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On taking Saudi Arabia seriously in Australia

In 274 ticketed ways, Saudi Arabia's party boy diplomats say "up yours" to Australian law

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In April last year we brought you this

Big nights on the grog and speed racing for Saudi Arabia's party boy diplomats in Australia

This is our foreign Minister Julie Bishop gleefully accepting $1M from the Ambassador for Saudi Arabia.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.31.49 pm

Maybe he should have put the money towards paying the fines for his drunken dangerous psychopaths who're lucky they haven't killed anyone here - yet.

This is a printout of driving offences committed by Saudi Arabian nationals with Diplomatic Immunity in just 12 months - this list doesn't include those offences which were observed by police but which did not result in a ticketing being on.

Well it's time for an update - with the details from October 2015 to September 2016 released by DFAT under FOI.

The Saudi Psychos have done it to us again.  This 100 page odd document contains details of one year's worth of no-care, no-respect and no-responsibility up-yours behaviour by the diplomatic representatives of His Majesty, The Custodian of the Two Mosques - and only for their driving in the ACT.  I've culled out the other undiplomatic offenders, this is pure House of Saud respect for laws made by man.

Saudi Arabia Diplomats Traffic Infringements in Canberra - 2016 by Michael Smith on Scribd


Lyndal Sachs is DFAT's chief of protocol.  At the end of 2015 she was fairly new in the job but she'd had it with the men of the House of Saud and their disdain for the laws of Australia.

She wrote to say that in just over two years, they'd accrued 274 traffic violation tickets worth $63K in fines - and each of them was unpaid.  In the same period her predecessor had written to the Saudi Ambassador 25 times about Saudi staff members who'd accrued enough demerit points for lesser mortals to lose their licence.  But not the Saudis who continued to abuse their diplomatic immunity, seriously endangering other road users -  the good times rolled on.

Here's one paragraph that says it all:

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 12.57.06 am

The Ambassador in Service of Islam and the Muslims wrote back to say he took it seriously.  Couldn't do anything about it, but took it seriously.  Ultimately it was up to the individual Saudi men you see.  But he did have one request, that was for a consolidated list of how much money was outstanding and for what offences.

In the file above you'll see it runs for pages. And why did he want it?  Was it to chase up the Saudi crooks who were a menace on our roads?  Nope.  It was to cut a deal whereby Saudi petro-dollars would make the problems go away,

Saudi Arabia would pay but on its terms, which included waiving late fees plus an additional discount because they're better than we are.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 1.05.47 am


The correspondence shows the Ambassador trying to reduce the overall amount due, for example by seeking a reduction in fines for not nominating the name of a driver and like negotiations.  But nowhere is there any chasing up of the people who did the offending.  They're above it.  Ultimately it boiled down to money and the status of the party boys.

So did the party boy drivers pay the price?  In your dreams.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 1.18.26 am

And here's Lyndall Sachs confirming the deal.  Good on her for holding the line against discounts on late fees etc - but it's still galling to know that the individuals who racked up $53,000 in unpaid tickets walked on unhindered in their lives of Saudi inner-circle privilege.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 1.19.34 am

Saudi Arabia is a rogue, pariah state.  Its practices are no different from the Islamic State in barbarity and stone-aged unreconstructed horror.  Yet by the consistent unaltered behaviour of its highest level diplomatic representatives here in Australia it demonstrates time and again that it holds us in contempt.

In Part Two of this piece we'll look at the joke that is Saudi diplomatic representation here in Australia.  Here's a taste.

On 7 December 2016 The Custodian of the Two Mosques, His Majesty King Salman al Saud, Head of State and Head of Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and his subjects celebrated their national day.

In Canberra the Grand Mufti and sundry other Islamists gathered at a swank hotel to drink cordial and celebrate the fact that Allah knows best and it's all gonna happen anyway according to his plan so keep calm and say Allah uh Akhbar a lot.

Australia found an appropriate person to attend on behalf of and to represent the Government of Australia.

We chose Ms Lyndal Sachs, Chief of Protocol and writer of scolding letters to party boys who don't care.  Here she is looking awkward with the Ambassador while all an sundry celebrated the one-ness of being Muslim in the Saudi national anthem.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.27.43 pm

And we'll bring you details of a "high level" meeting with Australia's Minister for Defence who, according to the Saudis, has undergone gender reassignment.  She is Marise no more.  Just another way they show us they don't care.