, it's rotten to re-live in the writing and it's hard to believe it happened.  But McTernan was front and centre in an operation so risky of itself, that putting it in motion must have been triggered by the potential damage of something huge to justify it.  Or maybe it's what weirdos like McTernan do for kicks.

Bishop can't rule out speaking to Blewitt twice

The Deputy Opposition leader, Julie Bishop, cannot rule out speaking to Ralph Blewitt by telephone last week, only that she never rang him and he never rang her.

Ms Bishop said the meeting with the self-confessed fraudster and AWU bag man was coincidental, that she was in Melbourne on party business when the former radio host, Michael Smith, rang her.

Ms Bishop said Mr Smith, who has been relentlessy pursuing Ms Gillard over the saga, told her he was with Mr Blewitt and suggested they should meet.

Ms Bishop agreed and they met at a cafe for about 10 minutes.

Fairfax Media revealed on Wednesday that the pair had spoken at least once before - by phone on Wednesday last week when Ms Bishop was in Perth.

This report led to Labor MPs calling for Ms Bishop’s resignation this morning.

''If those media reports are correct, then Julie Bishop has out and out lied,'' said the minister, Craig Emerson.

''She should therefore resign or be sacked.''

Ms Bishop has released a statement not ruling out that the pair spoke by phone.

''Earlier last week Michael Smith called me while I was driving in Perth and said he was at dinner with someone who wanted to speak to me,'' she said.

''That person did not identify themselves and said he was pleased that the AWU fraud was being raised in Parliament.

''I said that would continue to be the case and my mobile phone dropped out at that point.

''Michael Smith did not call back and I do not know to whom I spoke.''

In a further muddling of the account, Mr Blewitt has told Channel 9 on Wednesday morning that he did speak to Ms Bishop on the phone and that it was on Thursday last week.

Mr Blewitt said that he had been handed the phone by Mr Smith and that he had talked to Ms Bishop for about three or four minutes.

Ms Bishop has kept a low profile on Wednesday morning, after conducting three doorstop interviews on Tuesday.


That was a private phone conversation between me and Bishop at a time when we were speaking on the phone several times a day.  That was the week that Gillard stood and delivered her "Who is Michael Smith" chants and lecturing that I was the sole source of Bishop's questions.   Somehow, Gillard had ESP access to my private conversations with Bishop, not just the meta data of what phone number call which other number, but the things we said.
Sadly for us all, one of the people McTernan had pissed off chose then ABC reporter Latika Bourke as the media operative she'd trust with her public spirited revenge project.   Bourke received a file with thousands of McTernan's emails in it.  She made her ethical decision as to what happened next, the only comment I'd make about her decision is it was very different to what I'd have  done.
Ms Bourke viewed her informant's action as a personal donation of a chattel to the person L. Bourke.  For a few days Ms Bourke published a few stories picking the eyes out of the trove and that was the last we've heard of them.  The stories stopped and the fate of the file is at least to me unknown.  Without commenting on the ethical considerations further, one of the Bourke stories revealed McTernan's enthusiasm for my conversations with Ms Bishop and the political campaign he instituted around the apparently intercepted conversations.

Updated 17 Dec 2013, 7:24am

Thousands of emails leaked to the ABC show Julia Gillard's chief media adviser John McTernan used a "Twitter army" to attack Coalition figures, promoting the Labor-generated attacks to journalists as evidence of broader public opinion.

The correspondence shows the "Twitter army" was used with the aim to dominate Twitter with trends, memes and tweets favourable to Labor.

The emails also show government staffers co-producing a meme about deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop to "push on Twitter".

The meme mocked revelations, which emerged at the height of the Australian Workers Union (AWU) slush fund affair, that Ms Bishop accepted a phone call from former AWU official Ralph Blewitt.

Mr McTernan forwarded it to the staffer he credited with developing and liaising with the government’s 'Twitter army' and 14 minutes later it was posted online by the Twitter user @hilarystyles or 'Raw Hide'.

A short time later, Ms Bishop cancelled a public engagement and Mr McTernan congratulated his staff on the outcome: "hat tip to Raw Hide. Our Twitter army comes through".

