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Julie Bishop "looking forward" to co-chairing UN Green Fund with Saudi Arabia

On Friday, Julie Bishop announced Saudi Arabia and Australia will co-chair the UN's Green Climate Fund in 2017.

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Put to one side the waste of money ($200M from us last year).

Ms Bishop buries this in the last couple of lines of her statement.

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We should choose our company more wisely. 

This year the House of Saud beheaded a group of people as young as 13 years old when arrested.

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This is Mustafa Abkar at the age of 13.

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On 2 January 2016 he was amongst the 47 people killed in a Saudi mass execution.

....the executions began in the morning and did not finish until the afternoon.  

Four were punished by having alternate limbs cut off on opposite sides of the body, followed by beheading and the display of the corpse.

.......a security source who guarded a Riyadh execution site told Middle East Eye, “It was a massacre. There was blood and body parts everywhere".
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Abkar's family sent him from his home in Chad to Mecca to study the Quran.

They chose the wrong group of Jihadis as tutors.

Saudi Arabia, the principal source of Sunni terror funding took out the competition.  

Abkar was taken into custody. Fourteen year old Amin Mohammed Aqla al-Ghamidi was arrested at the same time.

Amin's father Mohammed told Al-Riyadh newspaper, "My young boy wouldn't be able to fathom let alone undertake such a huge act (as terrorism).  Older men led him into it."

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported half of those arrested were children.  

Last December Al Arabiya released a documentary "How Saudi Arabia confronted Al Qaeda".


That's 13 year old Mustafa Akbar on the right.

He was tortured before signing a confession.

On 14 October 2014 he appeared briefly before a judge who sentenced him to death.  It was his only day in court.

Middle East Eye quotes a source familiar with his case.

“He had no lawyer. No one asked about him. It’s really sad that he has been beheaded without anyone knowing anything about him."


Julie Bishop is pictured with UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Saudi state-owned media Al Arabiya quotes him on the day Mustafa Abkar was beheaded.  

"The executions send a clear message against those who call for sedition and unrest to tear apart the society's unity and threaten social peace in the kingdom".

This is from the official Saudi English language statement, dated 2 January 2016.

The Saudi interior ministry on Saturday said 47 people convicted of plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks, targeting civilians and security forces, were executed.

The ministry statement said the 47 had been convicted of adopting the radical "takfiri" ideology.

The Interior Ministry statement began with verses from the Quran and state television showed footage of the aftermath of al-Qaeda attacks in the last decade that killed hundreds.

Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh appeared on television soon after to describe the executions as just.

Remember Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh?

RAN Captain Mona Shindy's mate.  

The Royal Australian Navy sent her assistant to see him last year.

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We should not recognise Saudi Arabia, let alone take on joint responsibility for a UN wealth transfer project with it.

But that is not Julie Bishop's view.

As she says in her media statement, she's looking forward to it.

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