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George Brandis QC identity theft - legislation & warrants signed may be worthless

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UPDATE -  to an original report I made to the Attorney General about the forgery of a letter which evinces identity theft of the Western Australian Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in 1992. 

Dear Attorney General, 


Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing;
'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him,
And makes me poor indeed.

Consider the urgency that would attend the correction of a US Government endorsed report that gave standing to a forgery of President Obama's birth certificate.
Two decent Australian men stand implicitly accused of serious unlawful conduct in a forgery published by the Trade Union Royal Commission here.
Ray Neal was an officer of the Western Australian Government at the time this forgery purports to have been made.  He was engaged in the genuine business of a professional consideration of the creation of a corporate personality named in the forgery.
The forgery purports to describe Mr Neal, a natural person with significant earning potential in his future life, as a man who has acted unlawfully in coming to the agreement described in the letter - that is an offer to exceed his powers and to act Ultra Vires by incorporating an entity ineligible for incorporation.
The absurdity of the offer Mr Neal is purported to have made is obvious.  The imputation that Mr Neal was so incompetent as to make the offer is an imputation of serious damage to his good name, published with the endorsement of your government and in circumstances where it's of wide public interest.
But the implication that an already controversial entity was unlawfully incorporated carries a more sinister imputation - that a reasonable person could easily make. "Why would a public officer make an offer to act unlawfully to advance the interests of a reputed thief and admitted fraudster Ralph Blewitt, a reputation of such strength that it is recorded in the Arhives as having been confirmed by the country's prime minister."
Any search that sent Google enquiries to the forgery would through the attached material send them to the undamaged Prime Minister of Australia and her public statements that Ralph Blewitt is a reputed thief, that is a person who in the opinion of those who know him, would steal if given the opportunity.  Putting to one side the falsehood of the prime minister's accusations and the malice that motivated her, at present the proven findings give good standing to both the provenance and contents of the Neal letter - and to his actions delivering an unlawful benefit to a man the nation's then in office prime minister is on the government's records as confirming as precisely the type to offer the bribe that might explain the otherwise inexplicable.
I am not personally thus damaged but I feel like I am.  I can't imagine how Mr Neal must feel about the care his government is exercising in the way it's treating him.
What now for you little fellow?
Mr Neal is supported by colleague Mr Mineif, the other person at the office of corporate affairs who handled this particular matter.
You can find further and better particulars here.
Attorney, why the delay?  Mr Neal's own words should be ringing in your ears.  He did not create the forged document and what are you waiting for in correcting the grievous damage to his reputation implicit in his purported offer to act unlawfully for a reputed thief?
Yours sincerely,
Michael Smith
I propose to treat this communication as an open and public communication with you.
PS - to the folks at home.  I have received no acknowledgement.
To add salt to that wound the Attorney's ministerial colleague Michael Keenan released some reports on identity crime, the most prevalent, damaging and underreported category of property offence we have.
I am going my bit to help too.
The top reason for these crimes going unreported?
The community has no confidence they will be actioned.
Standards have dropped since Hillary Clinton took over at Yarralumla
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