In December 2011 Nicola Roxon became Gillard's hand picked attorney general.  Some good came out of that as it freed Robert McClelland from the Cabinet solidarity conventions that might have held him back from his well researched and brilliantly written speech to the Parliament about Gillard's role in The AWU Scandal.  (A branch of forensic science may find the hansard of one Reps and two Senate contributions from that propitious day of interest as case studies)
The AG gets to administer the telecommunications interception act and even better gets to issue warrants after he or she accepts advice from certain agency heads.   It doesn't say "asks for" the advice but it doesn't prohibit either. Normal human ethics would be enough to make sure the awesome powers vested in the AG in this act were never abused.  But we're not talking about normal people.
If the head of ASIO gives the right advice, the AG can issue a warrant on the spot to intercept the calls of a person like me who is not the subject of any investigation, not a person of interest to police, not alleged to be involved in any crime then or at all.
All she needed to know was that the phone they wanted off had been used at some time to talk to a person who does belong to one of those categories.

The idea of McTernan, Gillard, Roxon et al strategising over yesterday's B-Party intercept transcripts doesn't bear thinking about.  I don't know how Fairfax was tipped about what was said by whom that night when I spoke to Julie Bishop and handed the phone to Ralph but I stopped monitoring whales in the bay well over a year ago when I recharged my mobile phone battery for the last time.  


You might recall Roxon's teary departure from the AG job as the Victoria Police investigation into Gillard was firing up in early 2013.  


Those girls were close!   They must have really lived some bonding experiences to be like that at the thought of it all coming to an end.

And all that telephone call stuff, and Bruce over admitting while he thought he was clearing and the press conferences was all just because Ralph was back in town?

Gillard and McTernan's strategic errors started piling up the moment Ralph arrived in Australia in the days before his appointment with police.
That's when my phone went off.
The Sunday papers and Barrie Cassidy plan to write Julia out of involvement will be fabulous for cross examining prosecutors.
In a conspiracy trial, what one participant says can be used in evidence against another.  So Wilson's acknowledgement that there was crookedness that Julia knew nothing about, could be used in evidence against her.  Great for PR with friendly journos but!
I did nothing wrong could so easily have become I was sleeping with a self confessed fraudster for 1200 nights and he said nothing about the crimes he now freely tells the papers about. 
And spectacular over reach brings us to this prime ministerial podium appearance.

For years, Gillard's number one risk was the documents in the now empty file.

While Ralph kept up the criminal deception living in Malaysia he was sweet too.

The doccos were easy to off.  Ralph not so much

Ralph talking freely was a very big risk to Gillard and Wilson indeed.

That's not simply because Ralph was talking about what he did know.

He was also displaying himself, making himself available for questioning and showing a character that volunteered for active service in Vietnam - and more importantly was not just accepted but was celebrated within the veteran community.

In the role created for him by Gillard/Wilson, Ralph Blewitt was the name behind every bad thing committed to writing.

The prima facie sophistication suggested in some of the actions they put Ralph's name to was inherently going to be a bit of a stretch.

But when they had to marry the mismatch of the growing public image of Ralph-the-redeemed coming back voluntarily to confess and atone for his sins, the "what do we do nows" and "buggered if I knows" must have driven them so mad they did something so stupid it defies description.

The former lawyer with a bit of a cloud over her head becomes a prime minister with a bit of a cloud.

The bloke who attracted no criticism from her when he maintained his silence about what she said was his deception of her gets this when he says he'll tell the truth?

"Mr Blewitt is a man who has publicly said he was involved in fraud," she said. "Mr Blewitt is a man who has sought immunity from prosecution.

"Mr Blewitt admits to using the services of prostitutes in Asia. Mr Blewitt has published lewd and degrading comments and accompanying photographs of young women on his Facebook page.

"Mr Blewitt, according to people who know him, has been described as a complete imbecile, an idiot, a stooge, a sexist pig, a liar, and his sister has said he's a crook and rotten to the core.

"His word against mine, make your mind up."

