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ALP heavyweight Dave Hanna secret commissions charges - focus now on Gillard's home

You can help WA's Corruption Commission investigate the Gillard forgery - click here

My message is for everyone in the community to express their abhorrence of corrupt behaviour

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Extract from speech given by John McKechnie QC,Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission last week.

I have no intentions to depart early. I am still warming up. My message today, is for everyone in the community to express their abhorrence of corrupt behaviour, in any form they encounter, by reporting it to the Commission, or the Police, or the Public Sector Commissioner.

Make it too uncomfortable for the public officer who may be tempted to stray from their duty.

This is not a responsibility that just falls on the Commission, or other official body. Everyone who loves this State of ours, has a responsibility not to stand by, but to stand up to corrupt activity. Anyone can make a difference. Even a tiny mouse can quell the wild horses. Together, we must be united against corruption.


Mr McKechnie gets marks for keenness!

As we reported a week or so ago, he's out there looking for corruption - and he gives every impression that he wants to do something about it.

So help him out.  Bring something that worries you to his attention.

Here's the Commissioner's commissioned artwork - I hope the artist approves of some minor digital additions to his living breathing piece.

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Can't make it much clearer than this.



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You may be worried about the course of conduct disclosed in these documents.

Perhaps you've formed the view that the letter from Ray Neal is a forgery.

Alternately you might think Acting Commissioner Neal acted outside his powers in making the offer set out in his letter.

Either way, why not let the Commissioner know how you feel and leave the investigating to him.


PS - the Commission has taken some interest in us, following us on Twitter this morning.

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