Be careful what you wish for.

Gillard and Wilson planned to do things so well, so professionally that no one would ever cotton on to anything.  Ralph was just the provider of a name if everything went according to plan.  He didn't have to do much beyond not dying as long as their scheme encountered no problems.The separate legal entity had Bill Ludwig's approval, the Thiess commitment to pay $300K to the nominated entity was there in writing with Juke's signature on the bottom.  Ralph didn't ask hard questions when he was asked to sign here and drop the doccos off.   And Julia's continued work on the Bill Ludwig Bruce Wilson private interest account was just flowing along as it had done since they first schemed against Joe Keenan to get Bruce in to replace him.

But all of that went to custard when the Association was refused incorporation.

They were locked in to the name, the bank accounts were open, invoices sent out Thiess purchase orders raised.

That's when it hit the fan.

That's when the work Gillard could easily have denied  turned into a full blown Slater and Gordon letterhead submission with multiple party inputs arguing the case for a minister of the crown to put aside a legally sound decision of the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs.

And Ralph's pretend role assumed real significance.

When Gillard was collared and documents were put to her in September 1995 she could have done with McTernan's protocol on the desk as she prepared herself.   McTernan explains the importance of getting it all on the table early in this next bit of his manifeto:

This is not because full, frank and fearless disclosure is required, but because a choice has to be made. Just as you get only one chance to make a first impression, in a scandal you get only one chance to make a clean breast of things.

The key, though, is to realise that you don’t need to tell the whole truth – set out a defensible truth: one that you will not have to expand, modify or resile from.

The truth Gillard would have to remember and defend was the implausible combination of an instruction from Bruce Wilson about a payroll deduction election fund (troublesome because he already had  one that'd been running from the day they rolled Keenan) which was also a slush fund that ended up being an incorporated association because Slater and Gordon had done exactly the same thing - incorporated associations for payroll deduction election funds for unions in the past.  But they hadn't done that as an incorporated association is not the right fit for that purpose.  She made that bit up but had to remember it and invest it with solemnity that all her made up stuff gets.

When the Slater and Gordon branch of the bullshit tree was compared with the submission she made to the Minister as a Partner of Slater and Gordon on Slater and Gordon accompanying letterhead the Bob Smith "You'll go to the slammer for this" must have been looming large in their minds.

So the contents of the file in WA had to go.

But some genius at some point decided that something should be available to replace what had been filleted.

At least one  do-it-your-selfer decided to pretend to be Ray Neale.   And photocopy the real Ray Neal's letterhead.   And hit the laser printer to pretend to be Ray Neal in a preposterous and obvious forgery.

Ray Neal says he didn't write it.   The other staff in the office say they didn't write it.  Because it loads up Ralph Blewitt it's unlikely he wrote it either.

The fact that Julia Gillard responded to the notice of refusal to incorporate the AWUWRA with a submission to the minister means she knew the letter was not the real deal too.

But she gave sworn evidence to the trade union royal commission that it was the real deal.

Once you grasp the premeditated dishonesty she decided to deliver to Dyson Heydon you are left with the stark and frightening confrontation with an ugly truth anyone with regard for their sanity would run from if not for the fact that not dealing with it is even scarier.

Gillard had the notice of refusal to incorporate the AWU WRA Inc in her hands. She read the same version of the Associations Incorporation Act that you and I have read on this website.

She knew there was only one way to keep the name of the association that was manifestly a sham and that was to request a review of the Commissioner's decision not to incorporate by the Minister.

I have evidence that a lot of work went into that submission.  Some penned by Gillard.  Some from Thiess.  Some from the AWU National Office.  It was a substantial document which purported to include a number of agreements and other documents which might of themselves be troublesome if scrutinised.

I will publish all the documents I have in the same way that I have honoured the promise I made to you in one of my first posts.

That will of course include the trademark disciplined haphazadry that some readers perceive in the manner, timing and actual versus intended contents of any post.

These important final evidentiary planks will probably continue the exposition of my unique headline writing disability.

And they will be written with the same sincere intention that I hope I can talk to my maker about some day.

That is to discover the truth.  The cards will fall where they will as a result.

Getting the next few stages of this story out to you will take as long as it takes.

But I should confide in you our supporters.

Some time ago I made a detailed report of the serious indictable offences disclosed in my recent investigations.  Those offences appear to me to include the creation of two false instruments.   The use of those false instruments.  A range of false evidence of breathtaking premeditation to the Heydon Royal Commission in which the two forgeries or false documents were props.

My report has been received and acknowledged by an appropriate national agency.  I have been advised it has been referred to an appropriate team of investigators.  I know the witnesses whose evidence will be central and if there is so much as a hint of reluctance to hear from those witnesses you will be the first people invited to help the authorities to turn their minds to their duty.

But the greater offence in all of this isn't in the statutes.   

It's an offence to each of us that each of us will have immense difficulty in accepting.

It will take time for that process of acceptance to play out.

I speak of the horrible reality that the person who said this and signed her name to this document.

Was maintaining the cobbled fiction that compromised her and left her beholden to the chief of the trade union that announced her installation to the job.

And rather than admit the lies she'd told in circumstances where hurt pride and embarrassment are the punishment that fits - she decided to roll the dice and keep it up to the face of the Royal Commission - with a juvenile forgery that she knew to be a false document in one hand, and a document she admits to creating as a result of her pretence at the receipt of the forged letter in the other.

She gave a Royal Commissioner false evidence to keep the web of deceit intact.

And we'd become so conditioned to her, her aggression and the damage she'd done to people who didn't toe her line, that we were prepared to wave her conduct through because that's just what she's like.


But Australia's not like that.  

Holding her to account will prove it.

Gillard took McTernan's advice and put a very big one over on Dyson Heydon and the help


The most important thing in the mix of inputs to GILLARD's perjury and forgery indictments is hubris informed by the McTernan Manifesto.

If she'd continued to consort only with like-minded consequence avoiders, her close personal protection from sworn mainstream media would have kept her keeping on.

The Gillard denouement comes from her decision to take lies that worked well when hacks amplified the truthiness and place them before a beady eyed adjudicator with a Royal commission and archaic assumptions about honesty.  In the nostalgic terms of the Honest Age, her role in forgery and uttering false documents and her easily proved lies about it under oath should see the prisoner gaoled until she's unlearned her lifelong lesson.

To understand her double-bind, you have to understand the man whose conscious encouragement of a cult of amorality put her there.

Put simply, Gillard took the tactics that convinced Barrie Cassidy and fawning insiders of her purity and used them to sway a judicial eminence grise and his very senior assistant.  And it worked; for a while.

The transparency of the trickery once the magician's secrets are revealed will leave many, many people with Acute Embarrassment Syndrome, a terminal condition you die with but not from.

Jeremy's AES will fade on a sabbatical writing books On Fascinating Fraudsters I Have met. The $3M he accepted for endorsing deception should tide him over until the residuals flow.  Dyson's dad would never have forgiven the laissez faire accommodations junior afforded the defendant due to her status. He'd be particularly patrician at the dinner table on learning she'd acquired her position through the very deceptions to which the dazzled lad was thus inattentive.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 8.05.17 pm

The McTernan Manifesto - An Economy With Truth

Extracted from McTernan's oped on the Cameron Government's disaster de jour on 20 July 2011

Send for the leg-breakers

Halfway through my time as his political secretary, Tony Blair offered me some excellent advice: “You only have to break one of their legs, John.”  The point Blair was making was that political operatives need to be either feared or respected.

The first rule of crisis management is that you need to understand the full dimensions of the problem. That means assembling all the facts: getting everyone together, collecting all the data, making sure that you know exactly what happened and when. Above all, it requires you to ask all the questions that you know will be put to you, especially the ones that you fear the most.

This is not because full, frank and fearless disclosure is required, but because a choice has to be made. Just as you get only one chance to make a first impression, in a scandal you get only one chance to make a clean breast of things.

The key, though, is to realise that you don’t need to tell the whole truth – set out a defensible truth: one that you will not have to expand, modify or resile from.

In all crises, there is a similar pattern. Some information will initially be suppressed, but it will dribble out, or be dragged out. In any event, it won’t be kept secret, and when it emerges, you will end up looking shifty or malevolent. Full disclosure is important, but – speaking cynically – only of what will eventually come out.

Be economical if you are sure some sources are utterly secure. Just be honest about what will become public, and don’t try to conceal it. In any scandal, there are some things it is impossible to evade; your only chance of survival will be to endure them.

Politics is a contact sport. It’s not about “sofa government”: it’s about effective government. 

All governments need head-kickers: in their Cabinets, on their backbenches, and in their offices.


Head-kicking and truth economising might work on populations not yet inoculated against the virus you host John.

But not for long and certainly not for good.

There's been a change in the breeze lately.  It's bringing a whiff of the truth and goodness to come.

And it extinguishes the McTernan malignancy on contact.


4 years ago Jason Morrison, 2UE on GILLARD frauds - JM to be vindicated later today


In November 2012 Jason Morrison delivered the editorial from his 2UE breakfast program I've republished in the Audioboo below.

Few people are tested under fire.  Most who come under fire seek cover, await reinforcements and put everything on hold till it's safe to proceed.

A special breed of man rises above the fire to complete the mission as promised.  Jacka, Payne and Roberts-Smith come from that line.  So does Jason Morrison.

I know what this editorial cost him.  Jason knew beforehand what it would cost him.

At the time Heidi and Jason were establishing their marriage and a home for their children-to-be.  He'd seen the reprisals celebrated in the vindictive culture of Fairfax's soulless suits 

Jason's a mathematical savant given to algebra where I'd resort to adjectives.  

What upside could match the costs?

It wasn't Jason's unwavering loyalty to me  - our mateship's a given but we'd demand of each other that it never influence a pure editorial decision like this one.

It wasn't malice nor revenge when it was so easily justified.

Nor was it Ray Hadley style jumping on a popular, safe bandwagon.

It was telling the truth when the truth was costly to tell.

I wrote this in my editorial just after Jason's broadcast.

It's not easy to always tell the truth.   Let's get behind someone who's showing us the way


Jason picked the heart of the Gillard issue. Honesty.  In the Parliament, sending money to the Clintons, supervising opacity in the GPE accounts or putting Julie on hold because voters expected a Tim, it's the same core character defect.

Telling the truth cost Jason his job at 2UE.

In 2013 while weak characters were doing a Hadley, Jason knowingly delivered the next editorial one of the last his Fairfax masters tolerated.

It won Jason no friends.  Those who believed what he said knew the truth anyway.  Jason knew what the shitbag media majority would say.   But he said it anyway.  Because it was the truth.

Jason Morrison of 2UE - a gutsy editorial yesterday, driven by the truth and at some personal cost

I've been sent this transcript of Jason Morrison's editorial from his 2UE Drive Program yesterday.   I'm told it's shooting around various offices in Canberra, the union movement and the media.

Jason as always is gutsy, up with the pace and driven by the truth.  I know his contract with 2UE is up at the end of the year and I get the sense from this transcript from yesterday's show that he probably doesn't expect or want it to be renewed.

And Jason, from me and my family, thank you.

There are a lot of people running around today claiming credit for getting Michael Williamson. Typical media classlessness. If we’re going to talk about any style of ‘getting’, we should be talking about getting the money back.

Williamson is a thief and anyone with an ear to the ground in the Union Movement would have been aware of that.

Somehow what he was doing didn’t matter much when he secured the vote in a secret ballot to become ALP President. So, even if people in Labor feared the man, he never would have known who did or didn’t support him.

Back in 2011, when I joined this station, I signed up to work alongside a few blokes who I thought would make a difference on the airwaves. One of them was Michael Smith.

It was Michael’s dogged attitude and his contempt for to this union rorting which I believe is how we are here today.

Smithy had Williamson on toast. Documents, details, whistleblowers, leaks, company files, the lot. Most of all he had balls to go after this man who’d become a protected species.

It was part of the chapter of investigations and broadcasts that ultimately cost Michael Smith his job. It lead him to Bob Kernohan and AWU and some dodgy syphoning fund that mysteriously had some pretty famous finger prints all over it – Julia Gillard.

Michael’s crime was, according to fools that ran this place at the time, asking unauthorised questions of the then Prime Minister Gillard. Unauthorised questions, whatever in hell that means.

Just about all of the managers that made those decisions to supress that story are now gone. They were gutless and had been got at. Thankfully they’re gone, but so is Smithy and that’s wrong.

Ironically, no ..actually tragically, Michael is out of work and the issues he raised still bubble on and progressively he is being show to be right. Absolutely right.

Williamson should go to jail. Gillard is part of history. Craig Thompson still thinks banging hookers or whatever happened or didn’t happen still is a big misunderstanding. The so-called managers are still managing …and Smith is on the bones of his bum, off the air and out of work for trying to expose them all.

Is it just me or is something not right with this picture?


New evidence vindicates Jason in the Gillard frauds.  Not that he ever needed that.

The truth is its own reward.

Our side fights against Islamic State - but the ABC reports ISIS is the victim

The battle for Mosul is underway.  Just for the record we are on the side that's trying to defeat the Islamic State.  Got the picture ABC?  Islamic State is the bad guy in this fight.

Most of the world sees the battle much like we do.  ISIS is the aggressor.  They are at fault.  If shit happens to them, good.


The Kurdish people have better reason than most for killing Islamic State members.

War is war and when an aggressor like Islamic State takes the place over they can only blame themselves for the inevitable response.

But your ABC doesn't think that way.  In concert with the UN and its Waleed Aly-friendly Sunni mates, the ABC paints our side as the bad guys.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 4.13.15 pm

Human Rights Watch accuses Kurdish forces of destroying Arab homes in Iraq

Posted about an hour ago

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused Iraq's Kurdish security forces of unlawfully destroying Arab homes and villages in the north over the past two years in what may amount to a war crime.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are part of a 100,000-strong Iraqi alliance, backed by US-led air strikes and advisers, battling to retake Mosul from Islamic State (IS) but has so far gained just a small foothold in the city.

In a report, the New York-based rights group said violations between September 2014 and May 2016 in 21 towns and villages within disputed areas of Kirkuk and Nineveh provinces had followed "a pattern of apparently unlawful demolitions".

The areas are nominally under the jurisdiction of Baghdad, but controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which pushed back IS from swathes of northern Iraq that the jihadists seized in 2014 and has accepted more than a million people — mostly Sunni Arabs — displaced by the conflict.

The HRW report is based on more than a dozen field visits and interviews with over 120 witnesses and officials.

Analysis of satellite images suggests property destruction targeted Arab residents long after any military necessity for such actions had ended.

"In village after village in Kirkuk and Nineveh, KRG security forces destroyed Arab homes — but not those belonging to Kurds — for no legitimate military purpose," said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at HRW.

"KRG leaders' political goals don't justify demolishing homes illegally."

The satellite imagery provides evidence of destruction in 62 other villages following their capture by Kurdish security forces, but HRW said a lack of witness accounts made it difficult to determine cause and responsibility in those instances.

Kurdish officials have stated their intention to absorb land recovered from IS into their autonomous region and prevent Arab residents from returning to areas "Arabised" decades ago by Saddam Hussein.

A KRG spokesman was not immediately available to comment on the report.

A Reuters investigation last month found the Kurds are using the battle against IS to settle old disputes and grab land in the ethnically-mixed ribbon of territory that divides the Kurdish area in the north of Iraq from the Arab-majority part in the south.

HRW called on the US and other members of an international coalition backing Iraqi forces against IS to pressure the Kurdish authorities to end the demolitions.


Clinton Foundation "off the record" global Lefty political network AUST $$$ paid for

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 1.59.13 pm

In Part One of this series we brought you details of the Clinton Foundation's 2013 Tour of Opulence for wealthy CF donors to Africa. With $50M in travel expenses, the CF's $13,000 per night hotel rooms and Creepy Bill's worrying interest in private planes and young women with new upholstery, the Australian Government should have demanded an investigation into our donations then and there.

What you're about to read makes Part One sound tame.

While they were touring Africa courtesy of Australian and US taxpayers, the wealthy Friends of Bill and the Clinton Foundation were working on an "off the record" global "progressive" political network.  Promoting the "progressive" cause means attacking conservatives, including the Abbott Government in Australia.  It's illegal for US charitable foundations to engage in political activity.  It's extra illegal to dabble in other nations political affairs courtesy of IRS 501 c 3 exemption from tax.

And Australian taxpayer were never told that part of our $100M in donations to the Clinton Foundation crooks went towards setting up a global Lefty political organisation.  

Strive Masiyiwa is a Zimbabwe born Londoner worth about $600M.  He's on the boards of  The Rockefeller Foundation, US Council on Foreign Relations International Advisory Board, the Asia Society, the Africa Progress Panel (APP), Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), The Micronutrient Initiative of Canada, Grow Africa, The African Union's (AU) EBOLA Fund, Morehouse College Board and The Pan African Strategic Institute.


Rumi Verjee is a Ugandan born UK based businessman and politician. He's a life peer with the title Baron Verjee, of Portobello.  Like his mate Strive, he's on a large range of UK charity boards, has his own charitable foundation and is a Liberal Democrat luminary of the Left.

1375374420_Rumi Verjee President Clinton

Both are close to the Clintons and went to Africa with the CF on its 2013 luxury bivouac.

On 12 August 2013 CF's Ami Desai wrote to Masiyawa and Verjee to follow up on discussions they started in Africa with Clinton Foundation staff.

Desai the CF chief of foreign affairs wrote in his email to the boys:

following-up on our discussions about progressive African elected officials and the need to cultivate an off-the-record network for them with progressive electeds from the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc.,

.....With that in mind, and copying John Podesta, should we try to convene a conference call later this week or next week, to discuss the possibilities

Rumi the life Peer (after a well targetted 750,000 quid donation) was very keen, on both the global network of progressives and the Clinton Foundation's offer to set it up!


Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 1.40.14 pm

Back and forth went the emails until they arrived at the time date and place for the first meeting.

Friday, 25 October in Washington DC, hosted by the Centre for American Progress.  You may recall the CAP's role in the Project Veritas undercover Clinton for President videos.

A Democratic operative who bragged about getting orders from Hillary Clinton to execute a bizarre stunt aimed at Donald Trump and was linked to a covert operation to incite the Republican presidential nominee’s supporters was “close” to Clinton’s campaign manager, according to an email released Sunday by WikiLeaks – despite the campaign’s denial of any “relationship” with the consultant.   

Democracy Partners co-founder Mike Lux made the eyebrow-raising assertion in a Dec. 17, 2015 email to Center for American Progress leader Neera Tanden. The message, found in a trove hacked from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s account and posted by WikiLeaks, refers to an alleged connection between Democracy Partners head Robert Creamer and Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook

The participants at the partially Australian taxpayer funded conference  included the Progressive Governance network, the Progressive Alliance, Global Progressive Forum, Party of European Socialists and others from the global group of usual suspects.

And who better to turn to for expert advice on secret networks of the left?  

Tim Dixon, Former Communications Advisor to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.32.58 am Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.33.18 am Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.33.34 am Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.33.45 am

When Trey Gowdy puts his stamp on the US Justice Department next year a lot of people are going to be in a lot of trouble.

Bring it on.


6a0177444b0c2e970d01bb092392c4970d (1)


Last week reader BobL passed on a number of emails implicating the Clintons and friends in a range of crooked capers.

I hope you'll join me in thanking for Bob for this and so much other work he's done on our behalf.

As Bob points out in a comment below part of the email toing and froing on the Clinton's proposed "off the record" political network included Clinton Foundation employees discussing how they might finance the partisan movement.

In its 2013 IRS form 990 annual return, the Clinton Foundation said this:

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.51.13 pm

While it was doing this.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 5.39.34 pm